They are a couple consisting of Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet; they were portrayed by Nice Peter and Grace Helbig, respectively. Do you quarrel, sir? / ROMEO & JULIET! Why not let them share the embarrassment and perform it themselves! I hear you're good with a wrench, The dismal state of your raps should be a federal offense, (Haha! He will do upon thine dick what you hath done upon your toe! I'll handle this darling, I'm known to fire off some BAR's, Cause if these lovers cross me, they're gonna end up seeing stars, (I mean I'll let you go first, but damn sure I'm gettin' licks in, Let's beat 'em then and we can rob 'em blind, I'll stick this punk up from the front (I'll take this broad from behind, And pop a cap in the ass of the last Capulet heiress. As their parents become entangled in a blood feud over a trivial matter, the two teenagers fall in love, but are forbidden to see one another, and attempts are made to keep them apart at all cost, going so far as to select different suitors for each. Thus, with a dis, I die…. I give them the option of American or English accent too. Romeo & Juliet battled Bonnie & Clyde in Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde. Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde Lyrics: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY! Oh! / BONNIE & CLYDE! You're not a true romance. / I'll handle this … They absolutely love it (and are slightly horrified at the same time)! [Note: Romeo Montague is in blue, while Juliet Capulet is in light blue.]. I promise my students that, if they are good, I will rap this for them. They are the first titled team to not rap simultaneously. On my stomach I shall lie, So you louts can lick my ass! Many of the suggestions say Bonny. Juliet uses this reference as a double meaning: Bonnie and Clyde are neither sympathetic tragic heroes nor are they romantically admirable. The feud rages on, but the pair is left to elope, defying both clans. Then I shall kill myself! Juiet’s line “You are not a True Romance” refers to the 1993 Tony Scott/Quentin Tarantino film of the same name. You'll get an ass-rippin' worse than your boyfriend's in prison! / BEGIN! To get out of her engagement to another man and stay with Romeo, Juliet drinks a potion to put herself into a death-like state. Romeo and Juliet were created by William Shakespeare in his play, Romeo and Juliet. Square When Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo's lifeless body, she takes a nearby knife and kills herself. No no, my Romeo will beat your beau in contest blow for blow, He will do upon thine dick what you hath done upon your toe, The lead role shot down by a failed actress, Oops, nevermind, my flesh was merely grazed, Oh happy dagger, pierce me true, persuade my breath to stop, Woulda done that boy some good to just wait a couple seconds, This battle involves two historical Romeo and Juliet, the lovers of Shakespeare’s famous play of the same name, and the Lone Star State’s bank busting duo, Bonnie and Clyde.…, Eastern Philosophers vs Western Philosophers. The lead role shot down by a failed actress…. Oh, but that's not even your real husband now, is it? / VERSUS! Oh, happy dagger, pierce me true. The title is the same as William Shakespeare’s 1595 play Romeo and Juliet, a tale of forbidden love that ends with more death and despair than … Created: Mar 9, 2014 | Updated: Oct 15, 2015. I wrote this as an NQT 14 years ago and have used it ever since. Romeo & Juliet Lyrics: Love scars, skrrt, yeah / You, love letter to you / Ayy / Baby, your love is my medicine / Baby, your love is my medicine, when I'm up, bring me down / … True Romance is about good-hearted star-crossed outlaw lovers who are running for their lives. Where's Romeo? ), Hey partner, you best put a muzzle on your missus, 'Fore I teach her how we handle disrespect down in Texas. How could you beat my man in some mano a mano? En garde, thou artless beetle-headed flax wench! Both couples meet tragic demises. Romeo & Juliet battled Bonnie & Clyde in Romeo and Juliet vs Bonnie and Clyde. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion This, however, only increases their angst and longing, each for the other. Sheathe yourself inside my heart, and like the beat, I drop…, John Lennon • Darth Vader • Abe Lincoln • Lady Gaga • Hulk Hogan • Ludwig van Beethoven • Stephen Hawking • Easter Bunny • Napoleon Dynamite • Vince Offer • Dumbledore • The Cat in the Hat • Mister Rogers • Christopher Columbus • Nice Peter • Master Chief • Luigi (Mario Brothers) • Michael Jackson • Steve Jobs • HAL 9000 • Freddie Mercury • Tenth Doctor • Batman • Santa Claus • Nikola Tesla • Lance Armstrong • Mozart • Rasputin • Vladimir Lenin • Vladimir Putin • Blackbeard • Bob Ross • Donald Trump • The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come • Rick Grimes • Bill Nye • George Washington • Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) • Jamie Hyneman (The Mythbusters) • Romeo Montague (Romeo & Juliet) • Zeus • Steven Spielberg • Michael Bay • Ted "Theodore" Logan (Bill & Ted) • David Copperfield • RoboCop • Nietzsche (The Western Philosophers) • Julius Caesar • Jim Henson • Kermit the Frog • Boba Fett • J. R. R. Tolkien • Thomas Jefferson • Austin Powers • Bruce Jenner • Ivan the Terrible • Charles Darwin • Tony Hawk • Mark Zuckerberg • Guy Fawkes • Ronald McDonald • George Carlin • Jacques Cousteau • Sigmund Freud • Count Dracula • The Joker • J. Robert Oppenheimer • Joe BidenT-Series • Ronald McDonald • Big BirdMichael J. And you there, wench with the neck of a chicken, You'll get an ass rippin' worse than your boyfriend's in prison, You're not a true romance, you're just a conjugal visit, Oh, but that's not even your real husband now is it? They are the first work to appear in a battle after their creator. Persuade my breath to stop! Romeo & Juliet are the fifth and sixth rappers to die in-battle. I wrote this as an NQT 14 years ago and have used it ever since. Annotated good and bad examples of story openings, Example PQC/PEE paragraphs on Dulce et Decorum est, Day 1-5 Disney Advent Calendar Comprehension, Phonics Planning, Phase 5, Week 1- ay, ou, ie (Letters and Sounds).

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