We measure them from the highest point of the hip bone, so the measurements are accurate as to the size of the actual animal. An example of typical occurrence is Blossom, a miniature Jersey who recently sold. No matter which Jersey size you choose, you will be more than pleased withÂ, * We have added International shipments through LAZCAR INTNL.          Miniature Jersey cattle are NOT imported from the Isle of Jersey! ( Log Out /  You will view your animal of purchase prior to accepting delivery.        A special place for special bovines.,                                  ~or~,  *****************************************************. We are a family run dairy farm. On Tuesday September 17th Daisy had a little heifer calf in Tahoe. We intend to have a herd of about 50 Mini Jerseys and we are well on our way. Prices depend on size and rarity. She is a three year old purebred mini jersey cow. The delivery went easy and Silver Lake Rose joined the herd. Some of our sire lines have been noted for high fat and protein which also improves cheese quality. Our miniature Jerseys draw from the classic Ralph Martin and Riverview lines.  It is a very humbling experience to say the least and truly an honor to serve Mr. Mendez-Gomez in this capacity. Some do. He is also purebred mini Jersey out of RRR Steston and RRR Truly. In 2016 and 2017 Merry and Clara had heifers, Ruby and Eden, sired by our own bull, Rupert. She has now been successfully bred and calved twice giving us two little heifers. We were all there to witness it which was amazing. (SL Daisy, SL Bluebell and SL Rose). The smaller the animal the more expensive. The demand remains high for these smaller dairy cattle for folks who have chosen to go back to small family farming. ” Things to consider if considering a cow. *************************************************************************************************************, 2017 bull, WSF Odie ^  Sold to AL  2013 heifer, WSF Bobbie Jo ^ Sold to AL, 2014 bull, WSF Theo ^ Sold to California Â,  2014 heifer,  WSF Stormy ^ sold to NMÂ, 2013 heifer, WSF Nettie ^ Sold to Florida, 2017 bull, WSF Boomerang ^ future herd sire here. We also have some small Mid-size cows. Ou Â. 3) These cattle are still fairly rare in numbers, so they sell for much higher prices. Miniature Jersey cows can be difficult to find. The delivery went easy and Silver Lake Ruger joined the herd. In the case of the Jersey cow, what was once a smaller animal producing 2-4 gallons of milk per day and eating very little, has become twice her original size producing more than 10 gallons of milk per day and consuming 2-3 times the feed and resources of the original Jersey. Â, People all over the world are admiring our cattle breed and now they are beginning to move to purchase them for their own seed stock in their homelands! It is our goal to keep the smaller sizes while raising naturally grass fed dairy genetics with sound personalities and excellent dairy qualities and conformation, that the Jersey breed is known and loved for around the world. She has a lovely high set big bag and was an easy milker giving between 3/4-1 gallon per day with one milking. Most of our miniature Jersey cows and all of our bulls have the A2A2 gene. Our contact information is available on the site. *SOLD ! We bought our first miniature Jersey, Dolly, in 2006. Honesty matters to us. New Zealand’s dairies have been pasture-based for decades and their Jersey sires offer many advantages. Our miniature Jersey cattle are grown using only natural methods with extra care given to the maintaining of their health for great milk production as well as docile temperaments. Udders with excellent conformation and proven longevity. I have received multiple messages lately from folks seeking a ‘ small mini bovine ‘ and those seeking an ‘ A2’ cow or heifer. Our herd is bred to A2/A2 Polled Mini Jersey bulls. If people come around to the current knowledge that it was started by a random notion and is neither proven nor replicated in studies, my name and conscience will therefore be clear. Cleveland, GA 30528ph: 706-348-2257deb@miniaturejerseysforyou.com. He will one day have his own herd and be a herd sire like his Daddy. We have selected short-statured New Zealnd sires for our miniature Jersey herd since 2012. Our miniature Jersey calves are reared by their dams and stay with the herd. Silver Lake Rose is now happily living with her new family and herd in Winnumucca Nv. If it is found to be legitimate, there is still no mud on my face and the only thing I have to regret is that I didn’t charge my buyer 5k for an A2 cow which I likely would refrain from anyhow . Heifers $2,000-$10,000 (highland heifers $4000+) Bull Calves $4,000-$10,000. She calved with no problems. 2) The mid-sized cows still consume less feed than the standard commercial Jersey cow. We offer pure bred Registered mini Jerseys. Still many of them take on the traits of their beefier sire. Two three year old Mini Jerseys, the left is a mid sized coming in a 43", the right is a full mini or micro. Emerald had a bull, Double with Cheese, Sept 27, 2020. We found she is an easy milker now giving 1-1.5 gallons a day with only a morning milking. This is why registries wait to impart permanent registrations until a ‘ miniature’ cow is 3 years old. Recent studies indicate that milk from A2A2 cows may be healthier. ” I want your life. The smaller standard cows, standing between 43" - 46" also have some fine points to offer the homestead milker: 1) If hand milking is desired, it is much easier to place a pail or bucket under the udder to catch the milk of a mid-sized or small standard cow. Delivery within reasonable distances possible for a fee to cover time and expenses. After her first calf we enjoyed months of fresh milk, homemade cheese, yogurt and ice cream, until we dried her out ready for her next calf. Featured cow: ~ FRAZIER'S EMMA ~ This little cow is a long time favorite of many who see her. :-)  Check back to see what she delivers next! We're glad you stopped by. Dam-reared calves have shown increased cognitive and learning behaviors. Or visit the: www.miniaturejerseyherdbook.com to read further on the documented research that I have done.Â. She is a purebred mini jersey cow out of Ochwilla Hills Adam and Meadow Beauty Valentine. Handmilked daily so that your milk is fresh, or can offer frozen. we live in a TB and Brucellosis free state. We found she is an easy milker now giving 1-1.5 gallons a day with only a morning milking. He maintains the Island Herd Book and knows their history well. We will offer a select number of heifers for sale … Nutmeg would make a wonderful family cow once she calves. deposit is non-refundable as once you send us a deposit, we no longer consider sale to any other interested party. 2) You can usually have 2 mini cows per acre of good pasture for every single standard cow. With our 8 kids, loving life in rural Missouri. Silver Lake Daisy is our first mini cow. We are amazed at the production of these fine "mini milkers" when compared to their larger counterparts! ( Log Out /  This little cow is a long time favorite of many who see her.  Miss Emma was purchased from a dear  friend a few years ago, after purchasing her son and daughter, Frazier's Credentials RIO and Frazier's Trixy.  Trixy, lives here at White Star Farm and is a carbon copy of Emma, so much so that we have to put a collar on one of them to distinguish them in the field from a distance!  Rio is living in Texas, still producing fabulous offspring there. Miss Emma is a very small cow who milks like a dream in the parlor.  She has never had trouble calving or with mastitis.  Her udder is absolutely flawless, in my opinion.

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