Another Merry Man who has recently resurfaced? The road may be long. Sometimes characters aren’t phased out because of story reasons, but because it’s hard to get the actors’ schedules to align. And seeing as how his character keeps popping up on the show, we’d like him to become a little more important to the plot. We want to hear your thoughts on this topic! - Hercules, Deep in my soul I know that I'm your destiny. But they are both in Storybrooke now, and Astrid might be a nun, but she’s also got her memories of her life as a fairy. It motivates you to do the impossible, to take a chance on something that could break your heart and shatter it into a million pieces. A/N 1: These two deserve a happy ending, dammit. She hugs me and my heart breaks, knowing I can never be hers. "That's excellent news." Your review has been posted.

Once Upon a Time's Jamie Chung Speaks Out on Mulan's Gay Reveal: "Her Heart Is With Aurora" At the 2014 Winter TCA Press Tour, Chung told us an Mulan … The two have certainly gotten their happy ending, with Pinocchio’s life having been reset, and as such their arcs don’t need any additional tying up. Will we ever learn the truth? That's…unnecessary. The other viewpoint says that love is strength. But my love for Aurora has given me the strength and courage to continue on; to keep moving forward despite my broken heart. ", "No. In Grumpy (Lee Arenberg)’s only flashback episode, we were introduced to Nova (Amy Acker), a fairy whom the newly hatched dwarf inexplicably fell in love with. "Good-bye Aurora.". There's something I need to know first. The first trailer for Inside Pixar is here, and it offers fans a behind the scenes look at what goes on at the beloved animation studio. Aurora is standing amidst the garden, tending to a flower bud as the sunlight falls gently on her face. We’d love for Amy Acker to return, just for one episode, to give these two their long-overdue happy ending. - Snow White, I'd rather die tomorrow than to live a hundred years without knowing you. While we don’t doubt her ability to do that, we’re always skeptical when a character dies off-screen – there’s always a possibility they’ll miraculously have survived. Once Upon a Time. The struggles may be tough. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. ", "I can tell you are bursting with news, but…so am I. ), we’d like for Mulan to finally get her own plot. What are you doing?

For Mulan, her greatest weakness may just be her greatest strength.


We wonder (and hope!) It's all I can do not to cry. There's different viewpoints around here, when it comes to love.

Aurora (Sarah Bolger) already has her happy ending, now let’s give Mulan hers. He’s in Storybrooke, planting beans (at least that’s where we last left him), hanging with the dwarves. Menu . Grab a book. "Just…gathering my courage. Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) appeared in a Snow White flashback episode, and was revealed to have been killed by Cora.

I do not own Once Upon a Time; it belongs to its respective creators. We’d just like to see more of their past, to find out how the Once writers might spin the classic tale of Gepetto making Pinocchio from an enchanted tree, and how they ended up inside that whale. There's different viewpoints around here, when it comes to love. Of course, the show has established that someone who has lost their True Love can find another (and how someone can find themselves torn between two True Loves, like Robin Hood is), but usually True Love is shown to be reciprocated.

She turns and her face lights up as she sees me. Millie Bobby Brown is sticking with Netflix for her next project. The darkness may sometimes and people be mocking. Like her awesome crossbow skills! "Now please, please tell me your news. Fantastic Beasts 3 may have just found its new Grindelwald in Mads Mikkelsen. Now that the Knave is in Storybrooke, we’ve got our Wonderland connection.

Plus, we just really enjoy seeing Raphael Sbarge on screen. If I look back, it will be to late. Basically we just love Jorge Garcia’s giant, and want to see more of him. Black Beauty is getting an update over at Disney+ and now, fans of the timeless tale can check out the first trailer for the newest adaptation. - Mulan. The big screen adaptation of The Hating Game has found its leading man in Austin Stowell. It is the latter viewpoint I think of now as I make my way to Aurora and Phillip's castle. "Mulan, the baby will be here soon and-", "You can get along just fine without me." While she’s always been relegated to the background, there’ve been a few hints that she has a compelling backstory worth exploring. Sadly that wasn’t possible – but there’s still hope! We hug one last time and I walk away with my head held high. The first trailer for The Princess Switch 2. I do not own Once Upon a Time; it belongs to its respective creators. No. It's…you I wanted to talk to.

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