Russia has been and remains the most challenging area for the successful implementation of the logistics procedures for many reasons. In other words, we collect your goods as usual and transport them multimodally to Russia. Transparent billing and flexible system of discounts for regular customers. Fax: +372 683 8302 Goods with customs value exceeding the equivalent of 200 EUR or goods that are subject to individual customs clearance procedure can only be delivered to the following cities: These goods cannot be delivered to any other locations. The Customs clearance fee is often added on top of the duty and value added taxes. The legal entity, in whose name customs clearance is taking place, is officially called the “declarant”. It is necessary to realise that, under this system, the party who physically receives goods in Russia and initiates the B2B customs clearance procedure must be a Russian legal entity. Within B2C sales, customs payments are the responsibility of the end consumer, and in the event of a customs enquiry, it is the responsibility of the customer to explain the contents of a package. As has been highlighted elsewhere in this Passport, there are strict limitations on certain categories of good when it comes to import into the Russian Federation. They hinge on the relationship between the retailer and the consumer, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to organise the process. © ATLANTIC WAY - YOUR CARGO IN RELIABLE HANDS. After clearance, the goods are transported to their subsequent destination. If addressed to any location different from those indicated above, no matter if the intended recipient is a private or business party, such shipment, including goods ordered online, will be returned to sender. This advance declaration dictates the procedure of Russian customs clearance; goods need to be cleared either on the Russian border or within specially designated Russian customs clearance centres. As the electronic age moves forward, this will likely become the predominant method of facilitating customs clearance. In Russia, customs clearance is strictly exercised and always occurs before goods are released to a purchaser. To prepare the documents for the customs clearance, the EEU customs tariff numbers have to be determined as well as all product descriptions in native language of member states of the EEU. The two customs points will then communicate electronically with each other with the aim of clearing the goods, and - should the goods require inspection - the internal centre will give the order to the customs post on the border to carry this out. DHL EXPRESS FIVE GOLDEN RULES FOR CUSTOMS CLEARANCE IN RUSSIA 1. The standard set of the documents, which is required for customs clearance of goods in Russia, includes the customs value declaration, documents establishing the ownership of the goods, power of attorney for the declarant, various certificates and declarations of conformity, financial documents, passport of deal, invoice, a receipt for payment of customs duties, etc. Typically, customs brokers not only handle the procedure associated with the import of goods but also offer transportation services as well. In case if a company is willing to start a process of customs clearance, the first step is the consignee should be registered at the customs post. Our experienced staff will consult you and prepare all necessary set of documents, arrange registration of your company in customs authorities, support in getting all necessary certificates and permits, make customs declaration as well as provide you with the final set of documents after completion of the declared customs regime. Customs clearance of goods (the customs clearance service) is a procedure that must be carried out when importing goods or vehicles to the territory of the Customs Union: Belarus, Russia, and Kazakhstan. The first option is for all process and procedure to occur directly on the Russian border. Associate Finance Director, Import Department. and the import declaration. For the certification itself, a legal entity of member states of the Eurasian Economic Union has to be the applicant in order to submit the application with all the necessary information as well as to provide samples for the testing of the products. Should necessity dictate, there are myriad advantages for both retailer and consumer in this approach, i.e. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Russia has been and remains the most challenging area for the successful implementation of the logistics proceduresRead More the Russian Post, then the national carrier of the shipment in the goods’ country of origin puts forward the customs declaration, and a CN22 form- a declaration created in accordance with international postal agreements –is issued to customs authorities. 3. Preliminary analysis and advising clients on the required set of documents for customs clearance of goods: — Analysis and execution of documents on non-tariff regulation measures (Certificates, declarations of conformity, etc); — Services of customs clearance under the seal of the customs broker as well as under the seal of the client (EDS). In the case of temporary entry, goods can be fully or partially exempt from customs duties and import VAT for a period of up to two years. Customs clearance - Custom Broker in Russia and Belarus. cheaper delivery costs and enhanced speeds for the consumer, as well as less onerous labelling and customs requirements for the retailer. Though these documents are largely not particularly difficult to acquire, they take around three weeks to arrive and there is a cost associated with receiving them. For this reason, all details of shipment should be agreed with experts in logistics and customs clearance just before being sent to Russia. Within this scheme, responsibility for preparing and presenting relevant documentation and paying associated duties and taxes falls on the buyer. The timing for the Customs clearance procedure is usually one business day after the declaration is registered by the Russian Customs authorities provided that all documentation is in order. High-quality work of our professional staff and the help of reliable partners allow the customers to quickly perform import and export activities. I agree with the personal data handling policy. If you need more information and want to discuss some details In order to obtain registration, the consignee has to collect a package of documents according to the activities of its company. The cost of this will depend upon the specifics and frequency of particular shipments of goods, the average price being roughly USD 150 per shipment. A specific figure has yet to be publically disclosed, and opinions are divided, but it is anticipated that this new tax-free threshold will be around EUR 500. Advantages include: »»No representatives are required at the customs terminal; »»Goods located at any border can be declared from a local customs office; »» Logistics don’t depend on the location of declaration; »» The likelihood of delays associated with paperwork are reduced. It can be done by an in-house-declarant (import specialist), a customs broker (who usually requires all the documents already prepared in native language) or an import service provider (who usually takes care of the documents preparation as well as logistics handling). :  +372 683 8303,  +372 683 8304 Additionally, video and audio CCTV surveillance products, live plants and seeds are prohibited from import for personal use, whilst cultural valuables can be carried only by commercial carriers and not by the Russian Post. In the last decade, the Russian Federation, and afterwards the Customs Union, tried to develop the procedure of customs clearing and to promote a much faster, less bureaucratic and more transparent alternative to the existing paper format. If the client in EEU does not want to deal with customs clearance, you can request the service of a technical distributor by an import service provider.

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