When creating your account you’ll get to pick from two dozen horse breeds that have their own stats which can dictate the area of Horzer that you focus on. In the game, the player can customize his avatar and his living spaces as well as communities by trading materials and favors for decorative items and accessories. This virtual horse ranch game boasts polished graphics, with animated horses and beautifully crafted environments. The game offers more than 140 different dragons, and each one has its own unique appearance. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp includes core features such as Craft Furniture, Explore the World, Host Animals, Make new Friends, and more. Whether you want a rainbow unicorn zebra or just your average bay, it’s up to you. Well it’s fun playing. Your task is to simply start learning the ways of the Wolves by hanging out in your birth Pack. Most Played Games Like Howrse Howrse allows you to raise and breed beautiful horses and ponies online. Petra’s Planet is an Educational, Socialization and Exploration virtual world Simulation for all the hardcore fans out there around the globe. Enjoy this delightful pet simulation game that’ll make you want to check your phone over and over again. Linux The player has an opportunity to show off his/her creativity by building different objects. According to the storyline, they need the player’s help to find their monster-mates and light up the beautiful theme park. The game provides with a unique earning system that lets you earn game world currency by solving puzzles, playing games and customizing your panda avatar. To get into the world, you have to assume the role of the animals.Through customization option, you can change the appearance of your animal. Android The main goal is to keep the baby happy and healthy and collect experience points by completing the objective. This game takes place in the world of Jamaa, and that is continuously evolving through game improvements to produce an exciting and new experience. It contains verity of mini-games which the player can play alone or other players to earn rewards. Secret Bear World is a fun Virtual World Simulation for young kids and toddlers. Try it out if you love your horses and would like to experience the life of a real Hostler. You must keep your realistic horse happy and healthy to success. The game allows the players to have their own bear character avatars and have all the fun playing beautiful mini-games and engaging into amusing activities. The Endless Forest is definitely in a genre of its own with this very interesting...[Read Review], WolfQuest is a video game available for Windows and Mac that simulates wolf ecology. The game lets the players to have a beautiful Horse, keep the horse healthy by making him/her eat healthy food, clean him/her and build a place to live for your horse. Up to eight horse riders can compete against in a single event. The game lets you journey to a beautiful Virtual World, explore and collect eggs, hatch Creatus and raise them as your pets. Bin Weevils enables players to do all the stuff you might expect from a virtual world game, including chatting and playing mini-games. It lets players travel around the globe and meet with thousands of new inhabitants of the virtual world. Furry paws. We are a human driven video game database supported by user ratings from Games Finder visitors. You can buy or unlock abilities, skills, and other things. The horses evolve over time as you compete against your friends and the community. The game is full of thousands of other online players like you, and you can interact with them, make new friends, complete challenging quests, and accomplish several races. Pony Town is a Fantasy-based, Massively Multiplayer Online Role-playing and Building video game that revolves around Creativity and Social Interaction. I have tried A Virtual Horse (AVH) and some other horse games, but I don't really like AVH because it seems like they change things too much, too fast. The title continues the social simulations’ series that enable the player to interact with the residents of small town, engaging in commerce, performing small but challenging tasks, and decorate the houses. Franktown Rocks is a Massively Multiplayer Online, Browser-based and Fantasy game for kids of 8 to 12. Horse Quest Online 3D is the incredible game with smooth graphics to enjoy. with tons of fun, amazingly addictive game-play, beautiful visuals plus sounds and children safe environment, Dizzywood is a great game to play and enjoy. There are several ways to unlock new breeds, so it’s an ongoing challenge to find them all. Animal Jam is a virtual world for kids that includes real animal and plant information towards fun storylines, which are maintained by National Geographic educational content. Star Stable Online. As the main purpose of the game is to help kids learn things, it allows the players to engage in fun Arts and humanities activities, publish their own creative writings, enjoy engaging in amazing Art and photo making contests, and coloring competitions, interact with great historical and new popular figures such as Alice from the Wonderland, Confucius, Sherlock Holmes, Einstein, Copernicus, William Shakespeare and loads of others. You can give the name to your pet, you have to train your pet and go to various quests and adventures with it to explore the huge and amazing world of the game and collect rare different items. Your private nests can have up to 8 rooms, and you must develop a garden where you can grow several plants to earn experience and currency. But, be aware this is a Flash game. What is The Mane Quest? Through customization, you can create and personalize your own horse with different elements. Horseyhooves.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.com and affiliated sites. As you grow in levels, you unlock more functionalities and ranches, as well as new horse breeds you can raise. You can buy different outfits, items and other things for your animal. The Toons can defeat the Cogs by cracking jokes on Cogs as Cogs can’t take the jokes. During the gameplay, you can go for horse riding with your companion and engage yourself in fun-filled various activities. They must be fed, groomed, and watered. Furthermore, Neopets offers a unique Economy system in the game that lets you earn and use Neopoints or you can simply use real money to buy items for your Neopets as well. Try it out, and you’ll enjoy the game. Webkinz is a fantastic and very cute world especially for children, own pets, collect toys and play fun games as you explore a wonderful place. Marapets is another cool MMORPG and Virtual Pet World inspired by the popular Neopets. Build your own Neohome and decorate it with lots of cool stuff. The game takes place in the virtual world where the player can create his/her unique character and socialize. The game allows the player to take part in the Daily Lucky Draw, Tournament, Clean the pet, winning Hurdle Races, and can earn coins in many other ways. Petra’s Planet lets the players start off the game by creating and customizing an online Avatar, once the avatar is completed, the players can start exploring the world. If you like Howrse you might like similar games ... Log In More to explore. At initial stages the game allows you to create and customize your online Cartoon Avatar by creating and changing their cloths, beautifying them with all the available items and gadgets etc. This game is specially designed for the children of ages 5 to 12 and provides with different safety options as Safe Chat and different kinds of data filtering techniques. The game takes place in the new town called Appaloosa Plains in this Expansion Pack. Do try it out. Pixie Hollow is an Awesome, Massively Multiplayer Online, Role-playing, Virtual World, and Browser-based video game created and published by Disney Interactive Studios. 32 Like. and an option to buy online membership for your desired time period according to the plans that game provides. Lif is a Massively Multiplayer Online, and Role-playing Simulation developed by Imigea Ltd and published by Gamevial. The game allows the player to create beautiful gift shops, restaurants, and wishing well, etc. Chimpoo, developed and launched by Games2Win is an MMORPG Virtual World video game available to play online in a browser. Explore different environment to hunt for food, rest, and water. Work, earn money and groom many different types of horses and ponies. Adopt adorable pets from the 60 different types available! At the initial stages, the game allows the players to select the avatar and its gender, customize it with the help of all the available options such as change face types, hairs, eyes, dressings, etc. Hang out with friends and go on a drive. With amazing visuals, engaging gameplay, and the best mechanics, Dogzer is an excellent game for children to play and enjoy. As the game advances, it becomes difficult to play. Purchase different items and outfits for horse and decorate it to show off the friends. You can treat your horse like the real one, as you take care of and feed your virtual horse to keep it healthy. A great feature for the game is that it offers a truly remarkably safe and KidZui approved environment for kids and ensures their safety. It offers the magical world full of adorable creatures known Boonies where the game takes place. There are different levels, and the player needs to progress through the game by completing each level and earn points to become the master.

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