COMMENTS I haven’t been feeling well lately (a lack of energy, general fuzziness) and the constant…, It appears that I was wrong in predicting Trump would get very sick and maybe die from his COVID ‘infection’ (a nasty NLP word they always use). Conference, but I mainly got out of it the fact that Ashley Judd was actually a pretty good actress. by Allan Weisbecker, at To protect against a…, Sorry for the silence, folks, but I’ve been busy with technical and travel matters; I’ve also been immersed in several  books (of COVID note). He’s not a surfing legend. ALLAN WEISBECKER'S EXPAT JOURNAL ENTRY SIX: Dazed and Confused -- a video blog I need a few good waves to wash the sin of this fallen world off my back even just for a few moments. ... Brian Keaulana is hoping to bring a surf park to vacant state land in Kalaeloa, Erik Logan, WSL’s President of Content, steps into the revolving CEO door, “Weird Waves” takes us to the most stoke-filled corner of West Africa, Just don’t come complaining to us if you plane a finger off, “Second Thoughts” star recounts some of his most feral surf expeditions, Not surprisingly, 8 out of December’s top-10 rides went down at Pipeline and Jaws, Flipping back to one of our favorite pages of Waimea Bay history, The hard-charger on the gear that’ll help you make the most of your time on the rock, Suffers a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery, In "The Ultra-Core Surf Hour", Jon Wayne Freeman is the hero we need, Not another Instagram carousel, this is the crème de la crème from our year in print, The hard-charging hellman dances with one of Oz’s heaviest slabs. Aloha, They have also already revealed that very “Island” to us in the movies as well. This ‘mission,’ like all fiction films, was shot ahead of time, out of sequence, on different sets/stages. I’ve been sending him related studies that clearly prove…, Note: I don’t know why the comments disappeared. They do this to keep unlimited funds flowing into their ” war chests”, thus guaranteeing ree!ection. about seeing very bad suspicious things going on around that project and especially Yeah, everyone involved was an actor of some kind, including Floyd himself. That’s it for this one, Azzy. Plus I found an old test of the Mercury capsules which showed that they would tumble on re-entry and therefore burn up, so that puts that whole program in doubt:, I dunno exactly what all these means, except to say we are being gaslit by the ‘chemical rocket programs’, I just don’t know to what degree. Is this like the Jodie Foster movie CONTACT? Absurd by the laws of physics. Just an observation on George Floyd. Transhumanistic dystopia. Our elected leaders in Congress, rubber-stamp every last goddamned appropriation for dark funding requested by the Pentagon, using this threadbare sleight-of-hand. Also, her stuff avoids real proofs of fakery. belongings in his house, his life records, everything vanished as though he never existed. for fakery. He is a writer and producer, known for Miami Vice (1984), Beer (1985) and Crime Story (1986). Guiding it and keeping it upright simultaneously is impossible. No thank you!!!!! Say what you want about it but the place produces some real characters. if the guy was as smart as they say he was, he would have been insane NOT to hold most of us in contempt. lady I was employed by about my cousin working on the project I look around the web for articles about debunking the space program of the 60’s, before I was born, but does anyone have a recommendation on good articles pertaining to this subject. (Anyone know what might have happened?) But this one is different and the giveaway was a moment in the ‘Presidential Debate’…, The following is an excerpt from an essay by the author of The Invisible Rainbow; A History of Electricity and Life, Arthur Firstenberg, which I recommended last time. The November 5, 1963 edition of the New York Times contains an article about the Soviets bouncing a laser off the Moon's surface. Read the post. I think that would be a great idea, along with riding a wave again. Learn more about Surfline human forecasts, LOLA charts, and long-range forecasting: SURFER Magazine: Allan, How in the world did you get hooked into surfing, and the whole little secret society, while living in New York in the mid ’60s? Do you wonder why I am the only one dealing with it publicly? S has HTF. (Especially note the second launch in this compilation.). The ambulance he was put into did not even have any EMT,s inside . In real life it would take several seconds after ignition to start the huge weight moving. It is pretty much impossible to identify the first object. Now it’s moved farther, even though the engine is not yet at full power. There was an elitism over and above the hippie subculture that came out of the accomplishments being made in the water. Really folks, do any of you not understand how important this fake Spacex issue is? Let’s think about it. “Wagging The Moondoggie” He said something How they keep their employees in line goes back to my first point, i.e., Orwell’s doublethink, or the idea that ‘I will see it when I believe it.’ And don’t forget about compartmentalization. I agree, wholeheartedly! What is up with that. These people would never surf in their lives but they loved it. Clouds don’t look like that, nor would they cover that huge area of the earth. I don’t think I could say one sensible word for a couple of days. Let’s think about it. The ‘continuity errors’ are proof that shots were done at difference times and places, i.e., the ‘astronauts’ cannot have been in rocket we ‘saw’ launched. It’s way cheaper for one thing. Re the 1960s, we know the Apollo missions were frauds (right?). Learn more about Surfline human forecasts, LOLA charts, and long-range forecasting: It’s usually up to a ‘script girl’ to prevent fuck ups like these. one interesting compilation is of the Spacex launches from day one, which you can see here: Copyright © A360 Media LLC 2020., You ask: ‘And why does no physicist or engineer notice that?’ (Referring to impossible instantaneous lift off with Spacex launches.). At the heart of it all lies a surfing commitment that’s lasted 35 years, and his universal law: “Never betray the faith.” Translation: take care of your surfing and it will take care of you. Do you think about the implications of this, both the issue itself and the roaring silence about it? IS THE SKY REALLY FALLING? If you were running this black op would you have Trump make an instant recovery from COVID? How to do a Frontside Cutback With Josh Kerr, 10 Things You Should Take on Your Next Surf Road Trip, 6 Female-Founded Surfwear Brands We Tested This Summer, Jon Wayne Freeman "Charges" The Wedge, Seeks Sponsorship Deal. It resembled the scene in Malibu, just a little behind. I have found they add onion layers of fakery on top of their outlandish piles of BS Lies, to cause confusion. Yet there’s more to Weisbecker than just his adventurous episodes. It’s a waste of time AND it’s too late for the normies. What does this mean? I know, but the fact that the movie deals with some of these subjects at all accordingly makes it one of these kind of Matrixesque movies, more of which seem to have been released since 1999, although I don’t think that movie, unlike Bug, actually has characters talking about any Mk-Ultra plans, etc. It’s all so deep. Mmmm. I met up with Allan at his new home, a hidden jungle outpost in Southern Costa Rica. My doctor friend from back east, aside from insisting that we all vote for Biden, is also writing a book entitled Why I Wear a Mask. In ’66 it came to the theatres in Manhattan and played every night for a whole year. There is a lot of content about space/astronaut conspiracy theories. Why fake it? We’re talking about Manhattan-ites going to see this movie about two guys looking fo the perfect wave. “The Narrow Gate” Also, look at the clouds in the before and after pictures There, amid waving palms, chirping locusts and singing toucans he’s cranking away on the screen adaptation of his book.–Chris Mauro. Official website of Allan Weisbecker, Author of Can't You Get Along With Anyone? I think I can answer something for you about the Alt Media. Since when did ambulances have police instead of EMTs. Don’t tell me I have to subscribe, FFS. 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