Please talk to your specialist for more information. The summer crowds would have left, and many accommodations will offer incredible discounts around this time. The ski resorts around Santiago and in Patagonia will be open for winter activities starting in June, and the wettest month throughout the country will be July. In fact, you’re permitted to stay in Chile for 90 days (3 months) at a time on a tourist visa. The best time to visit Chile is from December to February when Chile is in the southern hemisphere’s summer season. Including accommodations, transportation and activities/tours. Chile’s weather in winter is significantly colder at night compared to the other seasons. Your entire vacation is designed around your requirements, Select your preferred style of accommodations, Create the perfect trip with the help of our specialists, All our specialists have traveled extensively or lived in their specialist regions, The same specialist will handle your trip from start to finish, Make the difference between a good trip and an outstanding one, Hand picked by us or our local partners as the best available, Offering more than just dates and names, they strive to offer real insight into their country. Autumn in Chile marks the start of the harvest season for vineyards throughout the country. A month later, the largest and oldest music festival in Latin America takes place in Viña del Mar for the Viña del Mar Song Festival. The northern and central regions have little rain, lots of sunshine, and continual flowers. During the peak of summer, Chile is busy with tourists. The height of shoulder season, prices for accommodation continue to stay low. ST39468, © 2020 Audley Travel  |  Audley Travel US, Inc. (Delaware 5398866). Check. Head to the Colchagua Valley for the most famous of the wine fests to partake of reds, whites, rosés, and handmade chocolates. As with January and February, December is a popular time to visit Torres del Paine National Park and we recommend booking well in advance for a stay here during this period. Experience theater, music, visual arts, and dancing, including many free events. In October, Chile’s weather will begin to transition closer to the summer season. You have demonstrated exactly what it takes to be a 5-star company (at 3-star prices). For those who travel south to Chilean Patagonia, you must hike before the end of the season! 303,Miraflores Lima 18 / PeruMon-Fri / 10am - 7pm. Spring flowers in the Lake District begin to make an appearance in October, creating beautiful scenery. Come earlier in the month to avoid the beginning of high season. In Santiago, the city reaches highs of 86F / 30C and lows of 53F / 12C. Spring in Chile is from September to November. Come to Chile during the harvest season in March and April to celebrate one of its most famous exports: wine. Expect warm temps in Patagonia, but watch out for windy days. The Fiesta de Santa Rosa de Lima on Aug. 30 celebrates a Christian mystic with colorful street parades. The peak of ski season is the last two weeks of July, due to school holidays. The cold days and increased sun also create the perfect weather for soaking in the hot springs of Termas de Chillán. Similar to the spring, temperatures at this time get slightly cooler and the busy crowds disperse, making for some great opportunities to explore Patagonia, the Atacama, and Santiago in peace. Double check. Drink up at Oktoberfest in Puerto Varas, Valdivia, and Malloco. Go to any wine region to sample the many pours of Vendimias (the Grape Harvest Festival). The Festival de Jazz de Ñuñoa is a free festival showcasing the best jazz and jazz fusion musicians in the country over several days of concerts. Communities gather to perform rituals, dance, tell stories, and play folk music. The biggest New Year's party is in Valparaiso. Expect rain in Valparaiso, but lots of glorious snow in Portillo and Valle Nevado. Santiago (Chile’s capital) and Valparaiso (the port city) are all about indulgence. Antofagasta celebrates immigrants who helped shape Chile’s musical identity with international food and dancing at the Festival of Foreign Colonies, while Valparaiso celebrates big ideas at their Puerto de Ideas fest. Desert regions, like Iquique, range from 64 to 77 degrees F (18 to 25 degrees C), while the beaches of Valparaiso boasts temperatures of 55 to 72 degrees F (13 to 22 degrees C). For those wanting a smaller music festival with more of a focus on wellness and music, Festival Nomade is an alternative option for February. Thinking of traveling to South America? Make sure you book well in advance if traveling at this time to ensure you get the best accommodation choices. Chile is considered one of the most popular travel destinations in the last five to ten years and even made it into Lonely Planet’s top 10 destinations.If you are wondering why, it is due to its great diversity of landscapes, climates, and destinations across the country.But when is the best time to visit Chile? Temps get a bit cooler on the coast (54 to 70 degrees F, 12 to 21 degrees C), but Valparaiso still has sunshine seven hours a day and far fewer crowds than in the summer. The best time to visit Chile is in March. Every few years the Atacama Desert has stunning desert wildflowers in September, especially in Parque Nacional Llanos de Challe. In La Serena, the long sunny days are perfect for enjoying the serene beaches and coastal walks along the town’s edge. Temperature: 41 – 81° F / 5 – 27° C (in Santiago) Rainfall: 10 – 50 mm; Season: Fall Summer in Chile is a stunning time to visit, where the climate is dry, warm and sunny. October to March are the warmest and most accessible months for visitors heading to Patagonia, in the south of the country. Christine Gilbert is a freelance writer, editor, and entrepreneur. The weather varies greatly throughout the country due to its extreme range of latitudes, altitudes, and geography. Wine lovers head to the Lake District for the grape harvest, even more sunshine than on the coast, and stunning fall leaves. So from the Atacama Desert in the northern tip of Chile right down to Patagonia in the far south, see our Top 20 Chile tours and trips for ideas and inspiration. This Santiago and Atacama Tour is a tour of contrasts. Call us now: +1 (800) 747-4540, Tollfree 1 (800) 747-4540 / +1 (206) 203-88001904 3rd Ave STE 930 / Seattle WA 98101 USAMon-Fri / 8am - 6pm Pacific - Sat-Sun / 9am - 4pm Pacific, Tel (0800) 747-4540 / +49 (711) 856-6972Hauptstr. As one of the most prominent wine-producing countries in the world, a journey through various wine regions of Chile is the top thing to do in Autumn. You can, however, expect more rain here at this time of year. If you’re thinking of visiting the Atacama Desert, it's worth noting that, in recent years, this region has seen freak heavy rainfall for a short period (normally just a few days) in late January to early February. For the best powder in Patagonian ski resorts, visit during this month. Chileans like to take their vacations in December, so coastal areas such as Valparaiso can become busy. This leads me to recommend the shoulder seasons of October to November or March to April as the best times to visit Chile, which will allow you to experience the entire country without being too hot or cold throughout.”. The Lake District is still in harvest season with less rain than other times of the year. One of the best ways to enjoy the cold weather during the winter season is to engage in snowsports at Chile’s most famed ski resorts. All Rights Reserved. The whole country begins to cool down, and accommodation prices are low. Every fully custom South America trip is planned by your own expert personal Travel Consultant. Celebrate by participating in Chile's New Years traditions: wearing yellow underwear for fortune, lugging an empty suitcase around the block for travel blessings, eating 12 grapes as the clock strikes midnight, or watching the massive fireworks show. This is also a great time to visit Torres del Paine National Park, as Chilean Patagonia boasts warmer temperatures and hiking trails in great condition. Up north, the Atacama Desert cools slightly, and the camanchacas (fog and low clouds) begin to roll across its plains. Throughout autumn many places shut up for the low season because of the cold temperatures. The whole country begins to cool, with the north experiencing lows of 57 degrees F (14 degrees C), the middle dropping to 46 degrees F (8 degrees C), and the far south dropping to 30 degrees Fahrenheit (-1 degree C). Browse through 30 pages of travel planning tips and ideas – a great resource for planning your Chile dream vacation. More than you can imagine, little adventurer. This makes exploring the city streets at night very enjoyable. The top thing to do in both the Elqui Valley and Atacama desert at this time are stargazing. The city of Arica hosts the Carnaval Andino con la Fuerza del Sol in January or February and mixes Catholic and native traditions. From June to August Chile is in winter. January and February are busy times to visit Chile, it being the peak of the country's summer. However, if you don’t mind highs in the 40s Fahrenheit and some rain, Patagonia has few crowds now, as it’s still too early for ski season. Note: Chileans like to take their holiday in December so the coastal regions/areas might be a bit busy. 131 / D-70563 Stuttgart GermanyMon-Fri / 10am - midnight CET, Tel (0800) 011-9170 / +44 (020) 3026 9287Enlightened House60 Featherbank Lane / HorsforthLeeds LS18 4NW United KingdomMon-Fri / 10am - 6pm GMT, Tel +54 (11) 5355-2711 / From US/Canada (888) 206-9253Carlos Pellegrini 125 8° fl. A brief chat with your personal Travel Consultant helps us create your perfect trip! © 1999–2020. Pinned by the Andes Mountain range from the rest of South America, Chile is positioned with some of the world‘s top slopes. You can find reduced lodging prices, as this month is in the middle of shoulder season. Patagonia will still be in winter, while the rest of the country begins to transition into spring. However, most Santiago locals travel during this time, making the city less crowded than usual. Perfect for foodies, wine enthusiasts or a honeymoon: South America Wine Tour allows you to taste South America’s be... Click your preferences: Destinations & Activities.

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