No more plain vanilla and strawberry for me! :). I just used the butter and added slivered Almonds (instead of the cinnamon and vanilla) to the basic recipe. I’ve been agonizing over which ice cream maker to purchase, should I purchase one, which one… This is so easy, I can’t wait to get started!! I found a Nostalgia ice cream maker at Walmart for $29. so is heavy cream the same as elle & vire whipping cream? where did you find banana extract? Add your own toppings for extra fun, If you're looking for a light and sophisticated after-dinner treat, why not whip up an affogato. my dad almost couldn’t believe I didn’t buy it from the store. Start with a little and continue to add a small amount until it’s the desired chocolatey-ness. I am SO glad that I cam across your blog and am one of your biggest fans now…you guys have put up some AWESOME recipes and I almost cried with joy when I saw your blog about home made ice creams!!! This colorful treat is bound to be a hit at barbecues and family parties—kids love it! Can I use lesser condensed milk I only have about half a cup left but I don’t want to cut the recipe in half either.. (Rich Chocolate with a hint of spice) It was amazing! Can’t wait to try other flavors! I also tried the Cinnamon Bun and Nutella & PB chip ones, too. It's a little effort but so worth it for a grown-up summer treat. Indulgent, intense and seriously chocolatey! Then chilled. It turned out great & disappeared in minutes! thank you amanda. Hi. I have read all of the flavours here and I will try lots of them but here are a few flavours that I am going to try too. sugar+crashed graham crackers+cinnamon+teeniest bit of nutmeg, Thank you for this btw!! It's a cold hard fact: This foolproof vanilla recipe is the perfect blank slate for multiple mix-ins. thanks for the tutorial! Thanks. mmm now thats what Im thinking Strawberry, banana nut Ice cream!! Not bad but not as good as the oreo ice cream pie recipe!! StumbleUpon FTW!! Thanks :). I love the sweet cream recipe at “Cold Stone”. Now what do I do??? Check out my blog @! Turned out great! I’m not a big super-sweet fan, so thinking I might do a Mojito or Lime Daquiri for husband. Thanks for sharing these simple ice cream recipes! Swirl ganache all around top and fold only a couple of times then freeze. Add the roasted dry fruits and 1 tbsp of chopped dates. We routinely pay $5 or more for the Turkey Hill. And i wish to share your recipe on the web. I wasn’t thrilled with the aftertaste of the condensed milk so I’m going to tinker with the ratio. I live in Switzerland and I don’t know what peanut butter chips are? 10 Best Ice Cream Maker Reviews for Summer, Amazing Potato Salad Recipes for Your Next Cookout. oooh that looks delishh! My innovation is right up there with your innovation! Yum! And I bought some mini marshmallows. Made the best frozen chocolate fudge swirl! Hmm, what ice cream flavor would I make… Your krispie kreme one is really tempting. Thanks. Hi Amanda. Thanks for sharing your great recipes. Perfect. I think I might try this with diced peaches and a splash of peach soda. Traditionally, many ice creams begin with an egg custard. Finding this recipe opened a whole new universe to me! Next I think I will do nutella with rice crispies. We made 7 different flavors. The only problem that I have is that once the ice cream is frozen and all ready to be eaten, it’s very hard to scoop out. And you can make your own condensed milk adjusting the sweetness. I’m eating it right now! I’m concerned it might not freeze well. If so, what did you think of it? Fold in whipped cream. Can’t wait to hear your coconut white chocolate results!! ;), Buter runs thru my veins-can hardly cook anything without it – :-) I usually use the Jamie Oliver ice cream recipe but I really want to try yours with the Sweetened Condensed Milk. There you go–magic shell! Hello..i had tried e receipe.. Its awesome in taste but textureis not as gd as expected. Maybe I should stop off at Walmart and buy some fat jeans too. Question: How do you store your ice cream? Yum, I love ice cream…this seems so much easier than using my KitchenAid ice cream maker…and the ingredient list so simple & very fresh…I plan on doing lemon/mint leaves with frozen berries mix, so cool & refreshing!!! Love your site and enjoy checking out all the recipes you post. okay, so i tried out differently. After about 6-7 hours I had a soft serve consistency that was extra creamy. Hi, Then I made the mint chocolate ice-cream with 1 large tube (12 oz) of cool whip, 1 cup (8 oz) of sweetened condensed milk, 1 teaspoon of vanilla flavor, 1/2 – 3/4 teaspoon of peppermint flavor (1 teaspoon is too much), crumbled up some chocolate & a little green food coloring. So confused. i can´t wait to do this.. this will be my friday fun recipe to try today… my favourite ice cream flavor is yogurt.. do you think this would work?..and how much would you put in it?.. Anyone tried using evaporated milk? Yummy, and no icecream maker. I cant cook but these recipes are great and simple! So rich & creamy smooth. especially the cinnamon bun one! I heard somewhere that I should blend the vanilla extract with vanilla bean and sweetened condensed milk, and I think I am suppose to add milk too, and then fold it into the heavy cream. I’m thinking something coffee…..hmmmm???? It sure surprised me! When I tried again with vanilla bean paste, which you can find at most grocery stores, the ice cream was delicious and had pretty black dots that made it appear commercial. Hey there! Tag your recipes and travels with #kevinandamanda. If you prefer a stronger cinnamon or vanilla flavor, you could go up to double the amount specified and still be OK. Sauce …do I substitute some of it for the condensed milk? NOT THERE! You can play and create many new flavors from it. You’ll want to smash the fruit into a puree first. Hi Amanda, BUT….I did come up with some flavors that rocked! So I plan on doing this with her now.. There were some crumbs and some bigger pieces. It was simple, fun, & made classroom memories… FOR SURE. Brown sugar and candied nuts give this butter pecan ice cream its mellow caramel goodness. Thanks no more store bought ice ceam for me…And the kids love it too now they can create there own flavors…, Hi Amanda, Specifically the nutella recipe? Going to experiment with many different options now and start making this all the time! It’s a respect issue… Do you like Krispy Kreme Doughnuts??! I made a cinnamon persimmon ice cream! Thanks again!! This one’s a definite keeper. We made a chocolate version 2 days ago (100g of melted chocolate + “some” cocoa powder)… DELICIOUS. Meanwhile, whisk together sweetened condensed milk and chocolate ice cream topping in large bowl. I’ll let you know how it turns out:). You can now include images of your recipes in your comments! 1,5 tablespoon of melted butter Very good and WAY better than store bought. I used cocoa powder (not sure how much) and amaretto liqueur (about a 1/3 of a cup)! Cal from fat 1,080 I love that because there are no raw eggs you can taste it before hand for the right seasonings. I made the recipe for Butter Pecan Ice Cream found on Eagle’s brand website & made Mint Chocolate. Here are some examples. It looks so delicious!!!! It was barely green but nice and freshly-minty, but I added 2 drops of peppermint essential oil to boost the flavor. I came across your recipe and I am very excited to try it out. I didn’t read ALL the comments… but I tried making pecan praline with mine! It tastes just like a snickers bar. After it cools completely, use this as your stir – in for the condensed milk. thanks!!! I know it’s not natural and the light blue food coloring is pretty–but anyway….that cotton candy homemade magic shell is amazing. Thank you in advance for any advice. Has anyone tried making this recipe with maple & walnuts? I broke that into pieces and mixed that in with the condensed milk and a tablespoon and a half of peanut butter. For those who can never choose between salty and sweet, the two flavors come together in pretzel- and peanut butter-filled ice cream. It’s amazing! * The cinnamon bun is one of the best things I’ve ever tasted in my life. Oh man! My husband is diabetic also & I don’t like leaving him out. Thank you so much for the recipes , I have never try to make ice cream without ice cream maker , can’t wait to create beautifull flavors. This stuff is heavenly! Love all the fun ideas! It will look like mush at first, but just keep the power on and it will turn into delicious creamy ‘ice cream’. You could also mix coconut milk or almond milk with the heavy cream. Very creamy. This chocolatey ice cream combines the best of both worlds with Oreo chunks and creamy Nutella. This yummy recipe will remind you of the many incredible scents found in your backyard. I licked the bowls of both and if they taste as good as they do so far, I think you’ve got a winner recipe here! I knew those two ingredients would get me in trouble. I have always thought a great holiday ice cream flavor would be Fruit Cake ice cream! Now my ice cream turn out to be too creamy n too sweet. Malted Milk Ball….crusted into chocolate….which was made by melting semi sweet baking chocolate….it was *delish* And then I *LOVE* banana choc chip….move over Chunky Monkey!!! Just mixed up my first batch!! I mean what type of container have you found that is best for storing ice cream. Tonight, I made the Hazelnut Mocha one and I made my own…MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP (I will never buy store bought again) – heaven. Yum!!! OMG! ive already got requests for mango,coconut and chocolate icecream! Mix in fruity pebbles or how about rice crispies? could have used more!) Great recipe, btw; simple but brilliant solution. What about a French Vanilla how would I make that? Thank you so much for sharing! I have to say, I was a bit skeptical at first, but this recipe seemed the most promising, I made this recipe and added homemade white chocolate fudge+ macadamia nuts, froze it to almost thick consistency, then added a layer of homemeade strawberry jelly (strawberries and simple syrup boiled down until thick) on top, froze it for 35 minutes and mixed together to get a swirl of strawberries, I have to say the result was so amazing, I will never buy store brand Ice cream anymore!

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