Your phone is not wiped, but you’ll have to reenter passwords for all the sites you visit so you’ll need to remember all of those! Now you just need to install it in your phone. I’ve heard that if you activate a sim card in the US it may associate with the US and then have higher fees in Europe. We should do a follow-up on the different plans available — interesting point about the roaming charges. The US number is great if you want to be in touch with friends or family from home. I recommend buying before the trip, unless standing in line at a mobile phone store is how you want to spend valuable vacation time. Every country I’ve been to have Cheap SIM cards, because most don’t have cellular contracts like here in the U.S. I’m going to Europe next month. You do need a good internet connection, whether cellular or hotspot, to receive and place calls. It was really helpful, but I have a few added comments/recommendations for others. However, there is just one more major, if obvious, point worth considering. BUT the prices of SIM cards at airports tend to be about double what they are in town, in our experience in several countries in 2017 – and less variety of packages. They will usually grant you some combination of data transfer (for emailing, using the web and apps) and text messages. Total 2.29 EUR. By analyzing the route of the trip and thousands of mobile plans all round the world Savvy.One finds the best connection, provided by local or global mobile networks. I do have a question, is there a SIM card / program that will operate throughout Europe, including the UK? Best to talk to Apple about this or google the matter, as Verizon is relatively clueless on the subject. I visit France once a year and in the past have stayed only in France. While the installation process is different for every device, the process should be as simple as powering off your phone, locating the SIM compartment, popping it open, removing the current card, and placing your new SIM card inside. I read that in France activation Requires you to show your passport…, are you supposed to go a store after for that? You can unlock your phone from the ATT website, assuming your phone is near the end of your contract. Hi. There are several things to keep in mind when deciding on a SIM card. Please advice could I buy sim card if I am 16 years old? I know it is a good idea for local usage in Rome, but my real need is international. I just have two considerations to add: roaming charges and calling/receiving calls from the U.S. My experience with European phone plans is that you have to be careful about making calls and especially data transfer when outside of the country where you purchased the SIM card – roaming charges can be very high. My recommendation: skip Orange and skip Paris. Options, options… Looking over the SIM cards available for purchase at a “Relay” newsstand at Charles de Gaulle airport. (On the other hand, they’re more likely to spend time with you talking through the options and helping you set up your phone. (These usually come in increments of €5 / €10 / €15 / €25, and often include small bonus credits that increase the more you purchase. Although I didn’t see any replies. I was travelling around Europe recently and before going, stumbled upon your blog. We’ll see how it works out. This article is super helpful. Or would we need to get SIM cards for each country? I still have a question; if I purchase a French SIM card, will I also be able to use it to call back to the U.S? Email Tom. They won’t be able to offer the objective advice you’re likely to find from a newsstand or unaffiliated phone shop. You stated that “AT&T and T-Mobile use GSM, while Verizon and Sprint use another technology, CDMA.” That’s not true anymore. Some SIM card packages aimed at tourists even come with a phone to use! In my case, my SIM card from Orange (part of their holiday package) works throughout Europe, including the UK. I don’t know if you are still responding to comments on this thread, but on the off chance you or someone else is able to answer my questions: I have two phones – an old iPhone 4s and an in-use iPhone 5s purchased through AT&T which are both unlock capable. There is no connection charge and calls are charged per second. You buy data per country (France, Italy etc) or for the area (Europe) for the period you need. I had problems getting the card to work in Scotland and Ireland, but I was able to call their tech support using the SIM and they were very friendly and helpful, fixing the problem. However, when I was looking at the picture you attached of the Orange ad, on the bottom it says “valid for 14 days.” My iphone is a newer Verizon iphone so I know it uses a SIM but I can’t seem to get the SIM card out manually -is there a tool you need to use? Some people get around this by sending text messages through an app like Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. Sounds a bit like you are spamming the Witourist mobile. Thank you, Tom. I am going to France next week and am looking into the SIM card option. Be aware, however, that they’ll obviously be limited to selling only their particular SIM cards and credits. Hello Jennifer, I’m kinda in the same boat as you. The rates have gone down a lot since then so now within most Euro countries it’s 9 cents per minute, 9 cents per text, and 9 cents per megabyte for data. I am returning to Europe in the spring. 6 x Tutti: Set-up fee Mo-Su 0-24: National calls Mo-Su 0-24: National SMS Mo-Su 0-24: € 0.16: € 0.06: € 0.06: Unica New: Set-up fee Mo-Su 0-24: National calls Mo-Su 0-24: National SMS Mo-Su 0-24: € 0.00: € 0.18: € 0.18: 6 x Tutti. I thought I did this last year, when in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. I just used the information in article for a one week trip to France. Hi Tom I cannot remember how much i have paid but certainly not €20. I have a Tmobile phone, and it took a conscientious worker at a Vodaphone store in Dublin several hours to get a SIM card that would fit my needs. Do you see any reason either my 4s or 5s might not work as long as I have them unlocked before I head to Europe? Have fun! It was only £15 and includes unlimited data and a bucket of texts and minutes in not just the UK but throughout most of Western Europe at no additional cost, the U.S. Is even on the list. These shops will sell you SIM cards offered by Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, low-cost Lycamobile, and other carriers. Other countries may require that you register with a passport or other form of identification. It is a convenient decision to buy such card if you are willing to travel throughout the whole Europe but it’s not if you are going to visit one country only. May I know the Orange SIM package that you have purchased, what is the validity period of the SIM ? in other words I could not go to SFR when my SIM card expires from orange holiday? I would prefer the standard ones if they work though. Also, will I be able to use all the same features on wifi there as I use here – texting through iMessage, sending/receiving email, FaceTime, Facebook, checking local weather, and surfing the web? You are absolutely right. You very clearly laid out everything I wanted to know. I later moved the card to a throw away phone and a pickpocket took my smart phone. As long as I use my European SIM cards once a year, which I do, I keep the same number throughout my travels. Thanks for writing in and we’re glad you like the article! You just lose your ability to use your normal US carrier and phone number to make or receive calls until you put your original SIM card back in. Thanks! So, my phone still uses it. Hi Tom, These can be convenient, saving you the hassle of hunting down a SIM card once there. I have been getting sim cards for the past year (use mostly for data and it is fantastic for Google Maps, Google Translate, etc when away from WIFI). And we’ll look into Skype to Go. An issue I had with a TRU Phone SIM was that calls kept getting dropped and I couldn’t figure out the international dialing to call out, but only could return calls once someone phoned me. Has anyone purchased the Orange Holiday sim card on Amazon prior to traveling abroad?

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