Why TSP SafetyNet?


This is an important question that you have to answer for yourself since everyone is different with their own situation and needs. We have assembled a team of financial professionals with vast experience with the Federal TSP program. These professionals founded and focus on working with federal employees daily and insist on making a difference in the lives of federal employees — serving those who serve our country. 

The TSP SafetyNET PROGRAM is a big help for people who have tried to manage their own TSP and ALSO for people who have been concerned that the task is just too much for them.  In working with Federal workers, our founders have found that a majority of federal employees stress over their TSP and if it will provide the financial nest egg they will count on at retirement.

Over the years people feel great when they they make choices when managing their TSP. They want protection from big losses and still want to take advantage of market gains but are confused about how to do it. They realize that there is a better way than “buy and hold” and are frustrated when they miss the boat in bull markets. The TSP SafetyNET program provides professional management to help.

The TSP SafetyNET is right for you if you want an AFFORDABLE and EASY way to have more control over your TSP so it can grow faster than the “buy and hold” approach. It does the trades in your TSP for you and keeps you informed and up to date on what is happening with your TSP.  Also you work directly with a licensed advisor who is on your side. 

The TSP SafetyNET is a huge help for you if you want greater peace of mind knowing that you have a team of financial experienced professionals helping you optimize your TSP based on your real risk tolerance. Too many people are worried sick that their retirement savings will run out before they die. We cannot guarantee that this won’t happen but with the TSP SafetyNET system, the guesswork you have struggled with in the past is one less thing to be concerned about. 

why tsp safetynet tsp newsletter The TSP SafetyNET program  is based on a system that uses specific methods to help reduce risks as you reach your financial goals. If you are trying to manage your portfolio yourself, your portfolio may make bigger gains by taking bigger risks but it is difficult to know when it is time to move to a place of protection — taking big risks with your retirement savings may not be the best approach.  TSP SafetyNET uses a powerful combination of financial tools commonly used by Wall Street investors that have been adapted to the TSP including a system of market analysis with a strong track record.

Our team is dedicated to working specifically with federal employees and have an in depth understanding of your situation with the federal retirement system. These professionals with over 75 years combined of financial experience watch over your TSP funds so that you don’t have to.

The TSP SafetyNET team carefully analyzes the market trends and moves your allocation so the guesswork is gone and you can sleep better at night. Our program is easy and you no longer have to take time out of your busy life. It saves you time since we do all the research and legwork for you.

The TSP SafetyNET system is also cost effective instead of sitting in the G fund (not growing in bull markets).