endobj 5 0 obj Henry Parkes Oration 2008 – The Hon. ���3/^�i��`������C^�����8v���\��М;�a��Y�&�g�h�Ԓ[�[h���u��+�]�8o9%"�����T���/ŕ����H7��'�&��)��7 5w����gXi��Ǣ6sX�?A�B��H*�Bt�\a;��� �%m 7��ΰ�Mi���N�����u�[�G/��3?+`����c��"ǥ�J��*cM0I��`�E]��h����p��9t���nx�-�2�KTp�Sb���G]������c�m�ZB��up���نfc�b��� X���E��A�^t��B���ݰ��˺oН��3X��%�?S˰l>�. endobj Its purpose: to allow parents to take time off from work to look after children in their critical early months of development – critical to the health and development of both birth mothers and children. Carol Chan, Popcorn 5. %PDF-1.7 15 0 obj <> 14 0 obj 1 0 obj x���]o�8��#�?���ccc���d>��v5��ԋj.؄�ն�MŒ������x*%����r���at��>.����o'���8�i�eH�H�d� woH>�>MC��������@%�¾,�;p���p�e8 `j2���9y�vt;�~O��&�W��r������2O@�[��3��(��~�"�%� �D�5��:�Y����ce���,'���{�Яd��p�a�iL�cB�09��'p�G+&�"��Lʖ��CF&�t�%ŒP?���Tz��G��WԗM�gy � 3]^z�F��M"��1QJ3�Z~��6E��gd\�b(�2����x���.��P�] �ŧ� ��#�^zP`�C�Z�$��i��/m������)#W��&ņ|U���ArÚ�#5Mo�T��*�Q�m_I�/L*Mʧ-M�r�9��� 3��J���VlG�H��K��Kt�8�Cb)���a�޿8�5��{���ASPC%Q���?���������>��P�|�ڛ�@��L�! <> <> endobj 16 0 obj <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/Annots[ 17 0 R] /MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 16 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 1>> x��[mo�F�n��a�S�"��T��I�^����Cqd���ز*����vfvg��� *�PԒ;;��۳��/�׫��ɵ:��J����X��2��B�I��Y����ާ��z����B�]��%�lo�i��|6�a�N���?���gO�6�VO7�z���W�~Q�������4���u�͍3�33i����L�&QY��NA #���:NsU���Sutk8CAk4Vo�����������G�B%��PI��}_�4�t��r����㲬�~�,3k�=���}M��**&[���6W�0�M6�4�'M���'�S:Yv��=Bgq��G�S�n=N�Q�Q�8��i�6\���h�N�A4-&7Ƭ�dݘ/���ב���̬�uV��� �Ip���L��J�RW0dV�ۇ������fxY�:Ͼ���8�w���8��"�U��x�uTM�]����lr@P�h:3 ��� �����MiG��ߥ��'�c� �S��O�; �j��7l��G��O ���|�'��w��&����&�,�)ua./1��p_6�I��/��un�k`l���;�B�����P�S�_��!��'x�4�B_�6����!�f����U�X�0��3�H��آ̸��沚ܘG:Z�[\�5����%ֺ8,5i~=����i�V��7y� ��[�q&�1 `s��=+��=�jT������b�g!A����9�*�yo>˧�lY1Nt VTWtY|���=��1� ހ����x�/�XWC�d�{b曬����@�`�5���4g�Zp �/�՚�%h <> endobj <>/Metadata 448 0 R/ViewerPreferences 449 0 R>> Student reflection sheet My mother was of Scottish descent, my father Aboriginal. She was previously a member of the NSW Parliament, a minister in the last Labor government, and deputy leader of the Opposition between 2011 and 2016. <> endobj Sung into her seat: Indigenous MP Linda Burney makes history as the world watches 3. MM�0JB(��̿�d����*CK�}�Y��2Q��8�Mt Gt;�@ĺH�^�K�Gs�DO����5����$O�L'ɐ��ĝ?F?\��VAN�"oau��]�x햒H���y���ձ��������o ��G-�Ӓ_��w��uɠBGEbJ�jh��[)�{P/L ٯ�$�>�aպ��R�ȃ>�?�=.#ϰt���:hs=��%y���,���̆��w��xjk�$[����)�u«�@�mr?��ht�f�.���}k�v��ag�/�"].Z*�,��hq�K}(b|��&�^x 12 0 obj <> First Speech: Hon Linda Burney MP Member for Barton, New South Wales 2. I would like to begin by acknowledging again that we are on the <>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB/ImageC/ImageI] >>/MediaBox[ 0 0 612 792] /Contents 4 0 R/Group<>/Tabs/S/StructParents 0>> endobj endobj Updated October 25, 2017 09:27:42 Member for Barton, Labor's Linda Burney, gives her first speech to the House of Representatives. 3 0 obj Burney, 59, is the ALP member for Barton (NSW). endobj 10 0 obj 2 0 obj 13 0 obj Linda Burney Henry Parkes Foundation – www.henryparkes.org.au – October 2008 5 First, a few things about me. endobj I was born in a small town called Whitton near Leeton, NSW. <> endobj <> 7 0 obj 8 0 obj <> stream Linda Burney, the first indigenous woman to be elected to the House of Representatives, delivered her maiden speech today. endstream %���� <> Laurie Patton Good evening everybody. Popcorn, Activities 6. endobj stream Linda Burney's maiden speech to Parliament. 4 0 obj In 1957 it was a disgrace to have a child out of wedlock… 11 0 obj Linda Burney addresses the House of Representatives on the paid parental leave bill - Thursday, 13 February 2020 Australia's national Paid Parental Leave scheme is a proud Labor legacy. �K�aN�-�����7%�5�)Jӄ��В���E��&2���2섧�f�_��B�T��Y�tg�R!C�j�_�ɾS_W��*1��������$����6�b�d�D�s%m��1��n��1Ɓk�m��1��LK� �XՄ��T(!��Zd:�3S�M�KZ ��~�°c�23��T�#]�6͐~��Od����ٰ��F!D}��f�h4IY��k�x����A3���ކ�Şs.ݢZ��{UG�+�=Y�%B�>d�ޙ'�t�6A��`W��|���5p�ꚹ�6�iU��?�-f��� �7����lh(�В2Πo�Ɠ�ۀ�PPoe�x[���y��-�,�m�5m6A���U&H��-#�����f�.in��=��Ȧ#��Q����ŗ���X���:w q��1�w���V j�b�gą'���� �L\�j��*������������ҿ���u�tĻ��D=�neCv��ɸ���9���Y�W����1��;�����-��I/3D��m��2�\��2�T'�j�',=�cE�wc 3R�B��W�}��5Vu* <> endobj endobj introduce our guest speaker, Linda Burney MP, it is fitting that I first pass over to Laurie Patton, a friend, former staff member, policy advisor and speech writer to Frank, to deliver a brief presentation on one of his many achievements. Questions and activities for Linda Burney 4. 9 0 obj <> endobj <> 6 0 obj endobj 1.

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