King Philippe of Belgium has consulted political parties and has decided to allow Mr Michel's minority government to hobble along until the May 26, 2019 scheduled elections. Joe Biden in the White House: which world leaders stand to lose out? Belgium ends two-year government crisis with fresh PM. 30/10/2020. “The country is going well, and 2018 will be a better year than 2017,” Michel told the Belgian broadcaster Bel RTL. Decisions of the Council of Ministers of 6 November 2020. 30/10/2020. // addSize([1100, 200], [[1024,250], 'fluid']). // googletag.cmd.push(function(){ We highlighted in our previous note that ministers from the NV-A, the Flemish nationalist party, could possibly resign if Prime Minister Charles Michel were to endorse the UN migration pact at a conference in Marrakesh. There is indeed a political crisis in Belgium, but we don't think we'll see elections before May 2019. // googletag.pubads().enableLazyLoad({ // var TopMapping = googletag.sizeMapping(). UK struggling to conclude Canada trade deal, says Justin Trudeau, Surge in Covid cases tests Sweden’s go-it-alone approach, Fauci predicts positive data from second Covid-19 vaccine soon, Ackman places new bet against corporate credit, Donald Trump’s dangerous election reversal game, ‘The great 2020 money grab’: Muddy Waters unloads on Spacs, Pfizer chief sold $5.6m of shares as investors hailed vaccine, EU to buy up to 300m doses of BioNTech-Pfizer’s Covid vaccine, Oil producers have more than a pandemic to worry about, Scandals rock South Korea’s booming hedge fund industry, China tech stocks tumble after regulators step up antitrust pressure, New York’s hotel crisis puts pressure on $4bn mortgage bond sector, Joe Biden’s victory proves that anger is an enemy for Keir Starmer, China’s ‘recolonisation’ of Hong Kong could soon be complete, How social media is opening a new generation gap, The curse of the premature Nobel Peace Prize. We highly appreciate your support and value your feedback. // defineSizeMapping(TopMapping). If the current government starts to tweak certain details, the NVA might retract its support in parliament for the approval of the budget. Only 2% of hospitals said they had managed to come out unscathed from the crisis brought on by the pandemic. I agree with the use of all cookies. When Michel returns from Morocco, he will have to negotiate with parliament to find a new way of working. Brussels, 2. But there's a risk that Michel II ends up being a lame duck government. Hungary has called for the resignaiton of the commission vice-president, in the latest bellicose political move from the Hungarian PM. The new prime minister, Alexander De Croo, a 44 year-old Flemish liberal, presented the government programme in a speech in the European Parliament in Brussels. Belgium’s coalition government is at risk of collapse over a scandal involving the forced repatriation of 100 people to war-torn Sudan. // googletag.enableServices(); // googletag.pubads().enableSingleRequest(); Our base case is for a minority government to work with alternative majorities until the elections in May. There is economic growth of 2% and job creation is positive, but there is still work. There is indeed a political crisis in Belgium, but we don't think we'll see elections before May 2019. The agreement came after a political drama - and there are doubts if it will hold. Charles Michel, Belgium’s prime minister, has resigned following a failed attempt to win parliamentary backing for his minority administration, deepening the country’s political crisis. The total surface area of Belgium amounts to 30,689 km² in 2020. Given the decision of the other coalition partners, supported by a majority in parliament, to go ahead with the Migration Compact and to sign the deal in New York on 19 December, the NVA decided to pull out of the government on Saturday. // mobileScaling: 2.0, I want to use all functionalities on this website. Thus the opposition will consist of the Flemish nationalist NVA, the Flemish extreme-right Vlaams Belang, the Francophone and Flemish communists (PTB and PVDA), the Francophone Christian Democrats (CDh) and the mainly Brussels-based Francophone Défi. Is AI finally closing in on human intelligence? With the other parties claiming that everyone in the government agreed on the signing, it would have been inappropriate to withdraw it.

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