I have a Holley 950 HP with a Proform 950 Main. (G) Timed spark port: This hole delivers manifold vacuum only after the throttle is opened past curb idle. The key to a properly designed performance carburetor is to move fuel out of the booster as efficiently as possible while creating the proper air/fuel ratio as the engine runs through its rpm band from just past idle to redline on the tach. If it sticks, replace the needle & seat with a new one. This tube is drilled with several holes intersecting the tube at various heights. Setting Idle SpeedThe problem with a long-duration camshaft with lots of overlap is low manifold vacuum that requires more throttle opening to set the proper idle speed. Bowl Side of Metering Block(A) Timed spark port: This outlet supplies ported manifold vacuum for distributor vacuum advance only after the throttle is opened slightly. stream The air is introduced through an air-bleed located at the top of the carburetor usually near the entry to the venturi. (H) Parallel air well: Air is introduced into the main well through these two holes. The screw locks it in place. Once the threads are disengaged, gently pull the needle & seat from the bowl. Holley HP Vs. Street HP Vs. StandardWhen the specialty carburetor market exploded with tuners modifying basic mechanical-secondary street carbs for competition, Holley responded with the HP series with a new contoured venturi main body equipped with screw-in air-bleeds, stainless steel throttle blades with buttonhead screws, strengthened metering blocks, and Dominator-style fuel bowls. Combining the main jet flow area with the area of these emulsion holes and the high-speed air-bleed (along with a raft of other minor inputs) creates the basic fuel curve. (N) Idle fuel discharge port: Idle fuel exits the metering block and enters the carburetor main body for carb idle fuel below the throttle blades. From what we can gather from the carb tuners, these are the basics, but the circuits do not always respond in simplistic terms. Emulsion ImmersionYou'll see references here to emulsion circuits, an important-sounding term that describes mixing fuel with air. All Rights Reserved. If you’ve removed the float bowl(s) from the carb to check for problems, the first thing to check is that the floats operate freely. (K) Idle restrictor channel: Fuel from the main circuit passes through this short channel and through a small brass restrictor (L) that acts as the idle circuit jet. <> With low-boost combinations under 10 psi, a stock Holley needle-and-seat assembly is sufficient. This uncovers too much of the idle transfer slot (arrow), delivering more fuel from the idle circuit. This is the job of the main jet, the emulsion holes in the main well, the high-speed air-bleed, and the shape and design of the booster venturi, plus a bunch of other obscure variables. If the float sinks, the carb will require disassembly and the float will need to be replaced. Let's take a look. When the throttles are opened and vacuum drops off in this well, the power valve opens. <>>> Page: 1; Items 1 - 53 of 53 . In severe instances this causes fuel to erupt directly from the float bowl vent tubes on the main body, but sometimes the problem is not as pronounced, which can make diagnosis a little more difficult. Comparison chart for needle & seat assemblies at reduced price is a guide to choose needle & seat assemblies, in Carburetors & Parts category, at the economical cost in the market with product reviews, discounts and tips on where to shop for other items and spending less. Reducing the diameter of the high-speed air-bleed produces the opposite effect. Package: 0.6 x 2.9x 1.4 cm, Adjustable to meet your racing needs. It requires a small amount of force to push fuel literally uphill in this circuit. The beauty of aftermarket adjustable metering blocks is that the emulsion holes can now be easily tuned by replacing tiny jets. 3 0 obj 2 0 obj Package: 5 x 1.5x 3.5 cm per 3.5 Kg, PVP. The screw locks it in place. i read somewhere were a .097 is for small cfm holleys and the .110 is for larger cfm holleys. This creates an off-idle hesitation or bog that is difficult to eliminate.If the curb idle speed position of the primary throttle blades on your Douglas Glad signature monster-cammed engine looks like Photo B, the quick fix is to drill two small holes in the primary throttle blades adjacent to the transfer slot. Think of it as blowing bubbles in the fuel. While power was limited with the factory iron heads, the carb and fuel-delivery system performed flawlessly. (M) Idle transfer slot discharge: Idle fuel exits the metering block to deliver fuel to the transfer slot. Here is some explanation that may help clear up some questions. They may have had the float bowl switched, or perhaps the needle & seat modified. Look for any obvious debris here and remove as necessary. Package: 0.4 x 4.35x 3.9 cm per 3.9 Kg, Replace genuine Mikuni. The boosters are noted by the red dots in the picture below. One problem we run into is carburetors that have been re-manufactured, or customized. However, long-duration camshafts often demand much more throttle opening as shown in Photo B. Illustrates the 3 styles and tips on installing. This circuit is simple when you break it down to its essentials. and they can suddenly change. These boosters flow more fuel for the same signal and introduce the fuel into the engine in a more atomized form to make more power. (O) Dowel pin: Two pins locate the metering block on the carburetor main body. This gasket seals the bottom of the adjuster nut to the top of the float bowl boss. The Holley has evolved through hundreds of variations and dozens of popular models, but the basic four-barrel carburetor has changed very little in the last 50 years. Alternately, you can place the gasket directly over the lock screw if you prefer. Because atmospheric pressure pushing on the fuel level in the float bowl is greater than at the booster, the pressure difference is enough to push the fuel through all the restrictions and passageways on its way out the booster and into the intake manifold. Holley Needle & Seat tips. Adjustment is made by turning the nut. Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Copyright © 2017 VintageMusclecarparts.com Increasing the size of the high-speed air-bleed will also delay the onset of fuel flow in the main metering circuit. Designed for use with select Mercury/Mariner 135 HP, 150 HP, 175 HP, and 220 HP outboard engines.Made by Sierra International Package: 1 x 4x 5 cm per 5 Kg, 90-day limited warranty.Made by Holley per 0 Kg, package dimensions :1.27 cm L x 10.16 cm W x 11.176 cm H.Made by AED Package: 0.4 x 4.35x 3.95 cm, Designed for use with Tillotson AJ, CO, KA, KB, KC, KD, and WB Series Carburetors.Made by Sierra Package: 1 x 4x 5 cm per 5 Kg, Made by Mikuni.Made by Mikuni Package: 0.6 x 2.9x 1.4 cm, Adjustable to meet your racing needs.Made by Holley Package: 5 x 1.5x 3.5 cm per 3.5 Kg, PVP.Made by AED Package: 0.4 x 4.35x 3.9 cm per 3.9 Kg, Replace genuine Mikuni.Made by WSM Package: 0.25 x 0.25x 2 cm per 2 Kg, Sierra Needle and Seat.Made by Sierra International Package: 1 x 6x 7 cm per 7 Kg, Made by Mikuni.Made by Mikuni Package: 0.4 x 2x 4.4 cm per 4.4 Kg. Making an emulsion jet larger adds more air and leans out a particular portion of the fuel curve. The nut locks it in place. The ones I pulled out just had the letter "H" on them so I'm not sure of the size. Learn all the manufacturers of needle & seat assemblies and pick your favourite for your shopping. The amount of fuel in the main well is determined by the main jet. With the set screw loosened, turn the adjuster nut counter-clockwise to thread the needle & seat up out of the float bowl. A few drops of light oil on the needle & seat and the o-ring helps ensure a smooth reassembly and helps prevent damage to the o-ring. The difficulty comes in figuring out the size, number, and placement of emulsion holes in the metering block. Comparison chart for needle & seat assemblies at reduced price is a guide to choose needle & seat assemblies, in Carburetors & Parts category, at the economical cost in the market with product reviews, discounts and tips on where to shop for other items and spending less.. Needle & Seat Assemblies Comparison: best sellers in August 2020 This is the correct baseline setting for a typical Holley secondary float. It’s a little tough to see in the picture, but there is a small rubber point on the top of the needle which seals against the small hole above it. Benoit says he replaces the typical 0.110-inch-diameter needle and seat with as large as a 0.150-inch assembly that radically increases the volume of fuel delivery. Adjust the hole size, idle speed, and throttle-blade position until you achieve a blade location similar to that in Photo A. They should pivot up & down with no sticking or “catch” spots. (C) Idle well: Fuel from this well travels to the top of the metering block, then turns 180 degrees and mixes with air from the idle air-bleed into the circuit. That work continues today through Holley’s market-leading EFI products as well as through Holley’s family of best-in-industry brands. Next, place the larger gasket in place. The HP Ultra billet metering blocks come with five interchangeable emulsion jets per circuit (making 20 overall for all four barrels) that create an almost limitless tuning arrangement for optimizing the main fuel delivery curve. Many companies group carburetor numbers too generically and you end up with the wrong needle & seat. Holley carburetors have powered every NASCAR® Cup team and nearly every NHRA® Pro–Stock champion for four decades. Holley carburetors are sometimes known for flooding over in the event that a float sticks or sinks or debris contaminates the needle & seat, which prevents the needle & seat from fully sealing closed and shutting off the fuel flow when the float bowl is full. These holes are used to mix air with fuel. (B) Vent whistle: This plastic vent piece vents the float bowl area and also prevents fuel from splashing into the primary venturi under hard acceleration. R-1850-9 & R-1850-10 use the type of needle & seat in the 3rd row (short one). The original HP carbs are available in sizes ranging from 390 to 1,000 cfm in the 4150 configuration. Package: 1.1 x 2.7x 5.7 cm per 5.7 Kg, Designed for use with Tillotson AJ, CO, KA, KB, KC, KD, and WB Series Carburetors. $34.73 Suggested Retail $31.26 Your Price Free Shipping on orders over $100* ... Holley® has been the undisputed leader in fuel systems for over 100 years. Specs calls for .120 needle and seat. Package: 0.75 x 3.5x 5 cm per 5 Kg. Our carburetor kits are designed to use the correct size. NEEDLE & SEAT CROSS REFERENCE IF YOUR OLD N&S IS STAMPED WITH YOU WILL USE SIZE STYLE AVAILABLE SEPARATELY AS # CONTAINED IN KIT # “H” .097 Steel 6-500-2 “D” .097 Steel 6-501-2 “F” .120 Steel 6-502-2 “H” .110 Viton Adj.

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