The world! My mutant plants have the strength of the deadliest animals. Poison Ivy has been shown to be an occasional romantic interest of Batman. He tries to get her to join him in his conquest, saying that he owes it to her research and that they can rule together. First... Gotham. With a henchman of Woodrue's creation, Bane, in tow Isley declared the world belonged to the plants and herself, deeming herself "Mother Nature" thanks to the new form her former persona's death had given her. One notable scene has her attempting to kiss Batman and kill him, but she ends up kissing Penguin's penguin army by mistake, much to her disgust. Before they could get far Bane knocked Batman to the floor nearby snapping them out of their moment. Plant cultivation and murder (particularly eager men) The winner will receive an evening of my company. Behold, the dawn of a new age. I've never been good with competition. Leaving quietly Isley decided to take him up on the invitation sinisterly declaring to rid herself of the pests leaving Gotham hers for the greening. Pleased to see her plan to tear the duo apart was already working, Ivy attempted to drive the wedge between them even further by mockingly asking if they were going to start a fight over her. What Freeze then did to her is unknown, but as anyone can imagine, it couldn't have been pleasant. [putting her arms on his shoulders]  How about "slippery when wet?". : With little choice he accepts her offer and with their combined forces they break out of his cell. Telling her he'll kiss her if she tells him, Ivy tells him Freeze's plan with belief that he won't live to make use of the knowledge. Poison Ivy She burned her lab to the ground and left for Gotham City. But you probably don't have access... Commissioner James Gordon Ivy walked away from her throne with a smirk and mockingly waved goodbye to the drowning hero, taunting him "See ya!" He's about to turn Gotham into an icecube. He loves me not. Beckoning him to her Robin made his way across the pond. Doctor Jason Woodrue Our work? Eager to help, Ivy set out with a plan of her own. One kiss, my love. This skill proved to be as welcome to her arsenal as her poisonous lips were often going hand in hand with one another. Pheromone Control: As a further extension of her skill in botany Ivy was able to extract plant pheromones and utilize them as a weapon; namely her trademark "Love-dust". Robin Poison Ivy Mr. [Pulling away with a look of mock-sympathy on her face]  The most *absurd* of God's creatures! She leans in for a kiss]. Ivy tried to defeat her but was unable to match her opponent's fighting prowess. Our original sponsor had no stomach for military applications. That's right, the same plants and flowers that saw you crawl from the primordial soup will reclaim the planet. Meanwhile, Barbara discovers the Batcave, where an AI version of Alfred reveals he has made Barbara her own suit. {Actually she is seen in a eternal Freeze beam before the appearance of Mr Freeze[!]. After she divulges the info Robin tries to take leave, hurriedly reasoning that he has to stop him. Ivy screamed as the petals of the flower bed closed over her, supposedly crushing the villainess. : Unfortunately Batman was a much more stronger-willed opponent than Robin and despite being pinned down by her he was wily to her charms and stopped her from trying to kiss him. But without your research, I could never have come this far. Using his grief and anger, Ivy twisted him into turning his wrath to the entire world, in turn giving her free reign to rule the world with her mutated plants, a natural by-product of her own creation, leaving them the only two humans left in the world. [He acknowledges her]  : She convinced him that he no longer needed Batman, and she could help show him the way. Bane made them flee for their live after making them fly off a wooden plank they were all standing on. Poison Ivy [amused by the squabble she's caused]  [sits down beside her]  : Ivy He loves me not. [she backs a dumbstruck Robin against a railing]  On top of tribal-themed "mouth" overlooking the crowd, adorned in a fluffy magenta gorilla costume she performed a seductive strip-tease revealing herself as the red-haired leafy goddess that killed Jason Woodrue. Seductively remarking how she's "to die for" Ivy leans in towards one of the guards, with her lips puckered for a kiss. Never leave the cave without it! Unfortunately Freeze's escape had reached the Dynamic Duo and they were there along with the police. With that, he declares that he has come to make her life a living hell and to offer her an eternal winter, much to her stunned horror. I'm a lover, not a fighter. With Batman & Robin in pursuit of an escaping Freeze Ivy took her leave as well, but not before blowing a kiss to an enamored Robin, keeping her in his thoughts and planting a seed of desire for her she would capitalize on later.

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