Department of Social Protection, Government Buildings, Ballinalee Road If the carer does not agree with the decision on their application, they may appeal against it. Section A is the authorisation by the person being cared for, allowing their doctor to give medical details to the department. You’ve accepted all cookies. The carer must not be your spouse, partner, parent, child or sibling. Their benefits will not be affected. Registered charity number 279057VAT number 726 0202 76 Company limited by guarantee. If your earnings are sometimes more than £128 a week you might still be eligible for Carer’s Allowance. In most cases you will be able to get the Young Carer Grant if you normally live in Scotland and you meet the other conditions for getting the grant. Carers, in receipt of, or entitled to receive, Carer's Allowance A written notification of the decision is sent to the carer in all cases. For example, you could use it for driving lessons, socialising, school books, or going on holiday. The grant shouldn't affect your other benefits or council tax reduction. You can ask for an advocate by contacting Social Security Scotland and asking for the Independent Advocacy Service. A carer may also receive payment at a Post Office, but must have a Social Welfare or Public Services Card to do so. Find more information on the support available, including getting a Young Carer Statement in Carer's: help and support. Application Form: Carer’s Support Grant (CSG1), Application form for Carer’s Support Grant. All rights reserved.Citizens Advice is an operating name of the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureaux. If you’re refused the grant because the person you care for doesn’t get a disability benefit, you should tell Social Security Scotland if they are later awarded it. If you disagree with their decision you can ask them to look at it again. If your pension is less than £67.25 a week, you’ll get a Carer’s Allowance payment to make up the difference. This could arise where new information is made available as part of an appeal by the claimant. The Scottish Government has introduced a package of help for young carers. The Deciding Officer will then make a decision on entitlement, provided all the relevant details are now available. You have 31 days from the day you got the letter to ask for a re-determination. If you don’t know it, you can still make the application, but it will take longer for your application to be dealt with. You can’t get a Young Carer Grant if you’ve applied for, or already get, Carer’s Allowance. A report is completed by the Social Welfare Inspector, usually following an interview with the claimant and this is forwarded to the Deciding Officer. Only one Carer’s Support Grant will be payable in respect of any one caring situation. The payments will usually go into your bank, building society or credit union account. 'relevant person' means a person who is ordinarily resident in the State and is so incapacitated that he or she requires full-time care and attention. It's worth applying as soon as possible. You can apply for the grant once a year when you’re aged 16, 17 and 18 years. The carer will not qualify for Carer’s Support Grant if the person being cared for is permanently resident in an institution. The Young Carers Package gives you access to a range of discounts and opportunities, like cinema ticket offers and CV advice. You can find out more about Carer's Allowance Supplement or get advice at your local Citizens Advice Bureau. Your feedback helps us make our digital services better. All non-resident care situations may require investigation by a Social Welfare Inspector before consideration by the Deciding Officer, is undergoing temporary medical or other treatment of a temporary nature in an institution, is attending a non-residential course of rehabilitation training provided by an organization (being an organization recognized by the Minister for Health and Children for the purposes of the provision of such training) or, is attending a non-residential place of day care approved by the Minister for Health and Children. In such circumstances, a Deciding Officer may revise a decision on entitlement, if it is to the advantage of the claimant. You should send photocopies rather than the original copies. If you deliberately give Social Security Scotland incorrect information, you might be committing a criminal offence. Jobseeker's Allowance/Benefit/Credits (Carer), care for the person for at least six months. Give us feedback, Copyright © 2019 Citizens Advice. Find out more about asking for a re-determination. Part 2 deals with he carer's payment details (See 'Method of Payment' above ). This may be a telephone or alarm-type system. It’s common to underestimate the number of hours you spend caring. You must be in the UK by 31 December 2020 to apply for settled or pre-settled status. Domiciliary Care Allowance. If you get Universal Credit, a Young Carer Grant won't be counted as savings for 52 weeks. You don’t need to have worked or paid National Insurance to get the grant, and it doesn’t matter what your income is or if you have any savings. The earliest date for receipt of claims for a given year is 8 weeks before the due date (i.e. However you can still access the Young Carers Package. Likewise, homemaker’s credits can also be awarded for part of a year when the homemaking period ends, from the start of the tax year up to the date you stop homemaking. But you can still get the grant if there are some breaks, for example if someone you care for goes into hospital for a short time. The aggregate of such employment or self-employment or course of training/education cannot exceed 15 hours per week. Before you apply for the Young Carer Grant, it’s a good idea to tell the person you care for. However, it will take longer for the application to be processed because Social Security Scotland will need to find out what benefits they get. Information and advice for carers about help with household finances: grants, TV licence, fuel costs and council tax/rates relief. , Carer's Benefit The carer will not qualify for Carer’s Support Grant if he or she is entitled to or receiving Jobseeker's Allowance or Benefit, or is signing for credited contributions. You can take it in turns to apply.

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