Just like the name implies, this type of guppy is all white, and it even has a soft-pink color around its face and soft-pink or red eyes. In fact, they can be in a variety of colors, including black, yellow, pink, and many others, so they are very eye-catching and attractive fish. They get this way because there is a lack of black pigment melanin in their bodies. Red guppies often have bodies that are very large, and you can get a clear-red color by eliminating or minimizing the black melanin gene trait, so this is one way to produce some variety when you want a red poppy. This name says it all when it comes to this type of tail because it has dark spots on it that make it look a lot like a leopard. They, too, have criteria that must be met to be officially classified in this group, and those criteria include: To be put in this category, a guppy has to be a minimum of 25% gold in color and have black scales. In fact, the shade of blue can vary from sky blue to dark blue, and females have blue highlights in their fins. The secondary and base colors have to be different from one another. The real red-eye guppies, or RREs, which have red eyes but are not albino fish. They originated from South America, and they are also known as fancy guppies, rainbow fish, and million fish. Two types of guppies fall under this category, and they include: The round tail on these guppies are shaped like balls or circles, and they are not super large but are still very distinct and unique. If the guppy has a snakeskin pattern on its body and tail, it is common for it to have a lace tail, as well. Most well-kept guppies can live for two to three years, but many live up to five years. White Male guppies are generally shorter, slimmer in length, have bright colors, attractive tail and patterns, large fins, anal fin is modified into gonopodium. Tuxedo guppies have two different body colors located between their front and back body. These guppies have a half-black body and a yellow tail and fin. Young adult Size (2-3 months). They are named after their discoverer, Robert John Lechmere Guppy. If a third color is included, it cannot be more than 15% of the fish; if it is, the guppy is classified as a multi-colored guppy. Gender Of White Guppy Fish. Details about 1pair(1male & 1female) of German White Tuxedo Guppy Live Fish 2Day Fedex. The body of the half-black pastel guppy is at least half black, but the pastel in their caudal tail can be any color except for yellow. The yellow guppy’s body is predominantly yellow, including the body and fins. With a beautiful, dominant solid-red color throughout their body and their fins, this is a variety that is certain to catch people’s attention. The main color and the secondary color have to be different from one another. You should always give them a wide variety of foods because it can make their colors even bolder. Female guppies sometimes have fin colors that are very attractive, and they have very large fins. It has a very distinct shape and look. You will get total 2 guppies. } catch(e) {}. 1pair(1male & 1female) of German White Tuxedo Guppy Live Fish 2Day Fedex. Furthermore, the dorsal should match the caudal fin in both color and pattern. This was actually done in southern India in 2014. It is an unusual type of tail and not exceptionally large. _g1 = document.getElementById('g1-logo-mobile-inverted-img'); - The dead fish must stay in original sealed plastic bag only. } The dorsal and the fin need to match exactly in color and in the pattern. Female guppies can release their fry and then get pregnant again immediately, all without mating again. Guppies are classified according to a chart established by the IFGA, and the AOC guppy is a guppy with colors that are unassociated with any other type or class of guppy.

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