From Indiana and much prefer the Red Vines. On Facebook the brand's initial 8,000 Facebook fans have grown to 83,000 in 12 months. Red Vines Licorice Takes on Twizzlers in Social Media Battle banner-Grid-159681537 .grid-col-1-2height:200px, Hershey’s Kisses Deluxe vs Ferrero Rocher. Cause if it is I’m not getting them again! OK, lets get this straight. Ok so I grew up in Dallas Texas and have had Red Vines and Twizzlers my entire life…. So Chew on that Red vines and Twizzlers twistersP.S I love Twizzlers , and Red Vines come to a Close 52nd after the hated butterfingers. They date expiration date seems to be important. The geniuses at Red Vines pack their jumbo jars with ready-to-eat candy. They're SO much better for you. RedVines are easy to chew and fun to eat. And we liked that they’re mild and not overly sweet. I like that this was right out front ready to deal with.If I find some I’ll taste test myself and family.Until then the red sugary plastic-y ropes that do gum in my teeth shall be my fave and always an enjoyable nom even if I find a new love with red vines. Maybe they’re a strictly regional thing like Mello Yello (any readers in the South want to send me a can?) Also not to mention the fact that redvines overall suck. A few days ago I had some Red vines. Subscribe to Adrants Daily and And yea, we get that Red Vines has "licorice" in its name and Twizzlers doesn't. Starburst Twists. I agree with Ron Weasley and Harry Potter.Favorite way to say red wines with a German accent?RED VINES!!!!!!! Red Vines: Due to their lack of preservatives, Red Vines can go stale pretty quickly, especially if not stored in an airtight container. The Twizzlers had a nice firm chew, yet broke down nicely after two bites. Ethan said they “taste red”. I didn’t have to look on red vines for long they offered a fans tab. The licorice candy market in the United States is dominated by two brands: Twizzlers, which is owned by the Hershey Company, and Red Vines, which is owned by the American Licorice Company. For a first Red vines “Red licorice flavor¨ Is Not red licorice. Hmmm not so sure I wanna try that, I dont wanna be disappointed lol. However with the Internet you can look at their individual websites for ingredients and of the red red vines and twizzlers twist. i love those things with a passion and it definatly puts twizzlers to shame. On YouTube the brand has launched product integration efforts with TeamStarKid's A Very Harry Musical which has garnered the brand upwards of 1. million views to date. RedVines need not apply. We will say a Google search for "licorice" does turn up Red Vines Licorice on the first page of results. Required fields are marked *. Except they don’t make them any more…? I like Twizzlers, but there is no comparison I’ll take the Red Vines any day they are more of an old fashion tasting candy; while twizzlers taste more waxy and kind of oily. but other than that, strawberry twizzlers are my favorite candy as long as we are not comparing to chocolate. red vines are pretty much THE DEVIL’S TENTACLES. I vote Twizzlers, since they don’t make the other ones any more. Enjoy what you've read? I wish twizzlers were a little less plastic-y (maybe its the shine?) And while Red Vines is on the bottom of the page, Twizzlers in nowhere to be seen. For more information about the ingredients in Red Vines® products, visit the products page.TWIZZLERS:CORN SYRUPENRICHED WHEAT FLOURSUGARCORNSTARCHC ONTAINS 2% OR LESS OF: PALM OILSALTARTIFICIAL FLAVORMONO- ANDDIGLYCERIDESCITRIC ACIDPOTASSIUM SORBATE, PRESERVATIVEARTIFICIAL COLORMINERAL OILLECITHINGLYCERINSo they are both fake, flour, oil, flavours, and of course SUGAR.I’ve never had red vines BUT already noticed a difference in the way the parent companies handles the info sharing and other faqs. I just haven’t noticed them in my local stores, so I grabbbed a pack when I saw them (and paid for them).

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