They might specify a minimum of a 2:2 or 2:1, but it’s up to you to impress them in your application form and the online tests they provide. They need to be able to manage budgets, delegate responsibilities, and be deadline-oriented.

Assuming you are paid for 52 weeks a year, this would equal a total of $37,024. Four hard years of work, late-night library sessions and a couple of hungover seminars thrown in for good measure… but now what?

Who knew cover letters could be so divisive?

While many professionals dedicate their careers to creating and refining software, somebody actually has to create the devices and equipment that make computing possible.

They need a wide variety of skills, and most of these jobs can be landed with a bachelor’s degree, although some may require a master’s.

A BA is the more classically-themed education, touching on a wide range of subjects to develop a student’s communication, writing, and (above all) critical thinking skills. Although a license or certification is not required, it would be an asset in getting a higher-level job in finance.

- Employees reporting high job satisfaction: 66% The need for new applications and software will stoke the demand for software developers, while threats to data will increase the need for information security analysts. Be sure to research your specific discipline first, as some areas are not experiencing rapid growth and may even decline in comparison to the overall job market. Sometimes the mere fact that you are employable, regardless of earnings, is just as important as salary. Materials engineering is instrumental in the design of all kinds of products, from biomaterials used in medicine to metals and glasses used in everyday objects. These are important roles because taxes and revenues are vital to a society's ability to … - Job index: 66.06 For example, doing systems analysis for a hospital would require some previous work in health care. They also create procedures, such as medical information systems and health management and care delivery systems. Sometimes it also helps to have an unusual degree subject to create a niche for yourself. The Civil Service is often ranked in the top 5 on The Times Top 100 graduate employers, and will provide a stable and steady career path. No, you don’t need a degree in Accountancy to get a graduate job in this area.

Although you can do a degree in retail, most companies aren’t particularly concerned about you having a specific degree, they just want you to have the previous work experience to prove your competency in retail and ensuring customer satisfaction.

#TRENDING: Bachelor of Science in Space Studies from American Public University.

- Job index: 66.69 Other than a degree in environmental science or forestry, some states require a license to work as a professional which includes a bachelor's degree, on-the-job training, and taking an exam.

The BLS says the median salary for someone with a bachelor’s degree is $1,173, well over $300 more than the median for associate’s and $461 more than someone with only a high school diploma. These health care workers also teach individuals how to avoid these injuries. Does a bachelor’s degree really make a difference, and, if seeking an education, why not just get an associate’s degree, which is often cheaper and faster? - Median pay: $75,600. After identifying problems businesses are having, operations research analysts use advanced mathematical and analytical methods to solve them.

The median salary was $56,320 in 2015. - Employees reporting high job meaningfulness: 49% The BLS predicts employment in this field will grow by 23% from 2014 to 2024​ when it will reach just over 27,000.

- Employees reporting high job satisfaction: 72%

This means you would have an annual salary of $43,472.

- Employees reporting high job satisfaction: 73% Tax examiners usually handle individuals and small business tax returns; revenue agents do tax accounting for the IRS, local government agencies, or large corporations; collectors are in charge of overdue payments. Common jobs like accounting, nursing, computer engineer, aerospace engineer, petroleum engineer, mechanical engineer, civil engineer, marketing manager, general practitioner, investment banker, dentist etc all require a Bachelors and the pay is decent.

In this article, we list 40 of the highest-paying jobs that you can qualify for after earning a bachelor's degree. Many states require a license.

Directors of religious education must be adept at fostering interpersonal relationships, solving problems, being organized and detail-oriented, and managing time tables. Basically, their job is to enhance the knowledge and skills of employees, which should result in a stronger, more productive organization.

#TRENDING: Bachelor of Science in Energy Management from National American University. The “meaningful” job average is based on two factors from the Payscale list: high satisfaction and high meaning. What Are the Best Jobs in the Banking Industry? Compliance officers are crucial to any business because if a company violates a regulation or policy, it could face serious legal consequences or jeopardize its reputation.

By using The Balance Careers, you accept our. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Norfolk District // Flickr, UC Davis College of Engineering // Wikimedia Commons, Staff Sgt.

- Employees reporting high job meaningfulness: 72% Working to preserve forests is vital because forests allay climate change, provide air to breathe and lumber to build things, and serve as animal habitats. - Employees reporting high job meaningfulness: 46% is a consumer group that publishes online college rankings and online university ratings along the dimensions that matter most to online students themselves: affordability and credibility. The following numbers come from unemployment and earnings statistics for 2017 published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). - Employees reporting high job meaningfulness: 57% - Employees reporting high job meaningfulness: 55%

Computer systems analysts earned an annual median salary of $85,800 in 2015. You will find that there are fewer options with a BS degree when it comes to electives, as the goal is not to develop a broad range of theoretical and classical knowledge, but to make a student into an expert on one specific area, such as microbiology or mechanical engineering. Examiners need either a bachelor's degree in accounting or a combination of education and experience in tax or audit work; collectors need a college degree and experience as a loan officer, in collections or in customer service; revenue agents need a bachelor's in accounting, economics, or business administration.

Aerospace technology is constantly changing to be more efficient, effective, and safe. The BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook was updated in April 2019, and the Payscale list is comprised of 2.7 million people who took the survey between June 2013 and June 2015. Cartographers collect geographic data that they use to create maps.

Most financial managers will have a bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting, although some companies will require a master’s degree as well. They assess patients, and then develop and help them meet treatment goals.

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