69       In the administration of the Church, Sovereign Power acts through the Most Holy Governing Synod, which It has instituted. 7          The Sovereign Emperor exercises legislative power in conjunction with the State Council and State Duma. This full title of His Imperial Majesty is placed along the rim of the seal. 46       Lawful reasons barring tenure of the Regency and Guardianship are the following: 1) insanity, even if temporary; 2) the remarriage of widowed persons during tenure of the Regency and Guardianship. Along the rim of the seal -- the brief version of the Imperial title (article 60, paragraph 2). Does the Russian Imperial Family Plan to Return to Live in Russia? 126     Regulations, instructions and orders issued by the Council of Ministers, ministers and chief administrators of various departments, as well as other ordinances lawfully authorized, must not contradict laws. The conditions for making use of this freedom are defined by law. Around the escutcheon are depicted the ancestral coat of arms of His Imperial Majesty and the coat of arms belonging to the Realms of Kazan, Astrakhan, Poland, Siberia, Taurian Khersones and Georgia, the Grand Duchies of Kiev, Vladimir, Novgorod and Finland; above the pavilion -- combined on six shields the coat of arms of the other Principalities and Provinces, named in the full Imperial title (article 59). The conditions for organizing associations and unions, the manner of their activities, the terms and rules for acquiring legal status, as well as the procedure for terminating associations and unions, are defined by law. The latter cannot be bequeathed or divided and are subject to a different form of alienation. Therefore, until an active law is effectively repealed by a new law, it retains its full force. https://www.britannica.com/event/Fundamental-Laws-Russia-1906, Presidential Library - �Fundamental laws of the Russian Empire� approved. Chapter Eleven On the Council of Ministers, ministers and chief administrators of various departments Chapter Two On the order of succession to the Throne Chapter Two On the order of succession to the Throne. 31       With the extinction of this branch the succession passes to the female issue of the branch of the eldest son of the Emperor-Progenitor, wherein the nearest relative of the last reigning Emperor in the branch of this son succeeds, the eldest in this descending line, or if unavailable, in a collateral line, and if this relative is lacking, then the male or female person who takes her place by substitution, with preference, as above, for a male over a female person. 57       Upon accession to the Throne, the sacred coronation and anointment are performed according to the rite of the Greco-Russian Orthodox Church. 19       The Sovereign Emperor grants titles, medals and other state distinctions, as well as property rights. Legislative proposals that are initiated in the State Council are considered by the Council, and upon approval, are submitted to the Duma. The State eagle is holding a gold scepter and a gold orb. Does the Russian Imperial House seek the return of properties seized by the Bolsheviks? 99       No one can plead ignorance of a law once it has been duly promulgated. Does the Russian Imperial House seek the restoration of the Monarchy in Russia? He also determines the conditions and procedures for granting titles, medals and distinctions. Please publish modules in offcanvas position. 16       The Sovereign Emperor has the right to coin money and to determine its physical appearance. This website and its original content is copyright of THE RUSSIAN LEGITIMIST. In case a new expenditure cannot be covered by the expected surplus, the submission of such regulations, provisions and orders for the Emperor’s approval are permitted only after petitioning, in the prescribed manner, for the necessary allocation. 4          The Emperor of All the Russias possesses Supreme Sovereign Power. 104     The State Council consists of members appointed by the Sovereign Emperor and of elected members. What is the Relationship Between the Russian Imperial House and the Russian Orthodox Church? 56       Everyone pledges an oath according to his faith and law. 80       Every Russian subject has the right freely to select his place of dwelling and profession, to acquire and dispose of property, and to travel abroad without any hindrance. 81       Private property is inviolable. Each one of them is individually responsible for his actions and orders. The law defines the conditions under which meetings take place, the procedures for concluding them, as well as the limitations on venues. 114     Legislative proposals that are considered and approved in the State Duma, are submitted to the State Council. 74       The defense of the Throne and of the Fatherland is a sacred obligation of every Russian subject. 1. 23 April] 1906, on the eve of the opening of the first State Duma. 68       The Emperor, as a Christian Sovereign, is the Supreme Defender and Guardian of the dogmas of the predominant Faith and is the Keeper of the purity of the Faith and all good order within the Holy Church. 105     The State Duma consists of members, elected by the population of the Russian Empire for a five-year term according to the statutes on election to the Duma. 98       A law cannot be repealed otherwise than by the force of another law. The Fundamental Laws, a 203-article compilation of existing laws on supreme rule, were first published in the Set of Laws of the Russian Empire (Svod zakonov Rossyskoi impery) in 1832.Unchanged since the edition published in 1892, they had to be revised in order to carry out the principles set forth in the October Manifesto of 1905. The date for this solemn ritual is set at the discretion of the Emperor and is given nationwide publicity in advance. Persons of a different faith, when there is no church of their confession, pledge the oath of allegiance at a place of assembly before the members thereof. 121     Additional over-budget funds for war-time needs and for special preparations preceding a war become available to all departments by supreme command in circumstances defined by law. 15       The Sovereign Emperor declares areas to be under martial law or in a state of emergency. Every person pledges the oath before his superior in cathedrals, monasteries or parish churches, wherever it is convenient; those held in custody, but not yet convicted and deprived of rights, pledge the oath before the authorities of their place of confinement. 54       In the Decree on the accession to the Throne, the Rightful Heir to the Throne is also announced, if the person to whom lawful succession belongs, exists. 62       The Russian State Coat of Arms is a black double-headed eagle on a gold shield, crowned by two imperial crowns, above which there is a third, bigger crown, of similar appearance, with two undulating ends of ribbon of the Order of St. Andrew, the First-Called. 127     The Chairman of the Council of Ministers, ministers and chief administrators of various departments are accountable to the Sovereign Emperor for the general course of State administration. He also determines the organization and the administrative procedures of institutions and establishments managed by the Minister of the Imperial Court. What is the position of the Russian Imperial House on the Ekaterinburg remains? 45       When there is no father or mother, then the Regency and Guardianship belong to the nearest in succession to the Throne among the underage Emperor’s relatives, of both sexes who have reached majority. 95       To inform the general public, laws are promulgated by the Governing Senate according to established procedures and do not take effect before their promulgation. 113     The Statutes of the State Council and the State Duma indicate which matters are under the auspices of the Council and Duma and may be open for discussion according to procedures that they have established. 30       When the last male issue of the Emperor's sons is extinct, succession remains in the same branch, but in the female issue of the last reigning Emperor, as being nearest to the Throne, and therein it follows the same order, with preference to a male over the female person; but the female person from whom this right directly proceeds never loses this right. 33       With the extinction of the male and female issue of the eldest daughter of the Emperor-Progenitor, succession passes first to the male and then to the female issue of the second daughter of the Emperor-Progenitor, and so forth. After the Revolution, was Russian Legitimism Synonymous with Reactionary Politics? 32       When these branches too are extinct, succession passes to the female issue of the other sons of the Emperor-Progenitor, following the same order, and after that to the male issue of the eldest daughter of the Emperor-Progenitor; and when that too is extinct, to her female issue, following the order established for the female issue of the Emperor's sons. 47       A Regent of the State must have a Regency Council; there can be neither a Regent without a Council nor a Council without a Regent. The full blazon of the State coat of arms and of the State seal, in all versions, and the rules for applying them are found in a special appendix (appendix 1). 25       The Imperial Throne of All the Russias is hereditary within the Imperial House presently reigning. Conducting searches and seizures without the consent of the owner is permissible only in circumstances and by procedures defined by law. 90 No new law can be enacted without the ratification of the State Council and the State Duma, and cannot go into effect without being approved by the Sovereign Emperor. 43       The appointment of Regent and Guardian, either jointly in one person or separately in two persons, depends on the will and discretion of the reigning Emperor who should make this choice, for greater security, in the event of His demise. Legislative proposals initiated in the State Council or the State Duma and rejected by one of these institutions, can be resubmitted for legislative consideration during the same session, provided the Sovereign Emperor so decrees.

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