Olivier and Marissa are remembrancers sent by Malcador to dig into Perty's history. Where Kroeger struggled to keep up with his available forces, the avenues of attack opening or denied him, Perturabo had no such trouble. With a cry of anger, Perturabo lunged forwards and grasped her by the throat. > Gets called a manchild and immediately acts like a manchild. 'Let me present a different hypothesis to you, brother. November 16, 2020 By CrimeReads Excerpts. Of course I am superior.' Until Horus and Son(s) dun goofed the walls were falling. My men go unsung. It really gave him a flavor, an aspect that people can relate to. My name is Kathy H. I'm thirty-one years old, and I've been a carer now for over eleven years. It's Perturabo, he suffers from the same inferiority complex Alpharius has. His castle, his kingdom, its people, his loved ones, even his very identity. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. CrimeReads Excerpts. You have been an absent king. 'I am far more. He has brutalised you, and your wars have brutalised your home. My father ignores me. Refresh. The Petitioners’City fell to Kroeger’s armies, flattened to a rocky desert as it became a battleground of titanic war engines. ', 'People do not bow to you without love, without respect! You would build a perfect world, realising at the final moment that its greatest mar were the people living within it. [Excerpt l The Emperor's Architect] Perturabo is a complete douchebag to his adoptive brother Some context; Andos was Perturabo's adoptive brother, Gerademos is Andos' grandson. Impervious and impregnable were words spoken by tyrants since the first earthworks of antiquity had been thrown up around their great halls. In a sweeping pincer, two golden sickle-bladed sorties swept out from the sunken bartizan towers of the outer precincts of the Dhawalagiri. You left out the best part, which is what comes directly after. "there can be no mercy for traitors" as he kills his sister. People are messy, and more complicated than your most profound calculations. Pot meet kettle. Large. And with the fall of the last war engine the battle was over and the Palace saved. Humanity is too chaotic to accept true order.'. she asked. The galaxy's on fire and it's just too late. stage during adolescence or as young adults, where they haven't learned to put themselves out there but still magically want people to notice them. The issue with Pert's reasoning about being 'better' falls short for a variety of factors during the Battle of Terra...not least because no plan survives first contact with the enemy. And just like Alpharius, I expect Dorn to saw his skull in half in business-like silence. Once again time unwound and the scene before them reverted to its original setting, but this time there was remarkably little of the Palace to be rebuilt. 290. It was an unequal struggle, but Kroeger wasn’t about to give in. You were given the approbation of a god and an army to conquer the stars, and your first act was to decimate your Legion.'. Under his command the Palace would be an ironclad fortress, but as his target it was a fragile thing just waiting to be broken open. And Ferrus. The walls fell. They treat their soldiers with all the compassion any TW or Men at War streamer does because they are metrics not people. ', 'It need not be…' she choked. He builds a fortress with one hand tied behind his back, thinking that he can put everything back the way it was. The victorious host clambered across their carcasses, pouring into the Palace to fall upon its master and tear him from his golden throne in readiness for the galaxy’s new ruler. Primus Gate fell; Lion’s Gate, subjected to attack from the north; Annapurna Gate. Look what he has done to you, I thought. Be the best? A salutory reminder that the master of defence was also the master of attack. Let me tell you, my brother, you who affects to despise love so much yet must certainly crave it over all other things, you are the biggest fool I have ever met.'. The previous engagement had seen it reduced to rubble, a gothic ruin of shattered marble, burning glass and molten gold. Calliphone seemed to be the only individual human Perturabo ever cared about, he trusted her beyond anyone else. For all his initial bluster that he was no warsmith, Kroeger was holding his own, making cautious moves to test his enemy and bold offensives in an attempt to catch him off balance. Guilliman had never hated him before. My brothers mock me as my men bleed. History told grim tales of how such words were no more than empty boasts, that time and firepower could bring down any wall. It is not he who has held it back. That sounds long enough, I know, but actually they want me to go on for another eight months, until the end of this year. Perturabo is uncomfortably relatable in that respect (not so much when he strangles his sister to death moments later, but hey). 'You have lived long enough.' The sky at the top of the world was on fire. Sometimes because they've already gone down a dark path, other times because events are too much in motion to be able to change anything. He’s a primarch I think it’s so weird that he’s being this dumb. To be fair horus could bind the demons and most of the chaos madmen worshiped horus after he gained hax chaos powers the rest...caught bolter rounds for his men and the EC damaged moral. I'll have to disagree. In time, theEmperor of Mankind arrived on Olympia as part of the Great Crusade and informed Perturabo of his true place in the wider galaxy. Titans exploded, caught fire, collapsed on their faces and crushed the warriors swarming around their heels. You have sulked your way to damnation. Falsely interpreting his brothers' lack of praise for hatred of him, he had viciously set himself to proving himself worthy of their opprobrium. Their human flaws are simply far more catastrophic because it is amplified by their power and abilities. That last one with the Lion. I mean not against Perty obviously. Perturabo is such a bitch. Far from being an easy route through a benighted region of the Palace, the pyskers’ enclave was held by the Black Sentinels, reinforced by mysterious regiments that went unlabelled on the hololithic projectors. But why Rogal? I swear to god you cheating motherfucker I'm gonna find where you live and fucking destroy you. He was also up against someone of equal caliber. Exoskeletal braces whirred under her skirts. It's just not on a Primarch-level scale, like you said. Medium. 'He underestimates me. In that moment you lost You lost everything. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. Now while Russ and Vulkan played minimal roles; the other guys would have injected unpredictability and variance in combat tactics to an otherwise stodgy Imperial Fists doctrine. Perturabo looked at him strangely, and Forrix saw what was coming a heartbeat before the primarch waved him and Falk forwards. Options. Badly forged iron looks strong but is brittle as a dried reed. For at least a year, he was alone in the rural regions of Olympia and became a famed wanderer that would slay legendary beasts. She got shakily to her feet. A spoiled child (but many of the Primarchs were) who are fatally flawed in part because of all the "gifts" they were given. ', 'In those words is the poison that spoils your potential. Setting things to rights would be to cease recruiting and to hear the grievances of the people with forgiveness in your heart. They actually had the heart to become better. 'Listen to your words! Dorn & the Imperial Fists were not alone at the Imperial Palace as the Dodoekaton simulation planned - Valdor, Malcador, Russ, Sanguinus, Vulkan & Jaghatai were around with all or some of their forces - all which were capable of coordinating an entire planet's worth of forces with just as much ease as Perty. But Kroeger hadn’t seen what Forrix had. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Your petulance has cost this planet whole generations of its youth, bringing your Legion up to strength again and again.

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