[21][22] Overall, the higher a man's social ranking was, the more valuable his life was considered. Pueleeklaa / Pueleekla' ("down river/downstream people, i.e. By the early 1900s the Yurok language was near extinction. Men who were unable to pay the full sum of money could pay half the cost for the bride. Most of the so-called wars of the Yurok were private feuds, participated in by villages. Yurok History Links The Yurok and the Gold Rush Era: History told by a Yurok elder. Their settlements in the valley were confined closely to the river, and those along the coast were close to the beach or on the lagoons. Marriage was distinctly a property transaction. Go on to Yurok Facts for Kids Yurok or Saa'agoch ("Yurok language") is one of two Algic languages spoken in California, the other being Wiyot.

Traditionally, the Yurok lived in permanent villages along the Klamath River. The men wore no regular clothing, using skins as occasion required. Similar to other tribal groups in California, Yurok people overcame the destruction of their villages, and assimilation attempts by non-Indians. Yuroks did not hunt whales, instead, they waited until a drift whale washed up onto the beach or place near the water and dried the flesh. Their principal villages on the Klamath, in their order Bluff creek down, were as follows: Atsepar, Loolego, the three villages Pekwuteu, Weitspus and Ertlerger at the confluence of the Trinity with the Klamath, Wakhshek, Atsep, Kenek, Merip, Kepel, Shaa, Murek, Meta, Nakhtskum, Sheregegon, Yokhter, Pekwan, Kootep, Wakhtek, Wakhker, Tekta, Serper, Enipeu, Ayotl, Erner, Turip, Wakhkel, Hoopeu, and Wetlko and Rekwoi on opposite sides of the mouth of the river at Requa. Alfred L. Kroeber wrote of the Yurok perception of the shell: "Since the direction of these sources is 'downstream' to them, they speak in their traditions of the shells living at the downstream and upstream ends of the world, where strange but enviable peoples live who suck the flesh of univalves. Indian Tribe Paying the Price: Article about drought and salmon die-offs in traditional Yurok Indian waters. A tribe living on lower Klamath River, California, and the adjacent coast constituting the Weitspekan linguistic family. All the myths of the Yurok refer to the country which they now inhabit, most of them very specifically localized. Non-Indians pursued the timber industry and hired local Indian men to work in the up and coming mills on the Reservation.

The Tribe provides numerous services to the local community and membership with its more than 200 employees. They spoke a Macro-Algonquian language and were culturally and linguistically related to the Wiyot. The reservation boundaries included a portion of the Yurok's territory and some Yurok villages. The river above this former reservation, up to the mouth of the Trinity, forms at present a nominal part of the Hupa Reservation. Maybe they will have one eventually, but they don't have one now.

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