The tribunal Chairman, Mrs Ngozi Emehelu in her ruling on the admissibility of the newspaper report said, 'it is agreed that the documents produced are based on a supoena from the tribunal and the documents presented are relevant to the proceedings as applied in Agagu vs Mimiko. This right is provided for under section 49 of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended 2015). Day Sec Sch Amule II; Ode Alawonla Okelele I; Ode Alawonla Okelele II; Infront Of Jagun Mosque; Okelele L.G.E.A Sch I; Okelele L.G.E.A Sch II; Okelele L.G.E.A Sch III; Kankatu Mini Market I; Kankatu Mini Market II; Ode Sefura Okelele; Samsudeen L.G.E.A Sch I; Samsudeen L.G.E.A Sch II; Samsudeen L.G.E.A Sch III; Ode Banigbe (Dada K); Akerebiata Open Space; Ode Ondugbe Okelele; Ode Elesin Okelele; Ode Asinleke; Ode Onitobi Idi Aro; Ode Onitobi Idiaro Area; Govt Day Sec Sch Amule; Okelele L.G.E.A Sch, Famole L.G.E.A Sch; Woru L.G.E.A Sch; Apado L.G.E.A Sch; Aigoro; Aloko/Afara L.G.E.A Sch; Apado Village I; Apado Village II, Oloro L.G.E.A Sch; Iponrin L.G.E.A Sch; Ode Bale Isamu Village; Ode Bale Alade Village; Ode Bale Budo Fulani; Ode Bale Isaje Oja Iponrin; Ode Bale Iponrin, Ode Sauta Adifa I; Ode Sauta Adifa II; Idi Ape Market I; Idi Ape Market II; Ode Baba Oro; Ode Baba Oro Gbagede; Idi Agbede Market; Ode Abudu; Ode Ile Gangan Akodudu; Ode Ile Gangan; Oke Okuta I; Oke Okuta II; Ode Daudu Amule; Ode Oba Onilu; Open Space Orisankoko I; Open Space Orisankoko II; Ode Agbadamu I; Ile Eletu I; Ode Ile Eletu; Ode Onilu Okekura; Okekura Open Space; Ode Agbadamu II; Idi Ape Market III; Ile Eletu II; Idi Ape Market IV, Alalubosa N. Maraba Garage I; Alalubosa N. Maraba Garage II; St John's L.G.E.A I; St John's L.G.E.A II; St John's L.G.E.A III; St. John's L.G.E.A IV; Govt Sec Sch Ilorin I; Govt Sec Sch Ilorin II; Govt Sec Sch Ilorin III; Opp Comm Of Police; Infront Of Kwara Hotel I; Infront Of Kwara Hotel II; Infront Of Kwara Hotel III; Infront Of Police \A\" Division I"""; Infront Of Police \A\" Division II"""; Opposite Govt House Ilorin I; Opposite Govt House Ilorin II; Opposite Govt House Ilorin III; Opposite Govt House Ilorin IV; St Barnabas L.G.E.A Sch I; St Barnabas L.G.E.A Sch II; St Barnabas L.G.E.A Sch III; St Barnabas L.G.E.A Sch IV; St Barnabas L.G.E.A Sch V, Elesinmeta L.G.E.A Sch I; Elesinmeta L.G.E.A Sch II; Marafa L.G.E.A Sch I; Marafa L.G.E.A Sch II; Pepele L.G.E.A Sch; Budo Oba L.G.E.A Sch; Kure L.G.E.A Sch; Dalema L.G.E.A Sch; Jabi L.G.E.A Sch; Ajelende L.G.E.A Sch; Aiyetoro Ile L.G.E.A Sch; Lajolo L.G.E.A Sch; Elesinmeta Village; Marafa Village; Adanda Village; Kelebe Village; Oyo Idera Open Space; Olororo Village (Open Space), Aramonu L.G.E.A Sch; Zentu L.G.E.A Sch; Maya L.G.E.A Sch; Budo Alfa; Ode Bale Atikan; Budo Are L.G.E.A Sch; Ake L.G.E.A Sch; Oha Issa; Oha L.G.E.A Sch; Lajiki L.G.E.A Sch; Ile Adan; Alase L.G.E.A Sch; Oha Gbagi; Lajiki L.G.E.A Sch I; Lajiki L.G.E.A Sch II; Oke-Odo; Open Space Atere Village, Oke Oyi Area Council; Ode Bode Oke Oyi; Ode Bale Oke Oyi; Oke Oyi L.G.E.A Sch; Ode Bale Idi Apa Village; Ode Bale Ipako Obo; Ode Bale Afeyin Village; Ode Bale Otefon Village; Oke Ose L.G.E.A Sch; Ode Magaji Village Alalubosa; Ode Magaji Village Gambe; Ode Bale Agboge Village; Ode Bale Abata Village; Ode Bale Ayikale Village; Ode Bale Dangii; Ode Bale Ariyibi Village; Ode Bale Apata Yakuba; L.G.E.A Sch Budo Oba; Lajolo Village; Faje Tuntun Village; Alalubosa Village I; Alalubosa Village II; Ode Bale Aiyetoro; L.G.E.A Sch Oke-Oyi, Fufu L.G.E.A Sch; Omolere L.G.E.A Sch; Open Space Ajoko; Infront Olota's Palace; Open Space Ilota Aiyetoro; Open Space Apaola Bale's House; Open Space Abelu-Bada Village; Open Space Agara Village; Open Space Olota's Palace; Open Space Apaola, Open Space Kajola Village; Omode L.G.E.A Sch; Open Space Magaji Village; Joromo Oshin L.G.E.A Sch I; Oje L.G.E.A Sch; Open Space Alaya Village; Open Space Isokun Village; Joromo Oshin L.G.E.A Sch II, Opolo L.G.E.A Sch; Open Space Alangwa Gaa Akanbi; Open Space Gbenle Press; Open Space Adjacent Deeper Life; Open Space Ebenezer Nur/Pry Sch I; Open Space Ebenezer Nur/Pry Sch II; Oke Ogun Health Centre; Agbabiaka L.G.E.A Sch; Open Space Pipeline Junction Gaa Akanbi; Open Space Iyan-La's House I; Besides Iyan-La's House; Open Space Ero Omo Atikekere; Open Space Odo-Eri Rd Gaa Akanbi; Open Space Budo Agbanka; Open Space Ita Ayisa Village; Open Space Budo Olu Lande; Open Space Onireke Village; Open Space Budo Salako; 'Danialu L.G.E.A Sch; Open Space Ero-Omo Garage-Offa; Open Space Ero-Omo Saw-Mill Garage; Open Space Iyan-La's House II; Open Space Alagbede Village, Unilorin Main Campus I; Unilorin Main Campus II; Open Space Unilorin Staff Qtrs; Open Space Budo Jalala; Open Space Min Of Health Fate I; Open Space Opp. It is to be noted that no person shall be issued a duplicate copy of his /her voter’s card on a polling day or less than 60days before polling day. Fed training centre kulende i (PU: 23/07/05/004) New ward boundaries for the eight councils are informed by modelling by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC). The Act provides that on being satisfied that the name of the person who presented himself to a Presiding Officer at the polling unit in the Constituency in which his name is registered with his voter’s card is on the Register of Voters be issued a ballot paper to cast his/her vote for a candidate of his/her choice. Ode akano alege (PU: 23/07/11/004) Section 25 of the Constitution provides that a person is a citizen of Nigeria if he/she is: Apart from citizenship by birth provided for under section 25 is the citizenship by registration provided for under section 26 of the Constitution which provides that a person is also a citizen of Nigeria if he/she is registered having fulfilled the requirements that: Section 26(2) of the Constitution also provides for citizenship by marriage to the effect that a woman though not a citizen by birth but if married to a male citizen of Nigeria is a citizen of Nigeria and the provision of section 27 of the Constitution provides for a citizen by naturalization. Infront olota’s palace (PU: 23/07/01/004) Open space ero-omo saw-mill garage (PU: 23/07/03/021) Open space ajegunle area ii (PU: 23/07/05/013) This is a list of villages and settlements in Kwara State, Nigeria organised by local government area (LGA) and district/area (with postal codes also given). [1][2], Below is a list of polling units, including villages and schools, organised by electoral ward. Eruku II; Market Centre, Eruku; Open Space Oke-Ogi, Eruku; Open Space Odolomu, Eruku; Co-Operative L.G.E.A Sch Eruku I; Co-Operative L.G.E.A Sch Eruku II, Open Space Odo-Ago Isapa; L.G.E.A Sch Isapa; Open Space Iberikedo Isapa; Open Space Odo-Itan Isapa; Open Space Oke-Ipo Isapa; Open Space Okesa/Mission, Comm Sch Koro; Health Centre Koro; Market Centre Koro, Open Space Ekela; Open Space Ilemesin; Open Space Ajiu; Open Space Obbo-Oke; Open Space Oke-Owa, Open Space Ilemo Obbo-Aiyegunle I; Open Space Ipetu Obbo-Aiyegunle II; Open Space Ilawe 1 Obbo-Aiyegunle; Open Space Ilawe 11 Obbo-Aiyegunle; Open Space Iwodi Obbo-Aiyegunle, Town Hall,Obbo-Ile; Market Centre, Obbo-Ile; Open Space Ilawe Obbo-Ile; St Luke's Lgea Obbo-Ile; Open Space Ora Obbo-Ile, S. D. A Sch, Osi; Ekiti Local Govt Vocational Centre, Osi; New Shopping Complex, Osi; Open Sapace Ile Ohun, Osi; Magistrate Court, Osi; New Post Office, Osi; Agbara Market, Osi; Town Hall, Osi, St Bridge's Sch, Osi; Area Court, Osi; Open Space Odore-Oke, Osi; Old Postal Agency; Comm Lgea Sch Osi; Open Space Igbo-Ogo, Osi, L.G.E.A Sch, Ikerin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Ikerin II; L.G.E.A Sch, Isolo-Opin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Isolo-Open II; L.G.E.A Sch, Epe-Opin I; L.G.E.A Sch, Epe-Opin II; L.G.E.A Sch, Isare I; L.G.E.A Sch, Isare II; L.G.E.A Sch Ajuba; Health Centre, Owa Otun; L.G.E.A Sch, Idera; L.G.E.A Sch, Araromi Opin; Open Space Aare, Central L.G.E.A Sch, Oke-Opin; Town Hall, Oke-Opin; Open Space Olowi's Compd, Oke-Opin; Open Space Adetifa, Oke-Opin; Health Centre, Oke-Opin; St Patrick L.G.E.A Sch Etan; Market Centre, Etan; Open Space Health Centre, Etan, Ecwa Sch Oke-Ode; Arabic Sch Oke-Ode; Comm Sch Oke-Ode; Town Hall Oke-Ode; Oke Ago Oke-Ode; Maternity Oke-Ode; Open Space Idiapa Oke-Ode; Ile Elemosho Oke-Ode; Local Govt Dispensary; Quranic Sch Oke-Ode, Ecwa Sch Shagbe I; Ecwa Sch Shagbe II; Ecwa Sch Agbee I; Ecwa Sch Agbee II; Comm Sch Ajegunle; Comm Sch Bankole; Comm Sch Ologorun; Market Square Alawon Alasoro; Comm Sch Famole; Comm Sch Alabe-Oja; Comm Sch Ologomo, Comm Sch Alade; Comm Sch Labaka Idera; Comm Sch Asungbale; Comm Sch Dabu Oroki; Comm Sch Eleiyele; Ecwa Sch Labaka-Oja; Comm Sch Omi-Aro; Comm Sch Gbede, Comm Sch Babanla; Council Hall Babanla; Open Space Ilendeji Babanla I; Open Space Ilendeji Babanla II; Local Govt Dispensary Oke-Oyan; Ecwa Sch Alabe I; Ecwa Sch Alabe II; Ecwa Sch Idera I; Ecwa Sch Idera II; Comm Sch Ikosin; Comm Sch Owode I; Comm Sch Owode II; Town Hall Kajola; Comm Sch Owa Onire; Comm Sch Oreke; Comm Sch Ganmu; Comm Sch Budoidowu; Market Square Idoba/Obin; Comm Sch Afin, Comm Sch Agunjin; Council Hall Agunjin; Ecwa Sch Olayinka; Comm. Type name of Company, Person or Place. Section 31(4) of the Electoral Act 2010 (as amended 2015)  affords a citizen of Nigeria who has reasonable grounds to believe that information given by a candidate of any political party in the affidavit or any document submitted by that candidate is false and wishes to seek a declaration in the court that the information contained in the affidavit or any document submitted by that candidate is false an opportunity to apply to an Independent National Electoral Commission for a certified true copy of nomination form, affidavit and any other document submitted by such candidate.

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