Fits perfectly for YouTube vlog, street fashion, travel video, urban and street lifestyle, food festivals, youth advertising, photo slideshow, cute video, etc. This track will elevate the excitement of your projects! Works well for science or cosmology videos, life mysteries or breakthroughs, alien planet, dream, and deep moods, longing and loneliness scenes, and more. Enjoy! Please leave a comment and let me know. A stylish chillhop music with cool jazzy elements. Beautiful and stylish background track for any entertainment, people enjoying the good life in Vegas, vacation life, humor or comedy video, dancing floorshow, hide and seek game. It will be perfect background music for various types of media products - presentations, commercials, lifestyle videos, videos about food, product demos, funny comedy videos, and so on. This instrumental consisting of trumpet, played main melody, piano, strings, electric guitars, electric bass, slow and soft percussion. Great for casino and vegas scenes, jazz and funk radio stations, smooth and funky moods, food and cooking shows, event-agency videos, coffee break and restaurant lounge zones and all projects needing a retro twist vibe. It would be nice for retro videos about 40ies, also it can be used for spy video games or even bohemian lifestyle. Features horns, drums, electric guitar, and trumpet. Cool jazzy instrumental background music. Freely-flowing rhythms made this challenging to transcribe, though I’m stoked to be able to offer something to you that is very, very close to what Chuck played on Robert Palmer’s Heavy Nova album. Suitable for award ceremony opening, awarding the winners, great achievements in sport, majestic ceremonies, Graduation Day, Olympic champions. Also good for comedy spy show, casino and gambling, hip urban commercials, bank heist, private eye scenes, caper story, cooking TV and online show, program, travel and vacation visuals, a soundtrack for films, and more. This is a happy and positive jazz music, full of fun and joy. great for Cuban and Brazilian shows, holiday and vacation shows, tropical and island beach background, uplifting happy moods and much more. We give you 1 pages notes partial preview, in order to continue read the entire Beautiful Trumpet Original Key sheet music you need to signup, download music sheet notes in pdf format also available for offline reading. Triumphant and victorious hybrid orchestral music. A cool and trendy mix of old school hip-hop, chillhop, and even ragtime. Bold and groovy rock'n'roll / electro blues track, featuring driving electric guitar, bass, trumpets piano, and drums that create a tough, feel-good mood. Up beat jazz version of Go Tell It On The Mountain. Mellow and hopeful acoustic folk track, with a cosy and heartwarming ambience. This tune can be perfect for casino videos, retro oldies videos, cocktail and bar background music, gambling videos, funny trip and travel videos, retro comedy movies and trailers, vlogs and adventure videos. Relaxing and stylish chillhop track with neo-soul vibe and some vintage elements to get through your day. 2020 All Rights Reserved -, B Flat Clarinet, Piano Solo, Piano Accompaniment, Piano Vocal Guitar, Banjo, Bass Voice, Harp, Ukulele, B Flat Trumpet, Trumpet Solo, Piano Accompaniment, Electric Guitar, Guitar Tablature, Piano Solo, Piano Vocal Guitar, Alto Voice, Baritone Voice, Bass Voice, Easy Piano, Harpsichord, Piano Duet, Soprano Voice, Tenor Voice, Voca, Alto Recorder, Alto Saxophone, Alto Voice, Baritone Saxophone, Baritone Voice, Bass Guitar, Bassoon, Double Bass, Easy Piano, Ele, America The Beautiful For Trumpet And Piano, America The Beautiful For Bb Trumpet And Piano, America The Beautiful One Trumpet And Organ, What A Beautiful Name Trumpet Solo With Piano Accompaniment, Beautiful Hymns Set 1 2 Duets Bb Trumpet And Piano With Parts, What A Beautiful Christmas Piano Background For Trumpet And Piano, What A Beautiful Name Soprano Sax Original Key, What A Beautiful Name Bassoon Original Key, What A Beautiful Name Bari Sax Original Key, Gary Lanier 3 Beautiful Hymns Set Iii Duets For Bb Trumpet Piano, Gary Lanier 3 Beautiful Hymns Duets For Bb Trumpet Piano, All Beautiful The March Of Days Original Piano Solo, Beautiful Island An Original Composition For Solo Accordion By Stas Venglevski, Tell Me That You Love Me Trumpet Original Key, Sonata For Trumpet And Strings Original Version, I Cant Make You Love Me Trumpet Original Key, Baby Its Cold Outside Original Key Trumpet Duet. The only element missing from my transcription is Chuck Findley’s emotional styling, which is something I simply can’t translate onto paper. Enjoy! Fit for commercials, presentations, lifestyle videos, party video, travel video about Latin American countries. A fun and easy-going swing pop with guitars, pianos and brass, which create a feelgood and cheerful mood. Suits a vlog, urban NYC style. Enjoy the life with MelodyLoops :). 11. This comical, adventure and romantic music theme will suit as a background music for crime comedies, weird and awkward scripts, tiptoe villains, fashion film, childish or mad adults and more. Great for sensitive moments and background music. And you can use them too! Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Good for cooking TV and online show, program, travel and vacation visuals. Creates a really high spirit and will work nicely as a background for different kinds of projects. Cooool man......The festive and bright sound, a catchy melody is perfect for a birthday party, bohemian events, a presentation of premium goods, charity auctions, red carpets, film festivals, and other fabulous projects. Perfect for commercials, youtube videos, animations, films, cartoons, footages and many more. Features electric lead guitar, percussion, horns, saxophone, upright bass, Afro-Cuban piano, drums. This track is perfect for patriotic content. I was wondering what everyone was going to do with their newly acquired green screens. Highly suitable for epic victory, scenes of glory and prosperity, political campaigns, new product launch, corporate images, etc. Hot and sexy Spanish Salsa Music with a strong Latin flavor and exciting lively guitars, percussion, and trumpets. You have answered that in spades. The song is instantly recognizable for the lipped and valved. This is a smooth and funky fusion jazz music. This track is ideal to create an atmosphere of a carefree summer day and to add an urban vibe to your commercial, ads, video, presentation, slideshow, etc. Retro style big band jazz track with a cool hypnotic feel. ( Log Out /  Creates a really high spirit and will work nicely as a background for different kinds of projects. The arrangement combines big cinematic drum hits, epic strings, and packs a great deal of power and energy. Works well for inspiring and positive projects. Features saxophone, horns, electric guitar, upright bass, and drums. Emotional and evocative orchestral background music for beautiful and inspirational moments. Traditional Carribean tropical style groove with lively percussion, trumpets, and percussion. This background music is perfect for any television production, as a passion related romantic movie theme. Good for any media projects like casino poker game, caper story, bank heist, shopping mall, soft videos, vacation, cafe, tv programs and other. All sheet music displayed is only partial preview, to access the full version sheet music you need to be registered. Designed for high-end product promo, hotel lobbies, upscale ambiance, posh style, and luxury experience. Happy and cheerful track with exotic percussions, ukulele and cheerful African/Hawaiian vibes. Featuring acoustic guitars, trumpet and percussion. Stylish New York's style hip-hop/ chillhop, with an old school vibe. Even if it did take me a dozen or more takes to get a good one…. Ideal for amazing adventures somewhere in Mexico, commercials and travel videos as well as for cartoon animation, bright happy endings, film credits in comedy or romantic love stories, etc. This is a calm and easy swing jazz music. Funky, cool and playful track with a funny and joyful mood. This track has a bouncy funk feel with tenor sax lead. Handclaps, percussion, trumpets are weaved together to create a really infectious groove. The style is a bit like Debussy-meets-film-noir. Featuring ukulele, percussions, and brass! Great for quirky and happy scenes, comical and funny comedy background, fast and uplifting moods, casino and criminal oldie moods, coffee shops and restaurant background, lounge bars and more. Freely-flowing rhythms made this challenging to transcribe, though I’m stoked to be able to offer something to you that is very, very close to what Chuck played on Robert Palmer’s Heavy Nova album. Great choice for kids animations and videos related to vacations, summer, and kids adventures. Similar to Barrett Strong song, Money (That's What I Want). This is beautiful and emotional winning music with inspirational and bright orchestral sound. Cool corporate pop and funky music track, perfect for your business projects. A perfect choice for chill zones, spa, fashion events, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. Great for Caribbean Fiesta y sol, Zumba party, salsa lessons, Cuba holidays, Brazilian street carnival, party scenes, film credits, or travelscape. We give you 1 pages notes partial preview, in order to continue read the entire Beautiful Trumpet Original Key sheet music you need to signup, download music sheet notes in pdf format also available for offline reading. Change ), © These logos can be used in arcade computer games, family movies, anniversary events, youtube video. Makes you kinda groove in your seat. A dramatic, emotional, and passionate flamenco track has a remarkable Spanish influence. Great choice to heat up any production. Ideal to translate fun and excitement for casinos and gambling, game shows, showtime, commercials, radio or TV. Simple and energetic Cuban salsa dance instrumental with Latin percussion, happy piano, Spanish guitar and some bright brass stabs. Download sheet music for Trumpet. Suitable for comedy films, game shows, cooking productions, cartoons or children's entertainment. Enjoy! Easy-going, elegant and groovy hip hop / chillhop track featuring swing beats, soul samples and scratches. Hot and positive music track for the vacation time. Print instantly, or sync to our free PC, web and mobile apps. Perfect for space projects, technology videos, nature and travel slideshows, timelapse video. This music evokes associations with old school funky retro sound, casino lounge music, 80-s caper story american movies, criminal comedies, gangsters and so on.

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