For those not covered by the state health insurance scheme, there are many private health insurers to choose from. The question is how much leave must be offered and whether it is paid or unpaid leave. English-speaking nurseries (Peuterspeelzaal) are also available, although most nurseries in the Netherlands are Dutch-speaking only. All material on this website (DutchReview) is strictly copyright and all rights reserved. As a new mother you are entitled to 100% of your earnings for the duration of your leave, which is calculated by dividing the social security income (SV-loon) over the last 12 months by the average 261 working days in a year. Totally agree. It is never too early to register your child for daycare, for instance, when you are pregnant. your employment contract ends during your leave), check with your employer. In 2021, employees taking Paid Family Leave will receive 67% of their average weekly wage, up to a cap of 67% of the current Statewide Average Weekly Wage of $1,450.17. If it becomes law, an additional 5 weeks of unpaid leave may be taken in the 6 months following birth. ), Dutch police raid “weed” farm — but only find vegetables, Dutch Railways want travelers to register in advance for journeys, Different measures to apply for those who don’t get vaccinated, These are the best banks for expats in the Netherlands. During parental leave you are not legally required to pay their salary unless this is agreed in the collective labour agreement (CAO) or employment contract. Healthcare staff provide a certificate for the child’s records afterwards. Here are the details: Unfortunately, if you adopt more than one child at once, you will still only be allowed four weeks of leave, This leave may be taken up anywhere between four weeks prior to the arrival of your child and 22 weeks after his or her arrival, The leave can be spread out as much as you like over these 26 weeks, During your leave you will receive 100% of your wages, You are allowed up to a maximum of €205.77 a day. New mothers, however, have few complaints with the high level of post-natal care, which can even include personal help at home covered by Dutch health insurance. Expatica uses technology such as cookies and scripts to personalize content and ads, provide social media features, and analyze our traffic. Your local city hall (gemeentehuis) requires all newborns to be fully registered within 72 hours of birth. The law stipulates that working parents have the right to take an unpaid leave of absence from work, in order to care for their children, in the Netherlands. With home births so popular in the Netherlands, it makes sense that there is a wide range of prenatal classes available. Governmental policy (in English) is available from the Dutch Government or on Rijksoverheid (in Dutch). Learn more about: Subscribe to get more insights like this. In some towns and cities, there are also special birthing houses (kraamzorghotel), with a homely environment while enabling a partner to stay overnight. These weeks must be full weeks, although they can be non-consecutive if agreed with the employer. Employees should request pregnancy and maternity leave by completing the pregnancy and maternity leave registration form and submitting it to their unit's HR Department as soon as possible. Netherlands has a statutory minimum for maternity leave and has recently proposed changes to its paternity leave structure. The Dutch government provides several different arrangements to cover the rights for parents to take care of their child. However, coverage rarely extends beyond that period unless you add on an extra component. You can also consult a gynecologist if required; make sure to get a referral from your GP if you want your insurer to cover the consultation. The amount you receive depends on the number of hours you worked as a self-employed individual the previous year, If you worked for 1,225 hours or more, then you will receive a benefit equal to the Dutch minimum wage, If you worked for fewer than 1,225 hours, then your benefit will be less, Your profits and income over the previous year will also influence how much money you receive, You have a right to this benefit if you work for your partner’s or your spouse’s company too, If you, and your partner or spouse, are both self-employed then you may be able to receive benefits based on, If you choose to do so, he or she is not allowed to turn you down for this reason, Should your contract with your current employer come to an end during your pregnancy, you have the right to claim unemployment and sickness benefits, This means that you also qualify for pregnancy leave, Should you quit your job within 10 weeks of when your baby is due to be born, you have a right to pregnancy leave as well, You must inform him or her about when you would like to take your leave, at least three weeks before your due date, Neither can your employer fire you for 12 weeks, following the birth of your child, Your employment can only be terminated whilst you are pregnant under very special circumstances, During your pregnancy, your employer is obligated to protect your, You may be eligible for some additional rights as well. Parents receive a book that documents the child’s growth and general health information. Stadskantoor Leiden, Bargelaan 190, Leiden, Utrecht Clarify this well in advance with the hospital closest to your home. Want your business to reach an unrivalled expat and international audience? Parental leave is called ‘ouderschapsverlof ‘ in Dutch. Taking your maternity leave in the Netherlands can be done at any moment from 6 weeks before due date (34 weeks of pregnancy). Your choices will not impact your visit. In addition, newborns receive vaccinations within eight days, with regular vaccinations scheduled up until the age of nine. There is also parental leave and soon a longer paternity leave, more details on this post. Following the birth, parents receive a growth book (Het Groeiboek) in which to keep track of vaccinations and other important medical details relating to the child. Doctors generally discuss vaccinations about a month to six weeks in advance of each round. We let them know the entitlement is one week of leave following the birth, which must be taken within four weeks.

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