Start over, adding a few more claps. Demonstrate the clapping activity first so your toddler gets an idea of what she's doing. The "Hokey Pokey" is a game that involves clapping during the main verse of the song. Take a look here. Then you roll your dough, pat it … (show left hand, moving only the pinky finger), "Here I am" (show right hand, moving only the pinky finger, two pinkies greet each other) "Here I am", "How are you today, sir? 5 o'clock)".  The students then take (5) paces towards the teacher.  At one point teacher replies "It's dinner time!" Rainbow Song: There are a few things you can do with this song.  Variation 1. Three common songs are "If You're Happy and You Know It," "Bingo" and "Patty Cake." All lesson plans are made specifically for teaching English to children. Downloadable songs to pay in your lessons available right here on ESL KidStuff. We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells. We also have 2 Christmas songs with adapted lyricd for download: We Wish You A Merry Christmas and Jingle Bells. Continue adding more to the clapping pattern. Father Christmas, Father Christmas Many songs appropriate for the toddler age group involve clapping. Repeat again. Resources and materials for ESL Kids teachers. Copyright © 2020 Leaf Group Ltd., all rights reserved. By the toddler years, most children are able to clap. Christmas Song: This is a Christmas song which is perfect for young children. A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea This traditional children's song features a simple hand-clapping sequence to do with a partner interspersed with cumulative movements that go along with each verse (see, chop, knee, snap, jump). Repeat again. Most babies learn to clap their hands between 9 months and 1 year of age. is here to bring you lots of the classics, along with the words and motions and introduce you to the songs and games … Lay out colored paper in a random order and get the students to arrange them in the order of the song.  Variation 3.  Have the students lay out their coloring pencils in the order of the song.  "Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue.  I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow too". Playing clapping games provides fun for children of every age. : Good practice for "Where is...? All songs are made specifically for teaching English to children. Just download and play in your lessons. “Patty cake, patty cake, baker’s man. This encourages her cognitive skills and creativity in addition to the physical coordination benefits of clapping activities. Clapping out rhythm patterns helps toddlers improve their coordination and listening skills. Older kids play intricate clapping games along with songs, but even young toddlers are able to participate in simple activities that involve clapping 1. Another option is to make up your own songs that involve clapping or add claps into other familiar kids' songs your toddler knows. and teacher replies "It's (e.g. The children could then come and choose the color they wanted.  (Submitted by Annette). Frost worked in insurance and software testing before becoming a writer. When hosting a toddler play date, turn over the drum to your toddler so he is able to drum out a clapping pattern for the other kids. Certificates, attendance sheets, lesson records, lesson plan tamplates. © | Focal Point EdTech Lda. All Rights Reserved. Note: do each command once at a quicker pace and then they should be ready for the CD!  (Submitted by Tania Bibbo). Patty Cake. Bake me a cake as fast as you can.”. Patty Cake is the most classic and simple clapping game out there. Songs games and activities for English kids lessons Back To Games Menu A B C ... moving only the pinky finger), "Here I am" (show right hand, moving only the pinky finger, two … Another option is to make up your own songs that involve clapping or add claps into other familiar kids' songs your toddler knows. Once you Hokey Pokey: A fun song for body vocab.  Arrange the students in a circle and sing while doing all the actions. The familiarity of these songs makes it easier for toddlers to clap along in the appropriate places. They also represent great coordination excercise as well as language excercise. The activities often integrate singing or a combination of actions for further development of body control and coordination. What Time Is It, Mr. Alphabet Wave: Divide the a-z flashcards among all your students.  Put students in a line and play the ABC song.  As it plays each student must hold up their corresponding alphabet flashcard. : Students stand against the back wall of the classroom and the teacher stands at the front with his/her back to the students.  The students chorus "What time is it, Mr. After one up and down clap, clap both hands of your friend, and then clap your hands thrice. Played with two people, hands are clapped in the standard criss-cross motion. These hand-clapping games for kids in preschool and kindergarten are fun and educational. Lots of free lesson plans to print right here on ESL KidStuff. We have included instructions when the games require more sophisticated hand clapping. Alphabet Line-up: Give each S an alphabet flashcard.  Play the ABC song and have the students skip around in a circle singing along to the song.  Stop the tape at random points and the students have to line up in the correct alphabetical order according to their cards. Start with easier songs and games and move to the challenging games as … She holds a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education with a reading endorsement. Stomp your feet (stomp, stomp, stomp) Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes: Have the students do all the actions to the song on the tape (touching the parts of their body along with the song).  After that have a speed round at a fairly quick pace.  Have a final round at high speed.  All kids love to do it fast. All worksheets are made specifically for teaching English to children. Take a look here. Wolf? He got stuck, He got stuck Easter Songs (2): To the tune of buns in the bakers shop: "9 Easter eggs in the chocolate shop, I like chocolate lots and lots, Along came (child's name) with (local currency) one day, She/he bought an Easter egg (or you could incorporate the color of the egg they prefer) and took it right away".  I cut out and laminated large egg shapes and blue tacked them to the board. Coming down the chimney, Coming down the chimney Number Group Game: Play some music and have your students walk/skip around the classroom.  Stop the music suddenly and call out a number (up to the number of students in your class).  The students must quickly get together in a group of that number.  Any students who didn't make it sit out until the next round. Ring A Ring A Roses: Over exaggerating the sneezes and the fall to the floor makes this song all the more fun.  "Ring a ring a roses, pocket full of posies, Atishu Atishu, we all fall down". Awesome hand clapping songs to teach kids, students or camp attendees, with videos! When hosting a toddler play date, turn over the drum to your toddler so he is able to drum out a clapping pattern for the other kids. Where is Pinky? Her experience comes from teaching, tutoring and managing educational after school programs. Wolf?" The clapping games and activities help toddlers further develop control of their muscles and hand-eye coordination 1. // Leaf Group Lifestyle, Creative Movement Activities for Toddlers, Activities to Promote Perceptual & Motor Skills, Activities to Improve Balance and Coordination in Children 2 Years Old, Music Movement & Fitness Activities for Preschoolers & Toddlers.

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