Granted, there's always satellite but I'm not interested in the latency. Contact your Verizon Wireless business specialist today. Stay connected to the Internet, as well as private voice and data networks, when wired connections are unavailable. Wireless Internet Services Data-only services give your devices online access while you're home or on-the-go. Transform Your Network with Edge Computing, Five ways the cloud can help improve your school's security, How to enhance distance learning and remote employee training sessions, Tips for Small Businesses in a Tough Economy, Four tips to strengthen your digital marketing strategy, Strategize with Small Business Cyber Security Plan, Small Business Cyber Security and Data Breaches, Five productivity tips for your newly remote team, Creating the New Normal for Your Small Business, Connectivity best practices for distance learning, Scalable Network Solutions During Critical Events, Finding Alternative Small Business Funding, Five best practices for choosing the right security provider, Three next-gen technologies that will define cybersecurity in the next decade, IoT security: Why you need to encrypt your data, Analyzing the COVID-19 data breach landscape, Design considerations for a 5G network architecture, Five security blind spots you might not realize you have, How to drive business agility with remote collaboration tools, Mapping the 5G impact in the retail industry, The 5G evolution: Exploring the journey from 2G to 5G, Funding Safe and Secure Elections During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Low-latency 5G and the opportunities it can create, Three 5G application scenarios and how they could change your workforce, Optimizing business communications networks by combining SD WANs and MPLS, A guide to unified communications solutions: beyond VoIP and video, Improving customer experience with a contact center provider, Optimize fleet operations through smarter supply chain disaster management, Six design principles to help mitigate latency, Securing your 5G edge computing architecture for business success. Great Britain (eng) Australia (eng) ... Wireless Backup Solutions +44 207 131 24 84 . How to break down the barriers to SDN adoption, Keep an eye on these five KPIs as you drive improved customer experience using artificial intelligence, The four key steps to improving customer experience with artificial intelligence, Staying safe online: Observing good digital hygiene, 2017 Data Breach Digest: Half Year Anniversary, Your Endpoint Security Strategy Needs a Hug, 5G and autonomous vehicles: turning fiction into reality, Be a better bot boss: 3 tips for CX chatbot success, Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality: A humanizing revolution for customer engagement. Does your school have these five critical security features? What is edge computing and where is it being used? When the power unexpectedly goes out, or landlines go down, many businesses grind to an abrupt halt. Wireless backup Business Continuity solutions boost resilience, so you stay operational even during wireline failures. Data breaches: how long does the damage last? Consumers expect seamless, quick transactions, whether they’re buying online or in the store. I would need something from Verizon that can be plugged into a standard router/firewall via RJ45 cable as an internet source. Internet of Things; Products A-Z; Back. Three ways technology can enhance your contact center performance, Five CIO Strategies to Create a CX Roadmap, Three reasons why the role of the CMO is now a technology job, Five technologies helping brand and CPG manufacturers survive disruption. In an emergency situation, you’ve got to be ready, no matter what. Business Connections- Business Communication Solutions, Achieve Operational Transformation with Dynamic IT Services, Verizon Collaboration Services: Erase Boundaries and Communicate with Ease, Fleet management service helps improve performance and cut costs, A Foundation for Growth with Data Center Consolidation and More, Digital Advisory Services - Software Defined Networking Strategic Assessment, Drive Business with Fleet Telematics Solutions, Business Smartphones Jump-Start Productivity, A better way to get the latest CPE technology, MDM Software Management with OTA Distribution, Network discovery service: Discover your network’s potential, Business VoIP & Business Phone System Solutions, Law Enforcement and Public Safety Solutions Brief, Take Control of Infrastructure Security with Intelligent Video Surveillance, Grow your business with leading-edge proof of concept testing, Enterprise Mobility Management Solution from MobileIron, Custom Apps and eForms for Mobile Devices, Making the Case for MPLS VPNs in the Modern Enterprise, HP Elite x2 Business PC on the Verizon 4G LTE Network, SD WAN Service with Application Aware Routing, Verizon Condition-Based Maintenance Solutions, Private Network Traffic and Bandwidth Management, Verizon ThingsSpace IoT Development Platform, The Verizon Network-Backed Asset Tracking System, Optimize Fleet Operations With Verizon Autoshare, Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service Factsheet, How SDN can help your business transform and grow, Helping your workers get the most out of your new cloud based communications solution, Implementing automation in your contact center read this first, How to keep your business communications secure, Five reasons why your business needs software-defined networking. Want to keep your business going and revenue rolling in even when wirelines are down? Working closely with Verizon to test a range of wireless routers, the client ultimately went with the recommendation that included Cisco® wireless routers and the reliability and extensive coverage of the Verizon 4G LTE network—and initially rolled out the solution to 100 storefronts. Disclosing cyber risk? Sincerely, Your Customer. 5G and edge computing: configuring the edge topology, Collaboration tools: focus on interoperability to avoid tool fatigue, How intelligent routing can improve the contact center experience, Building a successful digital transformation strategy, Video conferencing network requirements: delivering the best user experience, Solving common remote work endpoint security challenges, Real-time crime centers and law enforcement technology, 5G and IoT edge computing: driving future business value, Smart cities and cyber security: protecting citizens from malicious attacks, Mapping the digital customer experience for optimal growth, 5G and AI: creating a connected global business, The power of AI: artificial intelligence examples for a modern world. Transactions can be lost, opportunities missed and reputations tarnished. Continue serving customers and constituents and generating revenue, even during a primary access outage. But did you forget to transform your security program? Digital transformation is everywhere. Help Me, Help You. However, with COVID-19, a lot of people in the area are finding themselves working from home and the DSL reliability (and speed) has suffered. Darknet: The shady underbelly of the iceberg, Data Breach Digest Update Data ransomware the Catch 22, Delivering smart, sustainable energy solutions, Data breaches in industrial environments: Safety comes first. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response for Businesses, Free Enterprise Webinars and Registration, Five best practices for managing your network security in the age of digital transformation. It’s when disaster strikes that your customers need you the most. Wireless routers also help protect the stores against downtime due to downed phone lines. Revolutionize your communications: Migrating to a cloud-based platform. They're a Verizon VSP+ and focus on wireless backup as well as Internet of Things deployments. Make sure the bad guys don’t get what they’re hoping for this Christmas. A Business Continuity solution can help you maintain the ability to process payments and transactions, seize opportunities and respond quickly to customer needs. What is an ounce of cybersecurity prevention worth? Continue serving customers and constituents and generating revenue, even during a primary access outage. Copy link. The human element in cyber security: When user error is the problem, Security threats in e-commerce: Protecting data while maintaining customer experience, How a power grid attack threatens the energy industry, Mobile device security in the workplace: five policies you must have, Cloud contact center technology: empowering your employees, How IIoT in manufacturing is made possible with MEC and 5G, How to cultivate customer relationships through social engagement, Supply chain communication strategies for successful management. My router/firewall supports dual WAN inputs with failover. Virtual Network Services- WAN Optimization, Find the Right Construction Management Tools, Enable Banking Virtually Anywhere with Wireless ATMS, Verizon Intelligent Video and Smart Surveillance, Ethernet Services & Ethernet Architecture Solutions, Fleet Maintenance and Performance Case Study, Auto Dealer Solutions for Courtesy Cars Case Study, Car Rental Solutions Streamline Rental Operations to Create New Business Models, Verizon Wireless Private Network Connections, Entertainment and Media Technology Solutions Help You Deliver More Engaging Content, Utilities and Energy Management Technologies, When it comes to CX, don’t get hung up on the jargon, Tough Love and the Customer Experience Culture, “Retail is Dead” — and Other Rumors with no Validity. Like most businesses today, a leading beauty franchise with over 10,000 locations worldwide looked for ways to reduce expenses in its North American chain. Is there a specific device I should be looking into or can call and get more information about? Insider Threat: One pattern, four scenarios, thirteen countermeasures, My superb Go-To-Gemba customer experience, Powering the digital economy with modern utilities, Smart traffic helps improve quality of life, Social engineering: Strengthening the weakest link, What to consider when planning your future digital network, This framework ain't big enough for the both of us, What does IoT really mean for the enterprise, Verizons Data Breach Digest - Perspective is reality, Numbers Aren’t Enough: CX Professionals Need to Be Storytellers Too, Mobile Customer Experience: Savvy shoppers Ready associates, Incident Management Focus: Two Approaches to Incident Response Plans, How to retain viewers with your online video services. Zero trust security framework: benefits and downsides. Manage your account or get tools and information. Stop skimping. Wireless backup Business Continuity solutions give you fast, secure and seamless connections to the people, information and systems that matter most. Protect your business from costly disruptions with Verizon Wireless … Business Continuity solutions help your agency maintain top-level communications, even when wireless networks are down or congested during a crisis. Verizon Wireless offers a range of Business Continuity solutions that give you fast, secure and reliable wireless backup to the people, information and systems that matter most, whether you’re in the midst of a disaster or a simple downed phone line. Contacts-only storage is free for all Verizon Cloud users.

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