In Greek mythology, Doris was the name of an ocean nymph. Updates? Our editors will review what you’ve submitted and determine whether to revise the article. The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey includes the names of all the infernal demons, including those listed, for your little demon baby. Ninfa: A Spanish name that has the meaning “sea nymph ” Nidawi: A name of Native American roots that has the meaning fairy; Pari: A lovely Indian name that means “fairy” Piksy: A cute and charming name of Celtic origin that means “tiny elf” 16. The Oceanids, for example, were sea nymphs; the Nereids inhabited both saltwater and freshwater; the Naiads presided over springs, rivers, and lakes. Free online name meanings database with strong search engine. Within this mythology there are 5 types of nymphs: Celestial, Water, Land, Plant, and Underworld. Made famous in the film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, these six main demon names are well-known.

Copyright© 2012-2020 This unusual name appears in German folklore as the name of a sprite or mermaid that lives in the sea. This name generator is no different, as I mostly used Greek names as inspiration, but there a few other elements here and there as well. Embrace your infant's dark side by searching names by meaning on a site like Behind the Name or Top Most Popular Baby Names You're free to use names on this site to name anything in any of your own works, assuming they aren't already trademarked by others of course.All background images part of the generators are part of the public domain and thus free to be used by anybody, with the exception of user submitted backgrounds, images part of existing, copyrighted works, and the pet name generator images. © 2006-2020 LoveToKnow, Corp., except where otherwise noted. The nymphs were usually associated with fertile, growing things, such as trees, or with water.

All other original content is part of and cannot be copied, sold or redistributed without permission. These names command attention and give your baby strength. This name means gift of the ocean. Beautiful Fairy, Pixies, Mermaid and Elf Names Names that mean Pixie, Elf, Elfin, Mermaid, Fairy, Sprite, Nymph or "Faerie".. the alternate spelling of "fairy" They were not immortal but were extremely long-lived and were on the whole kindly disposed toward men. Planted so far: 61430 A baby born from deceit or one who was meant to be a boy, but comes out a girl could be fitting of a deceitful name. Nymph Names.

3. Those who embrace all emotions and overcome suffering have great strength just as these names can. Names Meaning Deceit or Liar. Whether you're looking for a scary baby name, exotic baby name, or an evil-sounding baby name, evil names are unique and come with a powerful connotation. Name your pretty little girl for her skin tone or her devilish spirit. With a name that means "disaster" or "misfortune," you may be giving your baby a powerful destiny that affects everyone around them. Warriors are strong and fierce, particularly if they are ruthless. Leo – “Lion.” Also a sign of the zodiac. Italy had native divinities of springs and streams and water goddesses (called Lymphae) with whom the Greek nymphs tended to become identified. Meri: This lovely name of Finnish origin has the meaning “sea” and would be a lovely choice for your daughter 17. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox.


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