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COMPOSABLE INFRASTRUCTURE. To replace Seagate PCB Boards, in most cases, also just need the check the board number, as the below photo: 100664987 is the board number.

All of the Toshiba PCB's board numbers are begin with G00. Damaged PCB has the below symptoms:

In most cases, swap PCB is not directly change the fault PCB with the donor PCB. Because of this, we should move the original PCB's BIOS to the replacement PCB.

To get started, choose the Western Digital brand you’d like help with: {{}}, {{inventory.prices.list.amountFormatted}}, {{}} I think it’s just the drive that is no good so thought if I put another drive in the old one I could use that too. Products DATA CENTER. You can't hear any noise or just hear a tick sound, which means the PCB is probably faulty.

Or you can find the electronics repair shop to help you. It spins for a moment and then slow down. Cookie Statement About Ads Trademarks, This answer explains how to create an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) to replace a defective product with Western Digital, or obtain a power supply or USB cable for a WD external drive or WD TV.

Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité.

On eBay, you can select from different types, features, and categories of Western Digital parts for your computing and electronic systems.

All of the Seagate PCB's board numbers are begin with 100.

c) Western Digital Hard Drive(SATA) PCB Swap Replacement Guide: Western Digital Hard Drive PCB Swap Guide(WD SATA HDD) 2060-701590-001 REV A is the board number should to be match.

Please refer the below photo.

Solid State (SSD) Hard Disk (HDD) …

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/ {{}}, {{customPromotionInfo.ctaLabel}} WD SmartWare.

All of the Fujitsu PCB's board numbers are begin with CA.

When you are shopping on eBay for affordable Western Digital parts, consider their: Capacity: The hard drive capacities range from 160GB to 3TB. In the end I went and bought another one.

HDD Computer Hard Drives for PC, Laptops, & Mac from 16 GB to 72 TB | Western Digital Store

You can save a lot of money than do data recovery which cost begins with $300. The available types of affordable Western digital parts on eBay include: Some features of the durable Western Digital parts on eBay include: The compatibility options for the new and used Western Digital parts on eBay include: When you are shopping on eBay for affordable Western Digital parts, consider their: {"modules":["unloadOptimization","bandwidthDetection"],"unloadOptimization":{"browsers":{"Firefox":true,"Chrome":true}},"bandwidthDetection":{"url":"","maxViews":4,"imgSize":37,"expiry":300000,"timeout":250}}. JBOF & JBOD. To replace the Toshiba PCB boards, just need the donor board has the same board number as yours.

2060-701590-001 REV A is the board number should to be match. A List of Board Numbers of Western Digital PCB boards: Damaged PCB always has the obvious burnt marks. Some electronics repair shop can do it. You can move the BIOS from your original PCB by using hot-air gun, then solder it on the replacement board.

Most HDD boards have the unique BIOS(ROM or NVRAM chip) which includes the unique data to access the HDD system area. If you still don't know which is your donor PCB, please feel free to contact us. Should confirm the donor PCB should be adapted for the HDD.

I know how to create the partitions. Privacy Statement If the BIOS information is not compatible with your HDD, there is no way to read the HDD's data. T6/T8 screwdriver, which can unscrew the PCB from HDD; Hot-air gun, which can be used to change BIOS. Hard drive pcb replacement guide for Western Digital, Seagate and Maxtor hard drives. 2060-701335-005 is the board number.

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FREE & FAST shipping every day! *END, How to Get an RMA to Replace a Defective Product, Obtain a Power Supply, or USB Cable for a WD Product, Answer ID 25679: Step-by-Step Instructions to Create an RMA, Answer ID 8216: Power Adapters for WD Products, What Happens to the Data on the Drive Sent in for an RMA and can it be Retrieved. Where can I purchase additional or replacement USB 3.0 cards for use with the WD My Book 3.0 drive?

Hard Drive PCB Swap Guide(ROM Chips Exchange). Storage Platforms.

Please refer the below photo. Most HDD boards have the BIOS (ROM or NVRAM chip) which includes the unique data to access the HDD system area.

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All Rights Reserved, Privacy StatementTerms of Use 1. Replace Western Digital Hard Drive with Bad Sector to A Good One.

Terms of Use. {{}} / {{}} *. To replace Western Digital PCB Boards, just need the donor board has the same board number as yours. Which HDD's problems are not caused by PCB: Something went wrong.

2. HDD will power up normally and be recognized correctly but will report a size of 0 bytes 2.

Storage Servers. Amazon's Choice for western digital power cord replacement 12V AC Adapter Power Supply Compatible WD Western Digital My Book Essential External Hard Drive HDD … Drives, {{productPriceObj[bogoItems.productId].prices.list.amountFormatted}}, {{productPriceObj[bogoItems.productId]}}, Your Cart ({{totalItems}} {{totalItems == 1 ? Western Digital Dashboard . External drives: Some of the parts are made to work in portable external hard drives.

If you make sure your HDD's problem was caused by PCB failure, you should know how to find the matching PCB now.

When this product becomes available, an email notification will be sent to : {{email}}, {{}}.

Something went wrong. 4. 2060-701510-000, 2060-701424-007, 2060-701450-011, 2060-701499-000, 2060-701401-002, 2060-701402-002, 2060-701499-005, 2060-701675-001, 2060-771672-001, 2060-771672-004, 2060-701572-002, 2060-701675-004, 2060-771754-000, 2060-771714-002, 2060-771823-000, 2060-771820-000, 2060-771814-001, 2060-771737-000, 2060-771692-005, 2060-771692-002, 2060-771817-001, 2060-771692-001, 2060-771692-004, 2060-701281-001, 2060-701609-000, 2060-771761-001, 2060-701615-003, 2060-771692-006, 2060-771852-001, 2060-701532-000, 2060-771629-006, 2060-771574-001, 2060-771801-002, 2060-701692-000, 2060-771859-000, 2060-701650-000, 2060-771629-005, 2060-771629-001, 2060-771629-002, 2060-701285-001, 2060-771696-004, 2060-771933-000, 2060-771960-000, 2060-771950-000, 2060-771961-000, 2060-771931-000, 2060-771959-000, 2060-771949-000, 2060-701615-004, 2060-771961-001, 2060-771852-004, 2060-771823-002, 2060-771962-000, 2060-771962-002, 2060-771714-000, 2060-001068-001, 2060-001092-006, 2060-001092-007, 2060-001113-001, 2060-001129-001, 2060-001160-001, 2060-001179-003, 2060-701265-001, 2060-701292-000, 2060-701292-001, 2060-701292-002, 2060-701314-002, 2060-701314-003, 2060-001130-012, 2060-701508-001, 2060-701494-002, 2060-701314-001, 2060-001209-003, 2060-001130-010, 2060-001128-004, 2060-001266-001, 2060-001266-000, 2060-001265-001, 2060-001189-003, 2060-001177-000, 2060-001175-000, 2060-001173-004, 2060-001159-006, 2060-001003-001, 2060-001292-000, 2060-001292-001, 2060-701552-002, 2060-001102-003, 2060-701494-001, 2060-701266-001, 2060-001100-003, 2060-001047-001, 2060-001062-004, 2060-001076-002, 2060-001127-003, 2060-001092-006, 2060-001092-007, 2060-001113-001, 2060-701596-001, 4060-705078-001, 4060-705089-001, 4060-705094-001, 2060-701213-004, 2060-701383-001, 2060-701384-002, 2060-701453-000, 2060-701474-002, 2060-701293-001, 2060-701393-002, 2060-701444-002, 2060-701444-003, 2060-701444-004, 2060-701477-002, 2060-701537-003, 2060-701552-003, 2060-701590-000, 2060-701335-003, 2060-701335-005, 2060-701336-003, 2060-701310-003, 2060-001293-000, 2060-001252-000, 2060-001215-003, 2060-701537-002, 2060-001213-004, 2060-001267-001, 2060-001293-001, 2060-701335-002, 2060-701537-004, 2060-701578-001, 2060-701267-001, 2060-701310-004, 2060-701520-000, 2060-701563-000, 2060-701590-001, 2060-771642-001, 2060-701640-002, 2060-701640-001, 2060-701567-000, 2060-701640-000, 2060-701640-003, 2060-701640-007, 2060-771642-000, 2060-771668-000, 2060-701640-005, 2060-771640-003, 2060-701640-006, 2060-771698-002, 2060-771577-001, 2060-771640-002, 2060-701477-001, 2060-771590-001, 2060-771702-001, 2060-701474-004, 2060-701622-000, 2060-771591-000, 2060-771698-004, 2060-771716-001, 2060-771624-003, 2060-701824-000, 2060-701824-001, 2060-701824-005, 2060-771818-000, 2060-771853-000, 2060-771829-000, 2060-701533-000, 2060-771642-003, 2060-771824-005, 2060-771824-000, 2060-771824-001, 2060-771824-003, 2060-701595-000, 2060-701698-000, 2060-771824-006, 2060-771824-008, 2060-771624-001, 2060-701543-003, 2060-701607-000, 2060-771829-004, 2060-771829-003, 2060-771822-002, 2060-771978-001, 2060-771945-001, 2060-771577-000, 2060-771640-005, 2060-771630-000, 2060-771640-004, 2060-771945-000, 2060-771829-005, 2060-771945-002, 2060-800001-000, 2060-800001-002, 2060-800006-001, 2060-771927-003, 2060-771964-001, 2060-771983-002, 2060-771940-002, 2060-800001-004, 2060-800055-001, 2060-800001-005, 2060-800006-000, 2060-800002-007, 2060-800041-000, 2060-771825-003, 2060-800022-000, 2060-800039-001, 2060-771985-000, 2060-771927-002, 2060-800055-002, 2060-771829-002, 006-0A90641, 2060-800025-001, 2060-800041-003, 2060-800052-000, 2060-800018-001, 2060-800066-006, 2060-800069-001. ⚲ Support Partners Blog Company SHOP.

All of the Western Digital PCB's board numbers are begin with 2060-. valid email address.

JBOF & JBOD. Please try again later.

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