The CDC’s new COVID-19 testing guidelines could ma... Amazon fitness wearable includes emotion tracking. Collaborations might include those with organizations that work specifically with their target populations, those with experience in working with older adults or with connections to mainstream aging services providers, entities with expertise in evaluation and performance measurement and others with expertise relevant to this area. Grantee: Alzheimer’s Association Additionally, other factors, such as sexual orientation and gender identity can pose additional challenges for accessing culturally appropriate and responsive services and supports for older adults and their family caregivers who identify as such. ACL is pleased to announce the awarding of six-cooperative Since 2010, ACL/AoA has made concerted efforts to ensure that the Aging Services Network responds effectively to the needs of a broad range of minority and diverse populations of older adults and their family caregivers. Audience: People with disabilities. This new effort will promote closer ANPPM: Carmela Lacayo, President & CEO, 626-564-1988 Applications should describe the partner organizations and the role of each partner in the planning, development and implementation of specific technical assistance efforts. Aging and disability are processes that occur across the life course, and the aging and disability networks serve individuals with … The Veteran Directed Care program provides veterans of all ages who are eligible for nursing home care the opportunity to direct their own long-term services and supports in the community. Advancing Access to Medicare and Healthcare. Racial and ethnic minority populations have increased from 6.9 million in 2006 (19% of the older adult population) to 11.1 million in 2016 (23% of older adults), and are projected to increase to 21.1 million in 2030 (28% of older adults). The National Resource Center on Nutrition and Aging (NRCNA) supports the aging network’s nutrition services programs by helping to enhance skills, business acumen, and sustainability. Audience: MIPPA Grantees, Benefits Enrollment Centers, the public. Diverse older individuals and their family caregivers, about the importance of planning ahead for future long-term service and support needs. Long-term sustainability to ensure a solid and lasting foundation for addressing the needs of an increasingly diverse aging population and how such efforts will be sustained once federal funding ends. Blue Cross MN, Allina Health kick off 6-year value... How can health plans prepare for the ‘new normal’? It consists of two separate but complementary Website: Audience: Recipients of CIAIP (public is also invited to use the website and contact CIAIP for more information). Chart Review: Estimated Annual Insulin Cost For Me... How to Tell If You Have Iron Deficiency Anemia. The NRCNA will increase the availability of information on nutrition programs and practices that show promise of successfully integrating the nutrition network into the home and community-based services network. Under this funding opportunity announcement, ACL seeks to grow this work, with the five named diverse populations of older adults, expanding their explicit focus to include family caregivers, while at the same time testing methods for better coordinating the work of these individual tecnical assistance and resource centers and their collaboration with other ACL-funded resource centers and external stakeholders.

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