1 Small Banana, 1. “That’s associated with bone-density loss and should be addressed. 4. Add approx 100ml water, the stock cube and the cream cheese and mix. 6. 9. 2. 100g Baby Corn cut into chunks 5g Chilli Oil Serve with Tomatoes and Bacon. 4. 1/2 Medium White Onion sliced 1 Onion diced 30g Oats 1kg Chicken Breast Chunks 2. 125g Uncooked Chicken Place all other ingredients into a mixing bowl. For example, say you’re in a run training program in preparation for a race and you didn’t do your assigned 10 miles one week. Stir the mixture and return the pan to the oven for a further hour, if the sauce is thin, leave the lid off. 20g Feta 1/2 onion sliced Handful of Chopped Coriander At this point it could also be added to a slow cooker and cooked throughout the day if desired. Ingredients: In conclusion, the answer could well be finding a new relationship with exercise. 5g Goji Berries 200ml Water Serve with Brocolli or Veg of choice. 30g Tomato Paste 100g Banana 2tsp Smoked Paprika Serve with 50g Original Violife Vegan Cheese and a mixed leaf salad. 1 TBSP Coconut Oil. Method: 1 Large Carrot 10. 10g Peanuts Smashed Into Pieces 1 Red Chili finely sliced Heat a large oven proof pan (one that has a lid – preferable a tagine) on the Hob over a medium heat. 30g Feta 5. Soak for a few hours until a jelly like consistency. 11. 4. Fresh Coriander finely chopped 15g Tomato Sauce (Ketchup) 2. 4. 1. 1/2 Small Banana 1. 30g Agave Nectar Method: 1/2 Aubergine Cubed 1. 1. When done, remove from the heat, season with salt and pepper if needed and add the corriander. 1. 8. 200g Dry (Uncooked) Cous Cous 30g Tikka powder (or other Curry Powder) 100g Ricotta (if vegan add 30g cashews crushed and add in place of ricotta) 15g Buffalo Sauce Cook over a medium heat until soft. Preheat the oven to 200/180fan degrees. 2tsp Agave Nectar Syrup Cook on all sides until the colour has darkened and the Salmon is cooked through (approx 10 mins). Put some Baking Parchment onto a baking tray and line with some coconut oil to prevent the cookies form sticking. 140g Oats 50g Butter Beans or Chickpeas 20g Crushed Peanuts. 1 Squeezed Lime Method: 4. Add the puree, paprik, cumin and garlic and cook over the heat for 2 minutes, continuously stirring. Recurrent or prolonged injuries like tendinitis or stress fractures. 1 Egg for sealing and glazing. 1. 2. 50g cooked, sliced Chicken Breast 5. Method: 30g Stevia or (Sweetener of choice) Line a baking tray with grease proof paper. 4. One Cal Oil. 40g Oats Keep the roux movig and cook for a minute. Another is maladaptive symptoms. Half Fresh Lime. Bunch Of Basil 6. 200ml Unsweetened Almond Milk 2. Salt Handful of Chopped Corriander 1. Bring a pan of salted water to the boil and add the potatoes to par boil for 4 minutes. 1 Onion Diced Serve with salad. Next add the carrot and butternut squash then cook for 5 minutes. 1 Red Chilli Finely Sliced But what if fitness did the very opposite? 1 Courgette Add the noodles and coriander and mix. 9. Bring to the boil then reduce the heat to low to simmer until the sauce has developed and thickened. 12 Wooden Skewers. 10g crushed peanuts. 2. 1/2 tsp Chinese Five Spice Pre Heat the oven to 200/180fan degrees. One Cal Cooking Oil Salt. Add the Coconut Milk, Agave Nectar and Fish Sauce and stir. Salt 2 Grilled Medallions of Bacon 2. Add the mushrooms, thyme, salt and pepper as needed and cook until a medium thickness sauce. 1 Can Of Tuna Prepare a salad to serve with the chicken, cube and then add the Salad Cheese. 5. 1 weight watchers Wrap Then add in the melted coconut oil. After 15 minutes In a separate pan, boil some salted water and cook the noodles. 2 100g Pork Loin Steaks 10g Garlic & Herb Philadelphia 3. Spray the bottom with the cooking oil and add the onions. There are rules of progression whether the sport is endurance-focused or strength-focused, Jo said. 3. Evenly distribute one portion of the chilli between the 2 mushrooms. Add the Beef mince and turn the heat up to high. 1. Illnesses caused by decreased immune system function. 5. 7. If the Sauce begins to thicken too much, add water to keeep it a fairly loose consistency (the pasta will absorb some). 2 Pickles Cut Into Slices. Place All Ingredients Into A Blender. 1 Medium Onion Method: 500g 5% Fat Pork Mince 6. Mix Oat Flour, Protein Powder, Baking Powder, Cinnamon and Coconut Flour in a mixing bowl. 1 Egg 1tsp Cumin 5. 2 Whole Chopped Fresh Tomato’s 1. Finaly chop dates and almonds. 5. 7. Remove from the heat, and allow to cool. Overtraining is an issue seen in countless athletes who increase training or train intensely for prolonged periods of time.

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