There's even a word for that perfect consistency in Chinese—"QQ"—which means chewy. Bubble Tea or Boba Tea is what most people call milk tea with tapioca pearls (boba) in the bottom of the cup. A drink of many names, bubble tea is most commonly called bubble tea, boba tea, pearl tea, or tapioca tea, but is also known as boba nai cha, zhen zhou nai cha, black pearl tea, BBT, PT, pearl shake, momi milk tea, QQ, and many other names. Boba tea is also referred to as bubble tea, tapioca tea, and pearl tea. Two tea shops claim the fame to inventing Bubble Tea: The first takes places in Taizhong, this is a city in the middle of Taiwan (Taizhong 台中,literally means Tai middle). In 1986, Taiwanese artist and entrepreneur Tu Tsong He decided to kick start a new business venture by riding on the tea shop trend. Many present-day bubble tea shops use a bubble tea shaker machine. Flavors may be added in the form of powder, pulp, or syrup to oolong, black or green tea, which is then shaken with ice in a cocktail shaker. One story behind the origin of boba tea is that a Taiwanese tea vendor who was experimenting with flavors began adding sweet syrups to tea. White pearls, not to be confused with the original pearls, are made with seaweed extract making them slightly healthier with a crunchier texture. You can now smell ... Boba Origin Sun Jul 12. The white appearance made the tapioca balls look like “pearls” and were subsequently called “pearl milk tea” which is a literal translation from the Chinese is 珍珠奶茶 (pronounced zhēnzhū nǎichá). The Boba Guys menu speaks volumes of bubble tea’s evolution over the years, seizing on customers love of everything small-batch and artisanal. Many variations followed; the most common are served cold rather than hot. It ultimately became the franchise's top-selling product. Bubble tea has now become a signature flavor itself and inspired a variety of bubble tea flavored snacks such as bubble tea ice cream and bubble tea candy. The saga was dubbed the "bubble tea for arms" incident by local media. [14], One bubble tea shop in Taiwan, named Jhu Dong Auto Tea, has taken the human-out-of-the-loop approach. But no matter how funky you get with the recipe, the soul of the drink should be the tea. He made tea using traditional white fenyuan which have the appearance of pearls, resulting in a "pearl tea." The Hanlin Tea Room of Tainan, claims that it was invented in 1986 when teahouse owner Tu Tsong-he was inspired by white tapioca balls he saw in the Ya Mu Liao market. [18], According to Al Jazeera bubble tea has become synonymous with Taiwan and is an important symbol of Taiwanese identity both domestically and internationally. Tu then experimented by adding bigger, black tapioca balls to milk tea for a richer taste and a chewier texture, which became the classic bubble milk tea most fans know and love today. [39], In July 2019, Singapore's Mount Alvernia Hospital warned against the sugar content of bubble tea since the drink had become extremely popular in Singapore in recent years. It also reduces manpower needs as multiple cups of bubble tea may be prepared by a single human.

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