Rapid Response TSP SafetyNet Newsletter

All of us at TSP SafetyNET are very excited to announce an upgraded TSP allocation system that our market analyst, Mike Hartmann, has been perfecting. He has been working hard on this new program for over a year now and after exhaustive testing we are proud to launch this upgraded newsletter system called TSP SafetyNET Rapid Response. It is available to all current TSP SafetyNET subscribers without additional charge.



  1. It is designed for greater protection from loss during volatile times.
  2. It may bring greater returns due to its optimization for growth.
  3. It will require more allocation changes possibly up to twice per month.
  4. It contains a more sensitive “trigger” with an “emergency brake” for a greater rapid response to market changes.
  5. It is based on his money management program. He has been using this for many years and has adapted it to TSP.
  6. This new system is available to you right now.

We say “available to you” because with this upgraded system it is estimated that the number of moves each month will be increased. This system also includes a more sensitive “trigger” which would give you an emergency alert any day of the week if the volatility of the market indicates danger.  In times of high market uncertainty, we feel this is an important protective component.



As part of our dedication to federal employees we have been striving to make our TSP SafetyNET alert system even more powerful. With this we have been carefully studying the potential impact of using strategies which won MSAcc and CPA Mike Hartmann the 2012 Wagner Award from the National Association of Active Investment Managers.

This new allocation system can potentially increase your optimization by having a quicker response time should there be a sudden and dramatic drop in the market.

We believe that this will deliver much stronger performance for you with a focus on safety. Again, however, it is essential to understand that NO system will get you out in time of sudden market shocks by anticipating the drop before it happens. As part of the Rapid Response system, we can help you get out of the market into safer funds during extremely volatile times by providing what we call an “emergency brake” which is integrated in the system.

It is for those who have been asking for a “turbo-charged” allocation system that may give greater optimization but it does require greater active participation on your part – this Rapid Response Alert system may average 2 allocation changes per month. The main advantage of you doing more frequent changes is that this system works to use relative strength strategies as well as having a more sensitive “trigger” when the market drops.  Also more frequent changes may allow for greater rate of return in up markets.

We cannot go into great detail on the precise way that the system works as it is proprietary. Our analyst, Mike Hartmann, has used this system for years in his work with clients’ portfolios and has modified this very successful system to work with TSP.


All of us at TSP SafetyNET are constantly working hard to improve the quality of our service to you. This exciting addition is a reflection of our dedication to provide you with help managing your TSP.

Thank you,

Kalani Walther