All of us at TSP SafetyNET are very excited to announce an upgraded TSP allocation system that our nationally award-winning market analyst, Mike Hartmann, has been perfecting. This upgraded newsletter system (called Rapid Response) is available to all current TSP SafetyNET subscribers without additional charge.

We say “available to you” because with this upgraded system it is estimated that the number of moves each month will be increased. This system also includes a more sensitive “trigger” which would give you an emergency alert any day of the week if the volatility of the market indicates danger. In times of high market uncertainty, we feel this is an important protective component.

For those who feel that moving their allocation more than the 6-8 times a year (which has been standard for the current TSP SafetyNET program) is more than you can handle, you are invited to continue with the option to keep the original TSP SafetyNET program.

Do we feel there is an advantage to the new upgraded system which warrants additional moves? Yes. Read the information below to find out why this is of benefit for those who wish to take advantage of this upgraded system.

With this, as a current subscriber, we have decided to give you three choices.

a) Continue receiving the original TSP SafetyNET program alerts
b) Receive the Rapid Response TSP SafetyNET program alerts
c) Receive both program alerts.

Rapid Response Agreement Form

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If you are ready to choose which option is right for you use the form above (By the way if we don’t hear from you, we will assume you wish to continue with Option A).

If you are one of those that likes to have your TSP run in the background and you do not like making even the 6-8 yearly changes provided through our newsletter alert system since we started offering the TSP Newsletter, then you may wish to stay with our original program.

This is a program that is designed to work on protect you from big losses but still position you to take advantage of bull markets. (Of course no one can ever guarantee to protect you from loss). Even though we have been averaging as few as 6 to 8 changes per year, you can be assured that this system is a much better alternative to “buy and hold” or even worse just keeping it all in G.


As part of our dedication to federal employees we have been striving to make our TSP SafetyNET alert system even more powerful. With this we have been carefully studying the potential impact of using strategies which won MSAcc and CPA Mike Hartmann the 2012 Wagner Award from the National Association of Active Investment Managers.

This new allocation system can potentially increase your optimization by having a quicker response time should there be a sudden and dramatic drop in the market as seen in the graph below.

We believe that this will deliver much stronger performance for you with a focus on safety. Again, however, it is essential to understand that NO system will get you out in time of sudden market shocks by anticipating the drop before it happens. As part of the Rapid Response system, we can help you get out of the market during extremely volatile times by providing what we call an “emergency brake” which is integrated in the system.

It is for those who have been asking for a “turbo-charged” allocation system that may give greater optimization but it does require greater active participation on your part – this Rapid Response Alert system may average 2 allocation changes per month. The main advantage of you doing more frequent changes is that this system works to use relative strength strategies as well as having a more sensitive “trigger” when the market drops. Also more frequent changes may allow for greater rate of return in up markets.

We cannot go into great detail on the precise way that the system works as it is proprietary. Our award-winning market analyst, Mike Hartmann, has used this system for years in his work with clients’ portfolios and has modified this very successful system to work with TSP.

The good news for our current subscribers
We are launching this Rapid Response TSP system nationwide at a price of $149/year. Since you are already a TSP SafetyNET subscriber we will give you the opportunity to have the new system included in your present subscription at no additional cost. You will have the choice to keep using the current TSP system, switch over to the new Rapid Response TSP system or you can even choose to receive both.

So now that you know more about how this works, please make a choice and remember that NOT MAKING A CHOICE is also making a choice since we will assume you are wishing to keep Option A
CLICK HERE to enter your preference in the form above.

d) Continue receiving the original TSP SafetyNET program
e) Receive the Rapid Response TSP SafetyNET program
f) Receive both programs

This is a brief overview of the results of the back-testing performed on the new Rapid Response System.

*Utilizes the award winning ASD methodology.

*All three fixed income funds total return was beaten by using this methodology going back to 12/31/2003

*All equity funds total return was beaten by this using this methodology going back to 12/31/2003

*Loss risk on equity portion of investment has been reduced by about 75% when compared to C fund, going back to 12/31/2003

*100% Equity allocation rate of return would have yielded 10.28% annual, compound, rate of return with only a 12.5% maximum peak to trough drawdown, as opposed to 54+% drawdown on C fund

All of us at TSP SafetyNET are constantly working hard to improve the quality of our service to you. This exciting addition is a reflection of our dedication to provide the very best TSP help in the market today.

Thank you,
Kalani Walther