Small semiconductors provide better performance and reduced power consumption. The Snapdragon 865+ makes this thing fly. The Zenfone 7 Pro does make some concessions – notably, it doesn’t have wireless charging, likely to save more space for battery capacity, as has been the case for past Asus handsets. The phone costs NT$27,990 (New Taiwan dollars), which converts to around $950 / £730 / AU$1,330. The maximum resolution available for videos shot with the main camera. You’re a selfie diehard Two images taken in quick succession with wildly different results. They have higher contrast ratios and wider viewing angles compared to LCDs. As previously mentioned, the Zenfone 7 Pro comes with a 30W charger in the box, an improvement on the 18W charger that accompanied the Zenfone 6. And sure enough, once I turned off the feature that caused the issue (scheduled charging), the Zenfone 7 Pro would easily last me a day of heavy use including taking pictures, navigating, and listening to music via Bluetooth. Asus also has its AudioWizard software, which adds enhancements like DTS Headphone: X and virtual surround sound for headphones. Still, if you're looking for a unique phone with unbeatable selfies, the Zenfone is still the one to choose. The closer the Actual colors are to the Target ones, the better. But the sides are so thin they’re a bit tough to pick up when laying flat and it doesn’t feel totally secure to hold, as your fingers may curve around the matte metal sides to slip on the back’s glossy finish. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. You won't get better selfie cameras in other smartphones, and that's worth a lot. We got 65,222 points in AnTuTu and 22fps in GFXbench. There's no water-proofing or wireless charging, either — you'll have to make do with 30W wired charging. It's not a big deal if you're someone who likes big phones, though — you already know what you're in for. Despite the 500nits of brightness that the phone boasts of, the display washes out under direct sunlight pretty easily. iPhone 12 Pro vs iPhone 11 Pro Camera Comparison: what has changed? Yes, the phone was a bit warm after fast charging with the 30W charger. Most images turn out well with ample light, but Asus' image processing isn’t 100% reliable. We didn’t find these terribly useful, to be honest, though the auto-pano does produce more evenly-edged widescreen photos than other phones. The resolution is given as a compound value, comprised of horizontal and vertical pixels. The photo modes that take advantage of the flip camera, like the subject-following motion tracking mode and auto-panning panorama, return as well. He has frequently written about the smartphone and PC industry and also has an interest in photography. It’s a bit disappointing to not have the newer Type-C connector here. The Zenfone 7 Pro’s flip camera is a potential weak point, and while the camera retracts when the accelerometer senses the phone may have been dropped, any blow could disrupt the mechanism. These omissions don’t sink our opinion of the phone, though they may rankle some fans who have come to expect such features if they’re paying top dollar for their smartphones – and rest assured, the Zenfone 7 Pro does cost top dollar. I was happy with other tweaks, though. Otherise, the Zenfone 7 Pro’s specs are competitive with other flagships: a 6.67-inch Full HD Plus AMOLED front display (no notch, no punch-hole), a large 5,000mAh battery, a Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset, 8GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. Our main concerns here would be the weak sunlight legibility of the display and the fact that the cameras (all three of them) really struggle to give satisfactory results in low light. GaK_45's combination of multiple industry certifications(MCSE, CCNA, various CompTIA, etc), and over twenty years' experience in the computer industry allows him to provide detailed analysis that is as trustworthy as it is practical. Using these cameras is fun and easy, but the resulting images are surprisingly inconsistent. In DuoPixel mode, details on faces are generally softer, and bright areas are overexposed pretty badly in daylight shots. In the box, you get a charger, data cable, silicone case, SIM ejector tool, headset, and a quick start guide. I'm happy that Asus finally added a telephoto to the phone, but unfortunately, it's by far the worst of the bunch. More battery power can be an indication of longer battery life. While we couldn’t compare the phones side-by-side, on paper, they’re nearly indistinguishable, leading us to wonder what could justify the 7 Pro’s higher price. Yes, though at €799 for the Pro variant, Asus' pricing isn't as aggressive as it used to be. Most images turn out well with ample light, but Asus' image processing isn’t 100% reliable. You’re not exactly careful with phones The number of megapixels determines the resolution of the images captured with the main camera. Roydon Cerejo writes about smartphones and laptops for Gadgets 360, out of Mumbai. It works well, especially the reader mode, which comes in quite handy. Another big feature is 4K video recording using the selfie camera. Aggressive app-breaking battery optimization tweaks, no notifications on the always-on panel. A look into the potential future, Apple announces its first-ever Mac Arm-based SoC, the M1, Huawei to sell Honor smartphone business for $15 billion, FDA approves Apple Watch app that ends nightmares, All iPhone 12 mini preorder deals and prices at Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T or Best Buy, A production drop proves the Galaxy Note 20 was a bad idea, Samsung launches improved version of Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Early Samsung Galaxy S21 5G launch and key S21 Ultra specs are now essentially confirmed, Based on demand, these are the most popular colors for the 5G Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max. When switching back and forth between phones (the Pixel 3 and the OnePlus Nord, to be specific), it's incredible how huge and top-heavy the Zenfone 7 Pro feels.

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