Other names for this vine include Ceylon spinach, Indian spinach, vine spinach, and Malabar nightshade.

Copyright © 2000-2020 Dreamstime. Close up of potted Malabar Spinach growing indoors as houseplant, edible leaf vegetable, Vietnamese mint, Malabar spinach, sweet orange, macadamia, tamar. Malabar spinach soup with poached egg in Chinese bowl with spoon and copy space, Farmer checking seedlings of Malabar spinach. We raise both chickens and rabbits on our little homestead. Full sun to partial shade.Height: Can get over 5 ft. if not pinched back. Kylene Jones is a blogger, content creator, published author, motivational speaker, homesteader, prepper, mother, and grandmother.

It is a gorgeous low-maintenance addition to any landscape and makes a nice privacy screen.

Spinach background. The red variety makes an especially attractive edible houseplant. Over white background, Malabar spinach soup with egg. Malabar spinach harvesting has a lengthy season since snipping it back will only encourage more growth. Ground, Malabar spinach (Basella alba). From the flowers you will get plenty of purple seeds to save, but be careful, as Red Malabar will also reseed itself to the point of aggression. We found it was a wonderful addition to a mix of greens for salad.

For fertilizer, a 10-10-10 NPK fertilizer will work well, but remember that potted plants require less fertilizer than if it were outdoors.

Malabar spinach is a vigorous vining plant that typically grows to about 6 feet but can grow up to a foot a day and reach 30 feet under optimal conditions. You can learn more about basic long-term food storage here. All rights reserved. When it does finally bolt, it produces pretty pale pink flowers and becomes a fabulous ornamental addition to any garden. Some gardeners have told us they do not care for the texture of this variety, but that of course is a personal choice. Vegetables with medicinal properties, Malabar spinach. We are the Provident Preppers.

Malabar spinach meets all the criteria for a survival crop to supplement your basic food stores. I start the plants inside and let them feed us all winter long. The deep purple berries are often used as a food coloring.

Malabar spinach is a tender perennial that is native to the warm, tropical regions in Asia and Africa.

It prefers soil that is moist, slightly acidic, and fertile.

Once the danger of frost has past, I will prune them and transplant the potted plants in the garden to produce all summer long. Malabar spinach is a popular vegetable, green leaves taste like black fungus, the ripe seed with purple color, Malabar spinach or Ceylon spinach. Try it and start growing! Gardening Jones is a Pennsylvania master gardener.

Ind, Ceylon Spinach on white background, Malabar spinach up close. Copyright Your Family Ark LLC 2020 - All Rights Reserved, Best Strategies for Growing a Reliable Survival Garden, We Survived on Food Storage and Garden Produce for 90 Days.

Malabar spinach is available in both red and green varieties.

Malabar spinach berries can be used as a food-safe dye. Edible flowers and leave of Basella alba or malabar spinach.

(Basella rubra Linn.). With a color stronger than beets, it’s a great option if you need a purply dye to use with your food or artwork (my food is my art). Lastly, make sure … Basella alba or malabar spinach over white background. You may also see Malabar spinach called Indian spinach, vine spinach, Ceylon spinach, or by its scientific name, basella alba. It is a gorgeous low-maintenance addition to any landscape and makes a nice privacy screen.

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