While some locations require cameras of a certain size and shape, others simply need a camera that can blend in. One of the added benefits of using spy pen cam and audio recorders is that you still write with this pen while you record. The battery can be charged using a household power supply socket, 5 V vehicle power supply or a portable power source. Installing a spy camera for car can help you out in a lot of different situations, but choosing one is pretty difficult. It is used to secretly record a conversation, lecture or investigation without the other person knowing. The spy camera encompasses an inbuilt rechargeable battery that offers uninterrupted video recording for two hours. Best Spy Pen with Camera and Voice Recorder with insane Battery Life #1 iSmartPen Pro 128GB Silver Camera Pen The iSmartPen Pro spy pen audio and video recorder is my top pick today. The camera supports 32GB of memory for your recordings. Even when you forget to turn on voice recording, it automatically activates voice recording whenever it detects voice. With a storage capacity of 120gig It supports a 128 GB micro-SD memory card to allow nonstop playback and recording. Home Security Planet also participates in affiliate programs with, Clickbank, CJ, ShareASale, and other sites. It also comes with a 1-year warranty. After all, most people don’t expect a pen to double as a recording device, especially not if the pen is fully functional. The best hidden camera is built to stay hidden. The camera comes with a built-in, rechargeable 1100mAh battery that provides you with hours of recording and an additional portable battery that can give you as much as 30 hours. The camera also provides motion detection recording, so that you can leave the camera in your office or even in your home, for almost undetectable recording capability. This camera with a pen body has a 32 GB SD card slot. It’s so discrete that you can’ actually tell what it is. While discrete recording is necessary at certain times, you do want to consider ethics as well as the laws that govern video and audio recording in your state. We have a couple on our list! You can read further reviews and reports below…. The camera is designed to be small and light. This means that you can set the camera to begin recording as soon as motion is detected. All recorded clips are stored for free for 12 hours in the Cloud so that they can be reviewed, customized and shared easily. When we think of the best hidden camera, we often cannot help but refer to spy shows and movies. Just press one button on it, and the recording will start. With a 16gig storage space, you are sure to have large files stored safely on this tiny device. This is a multi-functional camera. Some reasons that you may be looking for the best-hidden camera include home protection for yourself and loved ones, the safety of children under a nanny, securing your office remotely, keeping your car safe, and more.

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