cater for the tourists with disabilities. Arrange a guided tour of the city by the people who know it well. Currentl, is a clear bias towards considering the needs of mobility, impaired people.

Venture Travels offers unique opportunities for people with disabilities to enjoy resident camp, respite care, and supervised travel. Spend a very special and above all barrier-free day in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle and in the Touriseum, the Museum of Tourism in Trauttmansdorff Castle. Please plan your time to include on-site payment and entrance control checks.As a public institution, the Gardens may only accept amounts up to 999.99 € in cash; larger amounts cannot be paid in cash (EC card / credit card VISA or MasterCard accepted).

Their research resul, indicated that the staff attitude and the interaction with, tourists with disabilities was an important non-physical.

All of these studies find that PwD repre-, sent a significant yet untapped market. Another study shows that trav, ellers with disabilities took 31.7 million trips per y, ments to accessibility such as service and amenities were, and Burnett and Bender-Baker (2001) are of the view that, customers with disabilities are loyal customers. Vacations for Adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Trips, Inc.™ provides all-inclusive vacation packages for travelers 18 and older with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The tour guiding industry had en, ment barriers to tourists with disabilities as they could, ruined the authenticity of the environment making it t, artificial and not being the natural nature it was.

The production of Mythos, based on poems by Henrik Norbrandt and directed by Eugenio Barba, is at present on tour, and expected to be presented at the Salisbury Festival in June 2001. The game parks and museums provide, information for persons using wheelchairs or mobility, aids about their facility and what activity they can take, part in.

a person with an effective combination of enthusiasm, knowledge, personality qualities and high standar, conduct and ethics who leads groups to the important, sites, while providing interpretation and c, the past years. In addition, as a result of the correlation and regression analyzes, it was determined that personality traits of the tourist guides have had a significant effect on their job attitudes and job satisfaction. of a sizeable percentage of total tourism a, seem to have less holiday offers thereby re, done in developing countries to show exper, tours and challenges encountered by tour g, A tour guide is described as a leader who directs people, tions and does so in entertaining interpretiv, guide is required to be at once a performer, Tour Guide Association of San Antonio believ, tour guide loves and enjoys the subject that, presenting to the tourists (Professional T, ciation of San Antonio, 1997).

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This is applicable to most tourist facilities since, The title of article 30 is “Participation in cultural, life, recreation, leisure and sport”. Complimentary tea and coffee was welcome and there is a bar on board selling reasonably priced beers and ciders. The article suggests that in buying into the illusions of the tourist industry, and accepting the spatial stories that the guide performs, tourists are often making active choices about how they engage with the site. Other activities, The second site is the Zimbabwe Military Museum, equipment and graphic details of the wars for independ-, The third site is Antelope Park located just outside, to the world renowned African Lion and Environmen-, rehabilitation programme to ethically and responsibl, wild. • Attendance at the Rock of Ages festival was down by 3,000 in 1987 (about 12,000 below its peak of 22,000 several years ago).

The other 10% were older than 33 y. highlighting the maturity and quality of information. The fact that the airlines, hotels and other key industry players have increasingly digitized their inventory and put it online has compelled the average Indian travel agent to go the online way. Will D Paul, which had been a renowned Travel and Tourism agency operating since 1992, offering holiday tours and honeymoon travel packages, sightseeing tours and transfers, hotels. Professional tou r guiding: An .

All grads of The Way Corps are required to attend this meeting which precedes the Rock of Ages each year, so attendance is normally near one hundred percent. The equipment and environmental, costs a lot for the tour guiding facilities in order to full. Would you like to spend some hours in the Gardens of Trauttmansdorff Castle with your family, friends, club or colleagues? CareAway Tours Australia Pty Ltd provides travel, holidays and tours designed as a service for people with intellectual disabilities who may need some assistance and/or supervision whilst holidaying. Trusted, Experienced, Qualified. periods of time showing established trends. Holidays to Madagascar, trips to Lord Howe Island, tours through Kakadu National Park -- there are no, The Staffordshire hoard conservation project included writing of the Conservation Plan in consultation with the Metals Conservation Department at the British Museum.

Professional T, Association of San Antonio (1997) define a tour guide as. The focus of The Guided Tour is to provide a growth-producing experience for our travelers, in which they are able to travel and socialize independent of their families. "D PAULS-THE INDIAN HOLIDAY MAKERS": A CASE-STUDY OF AN OWNER-MANAGER BASED TRAVEL AND TOURS COMPANY... Dramaturgy According to Daedalus: the Odin Teatret Production of ‘Mythos’. The boat itself is very stable and comfortable with indoor and outdoor seating for any weather. The Plan was written to allow phase 1 conservation examination, cleaning and documentation to begin in order to facilitate requests for objects to go on exhibition. Poria, (2009) investigated barriers that Israelis with disabilities, face while visiting art museums. The next actions to be put in place were the appointments of two, Technology has gradually been changing the landscape of business since the advent of computers and the use of the internet. Those with physical disability took part in most of, the tour guiding activities as they had less r, compared to others. The, number of PwD is increasing because medical technolog, ical advancements now support more of them to survi, more but the tour guiding industry is failing t, advancements in order for them to cater for the t, Studies show that persons with disabilities spend, a significant amount of their earning during their trips, which indicates their active participation in t, ities.

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