It took them over a week to get an exterminator to out apt. Service was decent and the waitress was very friendly though I did sit with an empty drink for a while. See all El Rancho de Lalo reviews, “The black rice itself was fantastic, sticky with each grain giving it's own umami from the use of squid ink.” To be clear, the food is very high quality.The ugly : the reasons I reduced my rating and to be fair will visit again and change my rating IF it's a different experience. It was a great discovery. We will travel to you to assist in Notarizing your documents. Locks on the front door to the building did not work for a substanital portion of our stay and 9300 staff and/or the commerical tenant on the ground level kept the back door open as vermin easy access and inviting unwelcome human intruders as well. House salad   5 Some weeks its so bad you have to walk on the street because you can't get around it. Although the side dish (gratin) was a bit too oily, the tacos were excellent and the meat was a real treat. Rat infested buildings. This is where it's at! Temper Soho in London follows a zero waste policy. Unless you're a real-estate lawyer or prepared to go to court over everything, do not rent from them. Overall I think this is a nice little restaurant in London Town! They know they will rent their apartments at extremely high costs despite their apathetic and careless management. While this didn't happen to me, I also know of a horror story from my neighbors downstairs that were dealing with an almost unlivable situation (left their apartment door open at nights just to air out) and got little to no love from 9300 for weeks. No one explained the sauce and sprinkles bit, but you should order some of those as well (otherwise the meats are just served on plain flatbread). You would be forgiven for thinking Temper is a laddish, loutish fad, what with the central fire pit and the unflinching emphasis on meat and more meat. See all Salsa! Veey odd service. private events for up to 300 guests. In my building, there is someone cleaning the inside stairwell/floors as well as the outside of the building/sidewalk every single morning. See all Texas Joe's reviews, “Their specialty is the fantastic chicken (choose from 3 marinades and a variety of portion sizes).” I'm glad I found this place as it was one of the best meals I had in London. Temper was a very interesting restaurant and overall I had a pretty good meal here. You can see all the meat being cooked on the open grills, which is a totally entertaining way to eat! and had a great time , although you can't go wrong with anything on the menu! The super is just there for show, never actually doing any of the actual maintenance around the units. We are passionate about creating an environment where our teams can learn and grow their skills whilst taking complete ownership of their guests experience. As Americans vacationing in London, it seemed odd to visit a, Great little charcoal grill in southern Soho that serves grilled meat, salads and, It's within walking distance of major attractions like the. Le service était très sympathique. I've lived without a window pane in lower level apartment for six weeks until they made the repair, mouse problems, without cooking gas for almost three months and to top it off the city ordered a vacate notice because they rented us an illegal two bedroom duplex. For Businesses. Our Private Dining Room, discreetly hidden from view with plush velvet curtains, nonetheless feels very much a part of the main restaurant and has been described as a secret hideaway. This is exactly why you should not rent from these people or work for them, for such bad choices of character who work there. I simply got up from my seat and told her I will certainly not be able to work for someone like you and feel sorry for anyone that does. See all Cubana reviews, “Best mushroom fajitas ever, they are delicious beyond reason.” Half the menu comes under the heading "tacos" and the half that doesn't comes served on a tortilla anyway. The you can either take the Lift or the stairs down to where the tables are. Green sauce The people working in their offices are incompetent and never call you back when you leave a message. Overall, I wasn't impressed by Temper. They added in sky high (the highest I've ever heard of) fees, and they started threatening us to sign. See all El Vergel reviews, “It's about as authentic a Colombian restaurant as you're gonna get in London (ie it's FOR Colombians rather than aimed at Londoners and tourists).” After a long walk, we saw the sign 'Steaks for. , dumplings, and few other pickled vegetable plates for appetizers. Everyone hates moving in the city but 9300 makes it easy. You guessed it, apathyThe thing that finally ticked me off is that there is (right now) a steady stream of water (hopefully water) trickling down our wall like a waterfall off of a mountain. STAY AWAY. They are so dishonest and so terrible to deal with you will get F-ed over. CAUTION!!!!! My colleagues and I were looking for a quick bite to eat after a busy day and most places couldn't get us in because of reservations, but Temper got us right in. Our waiter was completely overloaded. to start, seafood spaghetti as a main and my friends had lasagne and ragu which had good feedback. Tapas style dishes with delicious mixture of flavors. I'd love to go back on my next visit to London. Watch chefs cook big cuts of meat over an open fire and butcher all the meat from whole animals with tortillas, green sauce This company is a ghost company. 2 other people at my table also ordered the wild mushroom tacos, so instead of bringing out 3 plates they put them all on 1 big plate. I would offer an expanded beer selection - some of us lightweights would like a Newcastle or Stella option. Temper was a very interesting restaurant and overall I had a pretty good meal here. This cycle repeats for over 2 weeks until I give up2) The water heaters in our apartment continuously spew water like a broken fire hydrant. With some research, you can see that Steven Croman got on lists of Top 10 Worst Landlords in NYC. I WAS going to give them at least 4 stars.The bad : nothing really but small things. With its wine cellar vibe, it’s the perfect location for birthdays, staff get-togethers, pre-theatre groups or family occasions. I just didn't enjoy the mouth feel very much. I highly recommend the fried plantains with guacamole and please do not forget the, Level 2 The Gallery, Westfield Stratford City, So on a bright, sunny April day we visited the ultra-glamorous, not-to-be missed balcony-less Elephant &, For £4.50 you get a large sandwich of tender juicy chicken, and their special coriander, DoubleTree by Hilton London Docklands Riverside, 265 Rotherhithe Street, View from this restaurant was so beautiful, the. , Carolina pulled pork, cornbread, fries and coleslaw. No one answers the phone at the offices. 9300Realty is a full service real estate management company with over 20 years of experience in New York City residential and retail rental properties, our brokerage team strives to offer our clients the best possible service and product when it's time to find a new home. Probably around 6 months of dealing with this. Being horrible is part of their business model. Too bad I found out after I had already moved in...and I found out the hard way. This is the most unprofessional organization I've ever dealt with in my entire life. The beer selection was limited but I got what I wanted. I know all the real state companies in NYC may seem the evil, but this one wins the FIRST PRIZE. Literally, you will be living in a hell. 208 E 25th St is infested with roaches, rats and bedbugs. Run! was very tasty and perfectly cooked , really to die for, the lamb chops were a bit overcooked. ; I even managed to convert my mother who said she didn't like lamb. Context: 9300 gets a lot of bad press and I was definitely concerned before moving-in. Cancel. No one responds to the follow up email you send after calling and leaving voice mails.Don't pick 9300 real state, believe me -you'll regret. Korean barbecue They made "accounting errors" and tried to charge us late fees numerous times, even though we had receipts proving we paid rent on time. South Bank Real Food Market, 1 Belvedere Road. Nous avons eu une expérience unique et agréable. This place is not too expensive and the food quality is really good for what we pay. To start I moved to NYC in 2006 into a 9300 reality building. The Argentinian sausage, the smoked goat and pork carnitas in particular are to die for.

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