Web Access

TSP Web Account

A feature of the TSP SafetyNET system is the web account you can check at any time to see your specific fund allocation. Each client using the managed program will have their own web account in which they will have instant access to their specific TSP allocation for their own risk tolerance group. This is accessible at any time you want from any mobile device including your smartphone. This feature streamlines access to the most current information instantaneously once the manager changes are made in your TSP account(1).

As we have moved from a subscription service to professional management, now you have no need to do any of the changes yourself — allocation changes are preformed for you.


(1) If you are on an old subscription plan, your subscription will continue until your renewal date and you will continue to use the web account to be notified of changes you personally need to make to your TSP allocation.  You need to continue to be on your toes – making application changes immediately. Whenever a change is made for subscribers under the old system, subscribers continue to be sent several emails notifying them of the change so that they don’t miss out on the window of opportunity.

The new  managed system is one subscribers have asked for over the years and we responded.  If you are a person using the old  newsletter system, we encourage you  to learn how the use of professional management and trading can make your life easier and ensure trading execution is automatically initiated and completed for you.

Having regular and easy access to what is happening with your professionally managed TSP is important.  It is not necessary for you to keep checking your allocation because our system makes all changes for you.   BUT if you wish to see your most current allocation, the allocation information is updated within 24 hours of any changes AND you also have a video link to find out the reason for allocation changes.