Hence, the word ‘Transponder’ is obtained by the combining few letters of two words, Transmitter (Trans) and Responder (ponder). performs basically five major computer operations or functions irrespective of their size and make. Architecture of a smart sensor 3. Choosing a representation is only part of the solution for transforming raw data into a form suitable for subsequent computer processing. The electric field is present radially while the magnetic field is present axially in the cavity magnetron. Refer the following figure. The synchronism between the electric component and oscillating electrons is considered. With the help of a block diagram, briefly describe the functions of the important constituent part of a typical large size Earth station. It is non imaging radar. As a result, the favored electrons a, c and d form electron bunches or electron clouds. This whole process is understood better by taking a look at the following figure. The function of each block is mentioned below. on: "Microprocessor based System Block Diagram". The space present between the anode and cathode is called as Interaction space. These electron clouds occur while the device is in operation. In their place, engineers use coaxial cables and, especially, hollow pipes called waveguides. He was born on September 1, 1950 in Kerala, India. The block diagram of transponder is shown in below figure. We can easily understand the operation of Transponder from the block diagram itself. This magnetic field is produced by a permanent magnet, which is placed such that the magnetic lines are parallel to cathode and perpendicular to the electric field present between the anode and the cathode. What are the important CPU registers in the 8085 microprocessor? Block diagram of a redundant earth station. As in TWT, let us assume that initial RF oscillations are present, due to some noise transient. Explain. The second integral part of a microwave link is a transmission line. Transponder performs mainly two functions. Join our newsletter for the latest updates. Companies and government agencies use them to provide communications networks between nearby facilities within an organization, such as a company with several buildings within a city. We have discussed so far the operation of cavity magnetron where the RF field is absent in the cavities of the magnetron (static case). In order to perform all the operations, some predefined timing period is required. You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. If there is an increase in the magnetic field, a lateral force acts on the electrons. The third part of the microwave system is the antennas. The differing lengths of the flashes (the dots and dashes), and the intervals of darkness between them, convey the information—in this case a text message. This creates an electric field rotating clockwise, which can be actually seen while performing a practical experiment. In general, autonomous segmentation is one of the most difficult tasks in digital image processing. A duplicate, or redundant, unit is automatically switched into a circuit to replace a correspond ding unit that has failed. You'll get subjects, question papers, their solution, syllabus - All in one app. The incoming microwave carriers will be different in number and in the amount of traffic carried, and the multiplexed output will carry telephone circuits not necessarily carried on the transmit side. Referring again to the block diagram, after passing through the up-converters, the carriers are combined, and the resulting wideband signal is amplified. On the transmitting end, the antenna emits the microwave signal from the transmission line into free space. The following figures show the constructional details of a cavity magnetron and the magnetic lines of flux present, axially. Here we are going to discuss about what is electronics. As and when this is done. That is, with respect to the time period, the processor will works. A simple one-way microwave link includes four major elements: a transmitter, a receiver, transmission lines, and antennas. ... Block diagram of a redundant earth station. There are three main types of Magnetrons. This contrasts with antennas used in many other communications systems, such as broadcasting. It receives uplink signal from the satellite antenna and transmits downlink signal to the satellite antenna. In 8086 Processor, all the general purpose and special purpose registers except deoding registers are 16 bit registers. This question appears in Mumbai University > Satellite Communication and Network subject. Redundancy means that certain units are duplicated. The wideband power signal is fed to the antenna through a diplexer, which allows the antenna to handle transmit and receive signals simultaneously, The station’s antenna functions in both - the transmit and receive modes - but at different frequencies. A sensor producing an electrical output, when combined with some interfacing hardware is termed to be an intelligent sensor. This is achieved by cutting off the electric supply once the oscillation begins. A multiplexer cannot perform any operation directly. Your email address will not be published. A thick cylindrical cathode is present at the center and a cylindrical block of copper, is fixed axially, which acts as an anode. It is suitable for both analog and digital signals. The space present between the anode and cathode is called as Interaction space. In this case, another electron, say b, takes energy from the oscillations and increases its velocity.

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