Start with a tbsp and then if you want it more chocolately then try more next time. The amount would be dependent on how strong of a lemon scent you’d like. 1 cup lukewarm water This is amazing! Can someone review if they have used this pudding mix. Be sure to check back tomorrow! We provide informative and helpful articles about ingredient substitutes, healthy eating, and all around cool stuff about food and recipes. Is it the milk powder for baking or the kind that we can mix with water to drink? It doesn’t seem right to add it to the dry mix. Love the idea of having a pudding mix available all the time, however this isn’t instant as you don’t cook those. 2. HTH! I live in the mountains. Nice recipe! Honey – If you sub in honey, make sure to reduce … The beans can then be placed in a spice or coffee grinder and ground to powder. Hello, thanks for the recipe it saved me a lot! Is it all the same, or did I buy the wrong thing? It’s a very nice pudding mix. Thanks! However, if you’re using the pudding for a cold application like a pastry cream filling, icing, or vanilla sauce (as is often done in German cooking) then you’d want it to be instant. Perfect! Chocolate is my favorite. I would not add any extracts until the pudding has boiled and cooled a bit–it seems to burn off the flavor. 2.) This is perfect. I’m soooooooo happy to find this, I’ve been experimenting on baking and it always call out for instant vanilla pudding and I hated it! 2.5 cups all purpose flour how is it instant if you have to cook it? any suggestions on quantities and ingredients to make other flavors? ;), coca power add to as much as it looks the right color. Enjoy your dessert tomorrow! I couldn’t even bring myself to make it on holidays. Any chance there is a sub/alternate to the corn starch? :), THIS is NOT an instant pudding mix such as the kind Jello makes — just add milk, stir, done. Laura any supermarket sell’s dried milk and have done for years. Hi Teri, I haven’t started playing around with the chocolate version yet, but as soon as I have it figured out I will definitely post it! Thank you! I really don’t like the yellow coloring and fake flavor of the packaged pudding so I was thrilled to find a substitute. Love the photos. so stay tuned! From body scrubs to taco seasoning mix and hot chocolate mix, I’ve been working on transforming the convenience packages for homemade versions. I went to the store today hoping to find instant vanilla pudding as I wanted it to make a cake. Thanks. Please change the name of your recipe so that those of us that are searching for true “instant” pudding don’t keep finding these cooked pudding versions. It is perfect. Also note when you use powdered sugar in cakes, your final product might be a little dense, but should be okay in puddings. excellent posts with stunning cliks AND, COULD I MAKE THE INSTANT PISTACHIO MIX? I was thinking the same thing. Love this idea. Thank you for coming to the rescue…AGAIN! Hi Winnie, I am not aware of a way to cook this in a microwave, unfortunately. This is not a recipe for instant pudding. Adding too much could alter the flavor, so be careful. Find some of the best vanilla extract substitutes here, then try them in desserts like Orange-Vanilla Monkey Bread, Vanilla Cupcakes, Cinnamon Ice Cream, and Pumpkin Spice Muffins. This substitute is mainly used in sweet dishes. Comment below and tell us which substitute you used for vanilla extract and the recipe it worked well in. The only thing that is hanging me up when I make the pudding is the color. I think it is called instant because you don’t have to run to the store and buy it. I have a cake recipe that calls for the small package and I am not sure I am to use this whole recipe in that or only a portion?

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