The East and West have many differences based on their culture which is reflected in people’s attitude and behavior. They are commonly known as emotionless people. For hundreds of years, Eastern culture has been influenced by Western culture and vice versa. While this blog post is talking about the differences of Eastern and Western culture-  we should set our differences aside and come together. Western culture focuses on ‘individualism’ which means every single person has to earn a livelihood. Michael MicheliniLast Updated: November 3, 2020Blog, Culture (Lifestyle), Education, Lifestyle56 Comments. For example, Indians pay respect to their elders or parents by touching their feet. Once again thank you. This does not go geographically, and does not talk about languages and dialects. This does not go geographically, and does not talk about languages and dialects. Together we can make a difference. The westerns are more open and forthright. LOL, Tarun you couldn’t be more right. In the business realm, the Chinese seem to place greater importance on organizational hierarchies. Eastern culture has a circular view of the universe that is based upon the perception of eternal recurrence whereas Western culture has a linear view of the universe that is based on the Christian philosophy that everything has a beginning and an end. Eastern culture usually refers to Asia and the far east. These differences can be noted mainly in people’s behavior and attitudes. Submitted On April 28, 2010. However, to western clothing, it seems that we know fewer things. Actually for me, India is the distinct line between East and West. Eastern culture uses the spiritual and missionary approach of searching inside oneself for answers through meditation whereas western culture takes on a pragmatic and emotional approach in searching outside oneself through research and analysis. The concept that love comes after marriage is also promoted by these marriages. 0000002380 00000 n Today China and other east countries are so bounded with their Families, In India the children are getting more Liberal following West, while Chinese are advanced and still believe in their culture. a minor correction: They talk about such topics with their friends, just not with parents or strangers. Therefore, concepts like arranged marriages are not common in the west; they marry for love. There is no roll of Africa, gulf nations and america here. The Chinese, though, sought more complex routes that required more communication and time. These differences can be noted for the most part in people’s behavior and attitudes. 0000247943 00000 n Home » Public » People » Culture » Difference Between Eastern and Western Culture. “The Differences Between East And West In Terms Of Culture And Education”, business differences we have noticed between Eastern and Western cultures. Time is precious. |   Of course, being a system implies a lot of things are bound, but generally it does its utmost to elevate individual approaches to dealing with unique students. Just in case you don’t know, some Hong Kong people hated being Chinese. 0 Tokyo Roppongi,Ginza,Shinjuku Drive, Pingback: East and West - Differences of Seller Tactics on Both Sides of the Border with Howard Thai. 0000001675 00000 n However, In the Western culture, every decision is taken by themselves and only the person is responsible for their decision. Western Individualism vs. Eastern Collectivism in the Age of the Coronavirus In Asia, people wear face masks because they don’t want to risk getting others sick; in the US, people wear them so they themselves don’t get sick. East and West may have numerous differences based on culture. Arranged marriages are a common phenomenon in eastern countries. Eastern Culture: Women may be expected to play a traditional role. Western educational systems focus on the ideas of creativity. About close mind, traditional, conservative, I don’t think that is the label of Eastern worlds. On the other hand, with the development of history, patterns in western clothes changed continually. All Rights Reserved. Therefore, color of clothing was mainly in yellow. People in the East are commonly inflexible in their beliefs and ideologies. In Japanese companies for example, younger employees are expected to support the people in higher positions and never give their opinion directly to the manager. Furthermore, in the Eastern culture grandparents are considered as the head of the home. Article Source: Sure, East Asian countries are economically prosperous —- because they’re imitating models of business and industry that originated in the West. I think western culture kinds of are the future of other countries, because other countries are also developing, Western countries just developed faster and earlier than other countries. Imitators are never going to be superior to the innovators and inventors – that’s why Eastern cultures are always going to be inferior to He West, at lest until they figure out how to prioritize creativity, questioning, and innovative thinking as Westerners do. Differences are also clearly seen in the Eastern and Western ways in dealing with education. they do not oppose or question their mythology and philosophy , and believe it is true ( whether facts are there or not) and hence do not support individualistic ideology , or example- talking about sex ,gender transformation,, love, in family or socially, eating out late , having fast food, wearing short or unusual clothing in public all is treated like —- Taboo not a a part of their culture. Haha I laughed when it said about marriage in the west. Do you agree with the differentiation between the west and the east? While the Eastern culture gives importance to respect, the Western culture has its own priorities and it prefers success. I write articles on this topic quite frequently. By and large, cultures in the West tend to be more individualistic whereas people from the East are more collectivist. Which countries develop far behind,which countries are close mind, conservative. They take most of the all-important decision with their experience and everyone in family obey their decision. Russian and Eastern Europeans are different to the Western European countries. Don’t forget to like and share! Western Culture: Love marriages are common. If you are interested in seeing Yang Liu’s complete book, click here to read the full PDF document. It is primarily concerned with individual efforts. Because bosses are seen as having more experience and wisdom, they are given more authority and prestige by their associates. So, this is all about how different from each other, the culture and education systems of the East and the West, are.

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