The fire gave us all something to do and ended up keeping us plenty warm. I keep spare AAA and AA batteries, a sam-splint, and an ankle brace in my first aid kit. She has mostly boated outside of California. Publications Rafting this waterway is perfect for anyone age 7 to 77 (or more), ideal for first-timers, yet still fun for repeaters. near Lakewood Park. We asked about his medical history some more, especially for any heart issues or leg injuries (in case he needed to hike out). The South Fork American River is a major tributary of the American River in El Dorado County, California, draining a watershed on the western slope of the Sierra Nevada east of Sacramento.The river begins in pristine Desolation Wilderness and flows through the Sierra Nevada foothills. I decided to call 911. We helped our expert and victim move from a shallow rocky riffle to a deeper wave train. The rest of us, were cold but could function better. SAR told us to keep Dan warm. the Range of Possible River Levels. Plus, Jeff and Ellis know the remaining rapids well and could assist SAR at Skunk Hallow. For whistle blasts, we used a system from our swiftwater training one blast - look upstream two blasts - look downstream three blasts - emergency. We couldn't remember where the egress points where and we didn't have a river map. Define what whistle blasts mean. Dan and our expert kayaker rafted through Upper Haystacks, taking cheat lines. Short-term Probabilistic Guidance (Experimental), Used to Estimate the Chance of Flooding and I own the same creek boat and I know that my rand spray skirt will fit over the cockpit. The group put Dan's spray skirt on my kayak and towed it with a rescue vest all the way to take-out. A local guide on his private 14ft raft with 4 SAR persons, all wearing dry-suits. Approaching each remaining class 2 rapid, I checked-in with the raft guide and communicated lines. I'm thankful we had the light to gather wood and build a fire. Last year, I gave it to a beginner because I thought I wouldn't need it anymore. His shoes were downstream with his boat. I was making the situation safer if kayaked safety. The whole group, including Dan, agreed to run the river toward our perceived egress at Hospital Bar. These egress routes were very close to where we first encountered Dan. They towed us to Skunk Hallow where we met the 911 cavalry. I will list the lessons. Jeff ran downstream safety through Satans. At about 4:30pm, I decided to call 911 on our expert's Verizon phone. We couldn't get Dan to shore on river left before Ambulance Run, so Dan climbed onto the front of our expert's kayak. Bring a water-proof map. Had we known about our egress options here, we would have used them. 5. Planning ahead. Weather, flows are worthy. The pumping station at Pharr Yarns in McAdenville may begin to flood. link for more details on the interpretation of SFA River Patrol prints waterproof river maps for the SFA. Add a beanie, headlamp + batteries, storm matches and lighters, paper to burn, a space blanket, and plastic jar of peanut butter to your first aid kit. Ambulance Ran is shallow and rocky on the left and clean on the right. Major Flood Stage. They told us they were launching a Zodiac from Skunk Hallow and sending in a hiking crew down Weber Creek via Kanaka Road (the road that goes to Bouncing Rock) on river left. He rocks. Don’t let other people, including yourself, become victims. We did not have a river map with egress points. Cold splashy waves are better than a foot entrapment. If you notice any errors in the below information, please contact our. NAD83/WGS84. Pack more water and food then you think you need. 2. There are no FEMA National Flood Hazard Layers for the location which you are viewing on ESRI Maps. Know your egress points. I told 911 dispatch the most important things, "South Fork American...Hospital Bar...hypothermia". Dan's friend Paul, 45, had hiked uphill with the swimmer's shoes, looking for Dan. If we had known this, we should have left Dan here with his friend Paul and one of our group. Eating burgers later that night, Jeff and I agreed this was the right choice. For more information on your flood risk go to The rest of our group wore drysuits. She brought all of her medication, blood sugar testing gear, and snacks for sugar. He was an experienced kayaker but not taking much initiative. SAR must have decided that a 20 minute trip downstream on a raft was safer and faster than ferrying Dan across the river and hiking him up to the road over steep rocks in the dark and cold. For the rest of the day, Ellis ran clean routes with the hand-paddles while our expert used Ellis's paddle. The raft guide knew as well I did, but he wanted the backup. Dan and Ellis brought Dan's kayak and paddle downstream to us. I built a fire ring safe from nearby vegetation. Databases Therefore, I knew the bonus class 2 rapids below Surprise were in. Trout are rising. It was 60 bpm at 7pm. The SAR guys told me they felt safer having a kayak in front to set downstream safety and show the lines. We have learned from the mistakes we made on the river and in the gear and knowledge we didn't bring. Dan told our expert he couldn't hold on for long. Therefore, I’m proud of my group’s actions. Conferences/Events, NWIS Site Inventory Grouped by County in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Real-time Streamflow Stations Grouped by County in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Daily Streamflow Data for Major Rivers in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Monthly Streamflow Data for Major Rivers in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Water Quality Samples Grouped by County in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Real-time Water Quality Samples Grouped by County in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Groundwater Inventory Levels Grouped by County in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Real-time Groundwater Sites Grouped by County in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Precipitation Conditions (Where Available) for the Week in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, NWIS Water Temperature in Celsius (Where Available) for the Week in South Fork American - HUC 18020129, USGS Drought Watch - U.S Map of Drought and Low Flow Conditions, USGS WaterWatch - Real-time Streamflow Map for the California Region- HUC 18, USGS WaterWatch - Real-time Floods and High Flow Conditions Map for the California Region - HUC 18, USGS GIS Spatial Data Sets Available on the WRD NSDI Node, USGS Current News and Developing Issues Affecting Watershed Activities, USGS Nonindigenous Aquatic Species (NAS Data) for the South Fork American - HUC 18020129, USGS National Water Information System: Mapper, USGS National Water Census Water Budget Data Resources for the South Fork American - HUC 18020129, EPA - Watershed Assessment, Tracking and Environmental Results (WATERS) for the South Fork American - HUC 18020129, EPA - Storet Watershed Station Summary for the South Fork American - HUC 18020129, EPA - Surf Your Watershed for the South Fork American for HUC 18020129, EPA - Surf Your Watershed (Environmental Websites) for the South Fork American for HUC 18020129, EPA - Adopt Your Watershed (Watershed Groups) for the South Fork American HUC 18020129, NOAA-The National Weather Service - Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Center, Organic Carbon Trends, Loads, and Yields to the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, California. I called 911 within a minute of deciding we needed it. No moonlight tonight. I used Dan's helmet, boat, and paddle to cross the river. The original trail we sought, the one we had come all this way to get too, was several hundred feet uphill of us. The third group of kayakers had Dan hang on to the front of one of their kayaks. Everyone was in good spirits. We had my first aid kit too. Paul diligently collected more fuel. I got up on a rock and started talking to SAR. Paddling with one hand, her other on Dan's kayak, she was unable to overcome the current. Both of them live in Davis. They wanted the support. We missed the boof rock at the middle bottom of the rapid by a few feet. I didn't want him in the water trying to lift and drain his boat. Floodwaters may be approaching Lakeview Dr. Minor Flood Stage continues. No moon in the sky. Kevin DeLano / NWIS Water Temperature in Celsius (Where Available) for the Week in South Fork American - HUC 18020129 Sacramento River Basin Study Unit, NAWQA USGS Drought Watch - U.S Map of Drought and Low Flow Conditions Kevin DeLano - Geologist, Boater, Dungeon Master. If we got a fire going, we could keep Dan, and the rest of us, warm until SAR arrived. We were about 25 feet from the river, on sand and rocks. No one else became a victim. The FEMA Web Mapping Service (WMS) is down. We also kept an eye on the rest of Dan's group. Major, devastating flooding of the town of Cramerton is ongoing. South Fork Trips Meet at: 5461 Bassi Rd, Lotus, CA 95651. Ask if they are comfortable with the next rapid, can roll, and know the lines. provided to the NWS by the gauge owner. Dan was finally warm and stable. Their plan was to take Dan downstream in the raft. I also am comfortable paddling a Nomad 8.6 on class 4. We were tired, hungry, and cold. After one swim, the whole group thought Dan was capable of more paddling. He was warm and talking. As a team, we got right. Information Discovery I reminded them to walk carefully. Communication. Additionally, floodwaters may be inundating parts of Lakeview Dr. in McAdenville and and Catawba Run in Lowell. Press enter or select the go button to submit request. Calls will drop. I think Jeff, Ellis, and I all have Wilderness First Aid training. 10 With 30 minutes of graylight left, we were now across the river from the jumping rock in the pool above Hospital Bar. Fortunately, she called the El Dorado County Sheriff and they started calling us repeatedly. Jeff had going hiking with a second search party. Hoyle Creek floodwaters, possibly due to backwater effects from the South Fork Catawba River, may begin to impact the Old Willis School Road bridge near Sandcastle Rd. He collected plenty of wood. He had nothing else to worry about. I should have gone more right. Rocks are harder to see by flash light than waves. We thought we could get him down one last rapid: Bouncing Rock. I was disappointed with myself for not being better at this, but I was also confident that he was warming up. water treatment plant in McAdenville. is the approximate location based on the latitude/longitude coordinates We helped a fellow kayaker get home safe. We got to shore on river left at the beginning of the jump rock pool, upstream of Hospital Bar. Impacts may be similar to those associated with flooding on March 21st, 2003. They had a thermos of hot water for Dan. A second swimmer would be bad. Around 6:30pm, we could see the flood lights from SAR's hiking party across the river, on river left. The shoes were not river appropriate, they were crocs. Our crew left extra pogies in case we needed them for our hands. Keep track of the whole group. They transported him, in the river, downstream to the bottom of the Upper Haystacks. I am comfortable with my decision to night paddle. South Fork Catawba River floodwaters begin to enter Riverside Park in Cramerton. We burned most of Jeff's rite-in-the-rain paper, finally lighting the small twigs.

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