Its compact size makes it a good EDC fixed blade carry option in countries and states where you are not allowed to carry larger or mid-sized knives. Click here to see read our in depth Buck Selkirk Review. Check here out our in depth review of the Kizer Little River Bowie Knife. Fixed blade knives don’t come with any moving parts that can break. It features 420HC blade steel and premium walnut wood handles that fits any gentleman's EDC. I think I'd like to carry horizontal on my left side at about 10 o'clock. A Scout carry is a type of carrying position, and it’s extremely effective and efficient. yes the ESEE 4P) and I guess you know by now that the micarta handle offers strength and sturdy grip. A personal favorite of mine and others around these parts is Scout Carry. It is tough, great looking and it does an excellent job of starting fires with a ferro rod. Hopefully we will see variations in the future that will include better steel, a sheath that can hold a ferro rod, and maybe a bigger version. It’s also surprisingly comfortable for being so small. You wouldn’t believe how many times I have reached back to grab one of them only to end up digging my pocket knife out to cut, pull or pry and otherwise abuse. But Outdoor Edge clearly had an outdoor survival use in mind with the design. If you want another scout carry in a similar price range there’s the Camillus Les Stroud. It really shines with its leather sheath, though. But when it’s done well, it’s hard to beat the comfort and adaptability of a tactical horizontal carry. It uses belt loops instead of clips that you can unscrew and move to be horizontal or vertical carry. The name stands for Ground Combat Knife, which is probably close to what anyone would guess by just looking at a knife. The Guardian 3 sheath pictured above is really easy to change between side horizontal carry or scout carry. Pockets are great. Knife featured: ESEE Izula with Paracord Wrap. The carry options are similarly limitless to the base TDI design, though. It’s not so similar that it doesn’t make a good case for itself, though. So depending on your body type it might sit heavy. and Twitter. About 15 yrs ago I screwed up and lent a matched pair of knives to a friend’s kid who was going on a backpacking trip in Patagonia…I am still waiting for their return. You already know Blade HQ has all the knives. It’s compact and has a pretty quick deployment with grippy rubber handles. Facebook, What I love about this knife from Benchmade, is the simplicity and the efficiency and the fusion of good quality steel with a good design, this knife can be used for EDC and outdoor activities, if you’re a hunter, camper, fisherman, even a simple knife lover, and you search for a scout carry knife, this is your knife, it has a beautiful leather horizontal sheath, that offers you an easy carry. It's a bit bigger and longer than its peers on this list, but it is one of the smaller traditional fixed blades you can carry. Oh, the famous BUCK, they made us the 863 Selkirk (I still wonder how they bring those numbers as names), it’s a great survival knife, that comes with a 4.625″ Drop point blade made from the 420HC STAINLESS STEEL that offers great corrosion resistance and good edge retention. Not sure about the belt, though. I’m not sure how often I would actually use this design, but I love it anyway. The Gerber Ghoststrike has a really versatile sheath. This is easily one of the most popular knives, not just for horizontal carry, but for survival and fixed-blade EDC in general. By using this site, you accept our. This makes it harder to put it back in the sheath when it is behind your back. Apparently the inspiration came from butchers and fishmongers in Vietnam, so this is very much meant for food prep in the field, especially in combination with the Kydex sheath and adjustable clip. That being said, it would be great to see Buck move the manufacturing of this knife to their U.S. factory, and offer a higher carbon steel option even though that would result in a price increase. It’s close to what I imagined a bushcraft kitchen knife would look like before seeing this knife. It has a thicker blade stock, a recurve edge, and a stout tip, so it comes off as a tougher alternative to the Guardian 3. Click here to read our in depth Outdoor Edge Le Duck review or to just see more pictures of this cool little knife. Click here to read our in depth hands on review of the Bradford Guardian. The StrongArm sheath is ambidextrous and MOLLE compatible, so it is incredibly versatile. If you know of any great knives that you think should be included, please leave a comment below.

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