This will give you a true representation of how good the PR company is, they should consistently be getting results. So on face value, this seems legit, but clicking over to the About page is where the red flags started waving ferociously. These guys will usually take your budget and spend it on digital advertising to ensure you get as many eyes on your music as possible. So I guess it just depends what you're looking to achieve. I know that it can feel like an accomplishment to persuade a PR company to take on your project but remember there are some PR companies who will take on every single project that comes their way and will give the client nothing in return. I don't mind if it's a DM or if you don't feel comfortable saying. While bands or artists may be inclined to jump ahead to hiring a PR company in hopes of having their career made, they are often disappointed by the results. We also offer combined rates with MusicThinkTank. What services do they offer that others don’t? Any agencies who guarantee you a number of views/plays – your music should always be the driver of success, not your budget. How many clients do you currently have on your roster? Music PR companies are in abundance, promising to get you in the biggest publications to give your music the exposure it deserves. 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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Burstimo Limited 320 City Rd, London, Get a breakdown of all their costs so you can pick apart what you feel is right for you, rather than paying more for a full package that isn’t essential for your release. Great service and team! Although you’re paying for their services, the company should want to work with you as much as you want to work with them. Any company that won’t give you a price for their services. We highly recommend you avoid using any of these services. A PR company should know what your music can achieve, how long it will take, and the budget required to meet these goals. We’ve created a list of questions that every band, manager or label should be asking a music publicist prior to hiring them so the promotion of their next release is as successful as possible. We are very against buying fake streams and are of the opinion that you are fooling no-one by faking your numbers. Working with Burstimo was a delight. If the company has a small team but many clients, this is usually a warning sign that the company are more focused on their love of money than their love of music, outlining their lack of passion and honesty. Ask them who they know, who can they bring in to the project to add value to you as an artist. However, there is an entire range of PR companies, from the very best to the very worst. var F14249_sb_wait=setInterval(F14249_sb_wait_fn,100); Start your FREE subscription to Hypebot today. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. I tried Burstimo and admittedly got less streams (about 80k) but they were from Discover Weekly playlists which is what they promised. Proactive, excellent communication and thorough weekly reporting. If they are doing their job correctly then they are going out to real people who have a real opinion and the decision is in their hands whether the listener chooses to share the track with their friends. PR is never guaranteed but a good PR company will be creative, passionate and think outside of the box to gain you promotion in areas you’d never even think of. There are many agencies out there who will offer their expertise for various social media platforms in order to promote your music to a large following. If it’s your first time working with a publicist, don’t be afraid to ask who their previous clients are and look into what level those artists may be at. At the end of the day all music publicists are going to say they’ll gain you publicity but how will they do it more successfully than others? I'm generally looking for awareness of the band. This guide will give you all of the knowledge you need to choose the right Music PR company, along with key questions to ask, signs which help you identify bad companies and tips to deal with each of them. As a musician, you are releasing your music in to one of the most competitive markets in the world. There are also PR companies which were founded by ex-industry veterans who have worked with some of the biggest clients in the world, however since leaving their position to found their new company, they haven’t accomplished anything since, so don’t be persuaded by their impressive roster of ‘Past Clients’ and ‘Worked with’. Guest post by Maddy Raven of music PR firm Burstimo “Our last music PR company didn’t seem to get any results” is what we hear from most our new clients. I'm thinking about this long term so this is just one very small piece of the whole puzzle. SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING. DUTCHKID. We hear of a lot of PR Companies who give you no indication of the price they charge and ask you to tell them your budget first, then they will write a proposal to match this budget. “I swear by Hypebot every morning over breakfast.” Derek Sivers Founder, CD Baby, “Hypebot is the most focused music business centric resource we have.” Celia Hirschman One Little Indian, Downtown Marketing & KCRW-FM. Therefore, for your release you are going to want to hit the ground running and look to promoting your track. Also ask about their payment scheme so you’re not surprised by a random invoice once the campaign has begun. “I swear by Hypebot every morning over breakfast.”, “Hypebot is the most focused music business centric resource we have.”, One Little Indian, Downtown Marketing & KCRW-FM. Be sure that you are paying for an experienced professional to manage your campaign, don’t be shy to ask difficult questions, ask the target areas that they’d recommend, ask them the last client they worked with of your genre, and again, don’t let them direct you to the roster on their website, ask for recent successes. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and trust the company you end up working. This is one of the most important questions you can ask a PR firm as it will determine how much time the team will spend on your project. PR freelancers are usually individuals who have worked for a PR company before and decided to be a little more flexible. You can work out how many artists they work with per publicist, seeing if your campaign will be work on thoroughly, rather than pushed to the side. A PR company will try everything they can to get your music reviewed and featured in high readership publications, which means by nature the results are highly speculative. Do your research, ask questions and make sure you’re in the right hands. There are times when someone can use manipulated clicks to game the algorithm to get your music video in the suggested section of YouTube or Spotify, but this may run the risk of you getting banned from YouTube and Spotify, especially if you are taking an income from the streams which is an act of fraud. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 7 Performers Who Created Masterpieces with GarageBand, Festify Uses Spotify To Create Your Dream Music Festival, How To Make Collaborative Playlists On Spotify, Apple Music, Facebook, Instagram Update Music Guidelines and It’s Bad News For Live Streams, How Much Does A Major Act Get For Playing A Concert?

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