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Any advice? This is for a full-time publicist who will work to highlight your record for about 3-4 months before the release date.

Additionally, the best publicists have reputations that include the following: Now that we fully understand what they do, who they work with, how much they charge, and what they look for in their clients, we can take it a step further and start reaching out to them. Some balk at having to take those steps or say that they can't afford PR, but I've seen many bands figure out a way to get scrimp, save, and pay for management and PR – you just have to figure out the financials.

Thank you . Facebook Ads. Based out of Nashville, TN, his blog “Sunshine Promotion” at helps artists achieve real goals with hard facts, case studies, and templates of music business plans to follow. This is generally the amount of time needed to get all of the radio stations, blogs, and newspapers in an area interested in covering a particular story about a band coming through town.

This varies wildly, but typically, any publicist worth their weight in gold will charge about $2,000 – $3,000 per month. and are officially merged into one platform. You can however establish contracts with publicists to only pay them if and when they deliver results of a certain kind. When you reach out to a publicist, you’re looking for them to send back a proposal and information packet about what it is they can offer to you along with their rates.

Find a dozen or so bands that you think might be a good fit publicity wise and send an email to their publicists to request more information and a….

Sure, that range may work. Online, it’s often hard to tell who just has a giant email list they scraped from the internet and who has actually been a publicist for a while.

As an independent manager of a newer artist, you’ll likely be working with a publicist on a project-basis for an upcoming album release and/or tour, or you may be hiring them on a monthly basis.


(And to be clear, it's not going to take $350, either). Play live shows and create a local buzz.

Usually, the fastest way to make that happen is to get some press coverage of your new release, be it print, web or radio plays, and one of the fastest ways to getting some media coverage is to work with a music PR company. You should contact a publicist about 5 months before you plan on releasing your newest album or project such as a tour.

Explain what you have to offer them, and why you think you’d be a good addition to their team.

So, when you’re looking to hire a music publicist, you should hire one that you trust and one who has a proven track record with getting placements for indie bands. But nothing is dirt cheap. That type of campaign will be four figures, not three, and the price will be commeasurate with effort and expectations. ), Venues and promoters (when the act is on tour), Great music that matches the taste of the publicist, They have to like it enough to want to tell the world about it, Must be able to perform live on stage, on television, or on radio, Sometimes based on current workload and existing client base, Try to diversify their client base so they’re not promoting all the same genres of music, Mostly from referrals from industry friends or existing acts on their roster, Saw them perform live at a conference, showcase, festival or live show, Works well under extreme pressure and last minute changes, Massive contact database with every possible media outlet. The more specific you can be (i.e. Bands often ask me about how to get PR, and I often say that gigging, local buzz, and management must come first. You should include who you are, links to your music, current “stats” such as downloads, press, and tours you have going on, as well as an outline of what you’d like to achieve.

Explain your plan, briefly (even if it’s a very rough plan) and your accomplishments so far.

Nor is it free.

There are a lot of politics in PR, so you’ll want to educate yourself on that somehow. … Have you hired a publicist before?

Before we get into it, please keep in mind that getting an publicist (or any team member) is much less about “pitching and selling” yourself to them than it is about building relationships.

Publicists are in the business of selling memorable stories and brands that the media will want their readers and listeners and followers to eat up. When you’re signed to an independent label, depending on the size of the label and where they spend their budgets, they may have a full-time publicist in house, but they will more likely have a 3rd party publicity company representing some or all of their roster. Side Note: A music publicist will never guarantee placements. So know that. 9 Things Every Musician Loves to Hear from Fans, Family, and Friends, 8 Great Ideas for Naming Your Album When You're Stumped. A common one is after “proof of attempt,” meaning the publicist can show you a list of emails or phone calls they sent out in an attempt to get you placement. This is for a full-time publicist who will work to highlight your record for about 3-4 months before the release date. Music publicists are essentially your ‘press’ agent. I started my career planning educational workshops with some of North America's top artist managers, then moved on to manage commercial radio and internationally touring artists independently.

A request for proposal is a simple way of asking for a reply and information about the publicist’s career. That requires time and effort, and a PR person's time and efforts. Enter your information below to add a new comment. By starting your own artist management company you are in a position to do things your own way, but the successful company requires a vision that is compatible with a professional attitude. In 2013 we created the Smart Band Management blog for the purpose of sharing free artist management information. In this interview: How Jill started her first record label How she gains and pursues (or doesn’t pursue) clients The major differences between working with…, In This Interview: How the very first artist he got to work with was a global superstar How he helped develop a 14 year-old, Francesco…, In this interview: How Denney started his record label, found talent, and put them “on the map” How he met and signed Jess Moskaluke His…, In This Interview: Their early strategy of selling albums off stage during meet and greets Always making sure you put your best product out there,…. Like most things in the music industry, music publicists are expensive.

I’ll address size first because that’s pretty easy to explain.

If you can't shell out hundreds or thousands of dollars, then why not try to team up with a developing firm or publicist, so you can grow together at an affordable rate?

Don't expect to be "owed" anything or be given a sweet deal unless you've earned that right. Negotiation is part of the dance.

Notify me of follow-up comments via email. But please know this going in: each and every PR firm or rep will have their own prices and deals that they may or may not want to cut. Because the tastes of the listeners on the other end of an email will never line up perfectly with the publicist, expecting guaranteed placements is ludicrous.

Paying $150 to your friend’s buddy’s brother in law to promote your band for a few weeks may sound great, but it ISN’T. In the U.S you’ll be paying between $1,800 – $3,000/month for a publicist who is worth their salt.

Campaigns require elbow grease, education, and repeat follow-ups.

Come 2017, we created a super in-depth course and started a “school” called Smartist University to house this new course. A publicist will happily discuss rates and budgets, but those are subjects for a private conversation and are a confidential matter, as they should be. “we’re looking to get more people to come out to our shows on the following dates in a few months), the better results you’ll get.

(Oh, the irony, right?) Only problem: I’m only 19 and not really into going to university.

BEWARE of cheap publicity rates. Depending on goals like TV, magazine covers, or mainstream looks, this is usually several thousands of dollars. When seeking out PR representation, know going into it that it's not going to be bargain basement or a bro deal either, unless there's some pre-existing relationship in place. How Much Does a Music Publicist Cost? Sleeping, Studying Have You Been Influenced By Music?

Because their worth hinges so much on their word, if they don’t consistently pitch good bands to media outlets to cover, they’ll eventually be blacklisted and shunned (maybe not that extreme, but you get the idea…). Anyone can play alone in their living room or make a record. As said earlier, anyone worth your time is going to charge a modest sum that can’t be avoided. Unless you’re a celeb, it won’t mean $10,000 a month – but again, it doesn’t mean under $1,000 either.

She also is active in animal charity and rescue.

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