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“I just wanted to Thank You and the dream team at Safety Net for all of the strategic decisions you have made. If I did not have you guys to turn to I would have ridden this terrible downturn in an L fund, praying for the best but suffering tremendous losses! It is hard to invest blindly as we Feds must do in the TSP and it sure is good to have you guys there to enlighten those of us who need it! You guys Rock!”

Jessica L.

The TSP SafetyNET Newsletter helps you know when to sell to protect you from big losses and still take advantage of gains in an upmarket. It is based on a well-respected scientific system that is used by the major Wall Street investors. If you are managing your TSP by emotion then you need an objective system proven to be effective over a long period of time. TSP SafetyNET helps to protect your retirement by helping you get out of down markets early so that you don’t suffer from losses like what happened in 2008. Those losses in the TSP were eventually regained but it took an impressive bullish market. Wouldn’t you rather start that upward bull ride near the top instead of at the bottom? The TSP SafetyNET system knew when to get out near the top and also when to get back in near the bottom. Please go to the TSP SafetyNET System page to learn more about how it works.​
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TSP SafetyNET system

The System Uses A Powerful Combination Of Tools Commonly Used By Wall Street Investors Including…

Benefits of our System

TSP SAFETYNET NEWSLETTER is based on a highly respected scientific system that lets you know when to sell…

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Our Team

Our advisory team is composed of industry-leading experts with a combined 50 years of experience in the financial…


We are committed to providing the best tools to optimize your TSP in a simple to use way.

We have been struck by how little information there is to help you properly manage your TSP so our purpose is to help you to grow your TSP by protecting you from another 2008 and growing it in the up markets. We realize that you are very busy and probably not interested in spending long hours on managing your TSP. So let us do the research and legwork for you. We are a team of financial experts that are dedicated to helping you through the maze of managing your TSP by using a system of powerful tools that are both reliable and extensively used on Wall Street. Our readers love the system and appreciate how we have made it all very simple to implement.



This tool is applied to manage your TSP by assisting to give protection from downturns in the marketplace and still make profits when the market moves upward…


An important part of the TSP SafetyNET system is the essential step of identifying how every single reader is comfortable with having risks with their retirement funds…


Relative strength determines which investments are the best performers and suggests those investments for purchase. A different name for relative strength is momentum investing…


My biggest motivation for subscribing to Safety Net was when I realized I didn’t know much about the effects of moving shares, (when to buy, when to sell) would have on the growth of my TSP account. I used to place all my shares in the G fund where I thought it would be safe. But, since receiving TSP SafetyNet newsletters I have a better understanding of the importance of keeping your money working for you, especially in todays’ economy. Since I have been faithfully changing the percentages in the different funds (when instructed by Safety Net), my TSP account has been holding steady during big market swings and growing at a slow pace with each adjustment. I am very thankful for the knowledge and insight of the Safety Net support group. The TSP SafetyNET newsletters are so informative and help me understand the market fluctuation so much better. It is a comfort to know that we have a team of economic gurus watching over our accounts who keep us informed in a user friendly way Bev S.


I appreciate the safety net information and format. Most of us don’t have time to read long, technical evaluations of anything, much less the markets. Safety net is written in a clear, concise style that boils down many technical aspects of market functions in a way that is easily understood and interpreted by the lay investor. The simple graph easily answers the one question I have every week: “Do I need to change my TSP allocation?”. Thanks and keep up the good work.

David W.


The TSP SafetyNet has been a Godsend for my wife and I. Like a lot of people, I lost a lot of money back in 2008. Last fall when the market started going into the tank again, I followed the instructions of the TSP SafetyNet, and while others around me at work were losing their shirts again, I weathered the storm quite nicely, thank you, and have actually made money ever since. My Dad and brother were both skeptical about the TSP SafetyNet when I told them about it, but now they’re always calling me up to find out what I’m doing with my account! My wife and I have been extremely pleased with the TSP SafetyNet and how user friendly it is. I feel confident and at peace now with my retirement account, regardless of how crazy the market is! Jim L.


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