MapleStory’s 17th anniversary has arrived! What will happen in this deep mysterious sea? In addition, based on your cumulative number of wins over the event period, you can get the Cumulative Wins Mission rewards. Fixed an issue in Fritto’s Treasure Hunt where the Bijoux de Rhinne’s effect appeared awkwardly. Notes: All of these item limits are per character. Star Force and Arcane Force increases from temporary effects like items and skills will not be reflected in Battle Power. Look at this week's roundup of our favorite fan art! Fixed an issue where if you double jumped immediately after changing maps, you would be moved in the direction you were previously facing, regardless of your directional key input. The Personal Shop will be open from April 23 to June 14. Fixed an error where Wild Hunter’s Jaguar Maximum’s damage was increased based on the number of Wild Hunters in the map. We have changed it so there is no inconvenience without having to cancel the action. Or do you happen to know where this BGM is used? The various eye colour lenses have been combined into the 1 Time Use Colour Lens. Explorer Mage – Empirical Knowledge. The Monster Collection Elixir gives 50% increased Monster Collection registration rate. Fixed an issue where Vellum’s deep breath damage sometimes did not apply. In Reboot World, the method of receiving the Reboot Gift Box has been changed. Fixed an issue in Monster Life where the My Homepage did not close. These orbs will not be created if the mobs were outside your level range. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Fixed an issue where Blaster could cancel Burning Breaker’s rush attack using Charge skills. Shadower’s Into Darkness can no longer be used while hanging on a rope. Fixed an error where if Mercedes was using Sylphidia and a debuff removed it then you automatically reboarded it, the enhancement effect did not apply. Fixed an issue where if Angelic Buster changed maps while using Soul Resonance, the cooldown would not apply but the stance and damage reduction effects would apply for a certain period of time. thank you so much for your efforts! This list and explanation will only be about the Links that are mentioned in this article! You can talk to Benjamin on the Hotel Maple Rooftop to enter Maple Punch King. All of these items are untradeable (except for the Adventurer Deep Dark Critical Ring, which are tradeable within the account 1 time and the Onyx Ring “Complete” Voucher, which is tradeable within the account). Since Zero’s Genesis weapon has different growth methods than their base Lapis/Lazuli. You will get 5 17th Anniversary Points for every monster you kill. Fixed an error where other Zero’s Time Distortion effect was not affected by skill effect transparency. Fixed an error where Flame Wizard’s Dragon Slave’s keydown attack did not apply Ignition. You can continue to play Maple One Card if you have reached your daily 17th Anniverary Points limit but you will not gain any points. Fixed an error in Monster Life where if you used automatic collection then cancelled it, the guide message would be incorrect. Fixed an error where sometimes in Nightmare Clocktower 3F, Labyrinth of Suffering Core 5 and 7, the monster summoning would be delayed. This can only be used by characters level 141-199. When you are moved using matching, a system message will be displayed. Fixed an issue where Hoyoung’s Sage Teachings: Heaven Earth Human Apparition’s attacks cancelled Dark Sight. You can buy equipment for the Baby Dragons separately. Fixed an error where in certain actions, the High Lef ears’ images were incorrect. The stats expire in 14 days. The Experience Accumulation Elixir, Wealth Acquisition Elixir, Invincibility Elixir, Awakening Elixir, and Patience Elixir’s icons have been changed for easier identification. Inflicts a curse mark when attacking to increase damage dealt and ignore DEF of marked targets. You can no longer use Pollo and Fritto Entry Tickets while in a queue. On April 26, the following benefits will be active: On May 3, the following benefits will be active: On May 10, the following benefits will be active: On May 17, the following benefits will be active: Coin from Hotel Pickup Chairs count toward daily limit? From Explorer Magicians (Bishop, I/L Arch Mage, F/P Arch Mage). Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Dimensional Library “The Knight of Sharenian” related achievements have been added. If you collect all 5 items, you’ll get the Today’s Circus Chair. Fixed an error where the Wooden Lef ears with the Demonic skin had an incorrect image. Fixed an error where if Phantom used Return of Phantom in certain maps in Limen, after returning, you would be sent to another map. Demon Avenger’s Demon Frenzy’s created demon’s blood’s attack range has been increased by 50% in the upwards direction. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. When you get 100 17th Anniversary Points, they will automatically be exchanged for 1 17th Anniversary Coin. Fixed an issue with Luminous’ Liberation Orb’s active attack where if it hit certain monsters, sometimes the screen would turn white. You can change your Android’s eye colour by taking the 1 Time Use Colour Lens to the Android Beauty Manager Sunny. In Suu phase 2 and 3, the falling platform pattern and high-voltage current pattern connection has been made more accurate. After doing so, you’ll receive 2 2x Experience Coupons (15 minutes). You will get 1 17th Anniversary Coin for every 10 points scored. The VIP Hunter Club’s second hunting service is the 7 Star Business Trip Buffet. Fixed an issue with Phantom’s Rift Break where it had to be used until the last teleport attack to acquire the Marks required to activate Mark of Phantom. When you click the View Details button on the Guild Benefits, you will be directed to the guide on the homepage. Any existing specific Eye Colour Lenses will be replaced with the 1 Time Use Colour Lens. Fixed an error where Phantom’s skills had different tooltips based on if you registered hotkeys from Skill Management or by dragging and dropping Talent of Phantom Thief to a hotkey. Only go Bishop for bossing parties if you are funded enough and your INT is high enough, as your most important 5th job skill Benediction depends on that. The Body Enhancement Elixir gives 20% damage to regular monsters, 20% critical rate, and 1000 HP and MP. You can enter the Union Arena waiting room by clicking the “[Union Arena] Union Arena Season 1” quest in the event icon. When you begin the quest, you will receive the Awakening Scrolls and begin your training. It has new items like the Jingling Headband, Circus Makeup, and Dunkel’s Cape. Oct 05, 2020 . They have three types (Single Supporter/Recovery Supporter/Ranged Supporter). The Trendy Royal Face Coupon has been updated. Change ). The Reboot Gift Box will be given to the first character you login to that matches the criteria. Fixed an error where Pathfinder’s Obsidian Barrier would cause you to take damage if it hit an enemy using Damage Reflect. If a digit you entered is not in the password, you will see X. You can talk to Goldrich in the Hotel Maple Lobby to use the Meso Shop. Those Maplestory Fest Event Employees very lives will probably be threatened by the entire regular server gms player base… lol wish I was joking about it too, if you want the entire player base to absolutely not tolerate a change u want to bring, go ahead and mess with our well established gollux set, you will anger and upset your player base like never ever before, they won’t ever even consider touching a nexon published game ever again I am certain of it and you won;t be able to use the ignorance of your newer players that are visiting with the covid 19 either. Blaster’s Ducking’s skill description has been updated o match the current logic of “You can Charge while using other skills except Ducking.”, Blaster’s Ducking’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of “You can Charge while using other skills except Sway.”, Blaster’s Ducking’s skill description has been updated to match the current logic of “You can Charge while using other skills except Hammer Smash.”. If you collect all 5 items, you’ll get the Emerald Glass Chair. Fixed an error where you could not jump in Kerning City and the Naora Hospital entrance. Fixed an issue where after using the boss matching and entering certain maps, the UI would disappear but the queue would not be cancelled. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. When you enter the pool, you can choose one of three lanes. Fixed an error where Dark Knight’s Reincarnation would sometimes activate even while it was on cooldown. If you cancel the match after your opponent is chosen, or if you leave during the match, you will not be able to queue again for 10 minutes. Fixed an error in Mirror World’s Bear Area 4 where the tree image was cut off. After you select your 6 fighters, press the “Find Opponent” button to be matched up with an opponent on the battlefield. Fixed an error where Cadena’s attacks’ damage showed different numbers to other characters., Sinking Things, Whale Belly, Goodbye, My Friends, Union Arena, Union Arena 2 ( Log Out /  If you try to enter Maple Union while you have characters that have not received their Union Raid coins, you will now see a list of characters that are currently in the exit map. Fixed an issue in Lion King’s Castle where incorrect paths were taken from the interior to the castle entrance when using automatic flying. MapleStory Fest 2020 At Home coming in November! If they attack our gollux set EVER again after initially doing so once upon a time. If you have Red PC trade restrictions active, you can now talk to Miss Brainy to get information about the PC Security rank. When the placed fighter matches their attribute, the following synergy effects will be activated. Fixed an issue where if Pathfinder unequipped the Relic Unbound core, the icon would remain in the skill window. Fixed an error where you could acquire Party Quest Only Reindeer Milk while doing Black Heaven. You can no longer talk in buddy, guild, or alliance chat if you use private connection. Spiegelmann has appeared with Lucky Boxes! Fixed an error where if you used an Item Lock on a weekday badge and then tried to trade it in for the Seven Days Badge, it would say you had insufficient inventory space. Fixed an issue where Dual Blade could not complete certain missions for the “Adventurer’s Book” achievement. ( Log Out /  Aran’s Boost End – Hunter’s Targeting’s effect displayed on the targeted enemy has been changed. Mangong’s Crystal: Borrow the precious crystal bearing the sage Mangong’s power to experience faster training! The Flag Race invitation text has been changed to remove the part about moving to a certain channel. Fixed an issue where certain Cash weapons could not be equipped by Adele and Hoyoung. The Resistance job creation window illustration has been updated to have Mechanic’s eye colour match the illustration on the homepage. Fixed an issue where if Wild Hunter used Jaguar Storm when there was no Jaguar summoned, you could not use Jaguar skills for a certain period of time.

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