Running a GPI SS4 cam in my personal car and I couldn’t be happier! The ARP Head Bolt Kit offers much higher quality hardware and is torque to spec (can be reused over and over). Examples: share. No cam or heads package either! 1) The CBI Streetcars DoD Block Off's are perfectly functional and are a great value. Small amounts can be gained by “fine-tuning” the lobe center. 2016+ C7 Grand Sport Corvette (LT1) 2014+ C7 Corvette (LT1) 2009-2013 C6 ZR1 Corvette (LS9) 2006-2013 C6 Z06 Corvette (LS7) 2008-2013 C6 Corvette (LS3) 2005-2007 C6 Corvette (LS2) 2001-2004 C5 Z06 Corvette (LS6) 1997-2004 C5 Corvette (LS1) Camaro. Building a 577-RWHP LT1 Stroker for a Gen 6 Camaro Au Natural: Redline Motorsports puts together a 416-cubic-inch naturally aspirated Gen V LT1 Scott Parker Sep 27, 2016 They accept payment by debit card, bank transfer and check. As you can see in the Dynojet dyno graph posted below, the torque and power curves were almost identical. Given that all 8L90 converters are triple disc, no, there's no other Circle D options that we offer. #TeamGPI. Idles stable around 675 RPM, and is very strong off idle to 6600 RPM. 2016+ 6th Gen ZL1 Camaro (LT4) 2016+ 6th Gen Camaro SS (LT1) 2012-2015 5th Gen ZL1 Camaro (LSA) Requires 0* phaser limiter. […] In case you’re curious, the C7 dyno’ed in at 417.49 max power and 418.49 max torque. Requires 4* phaser limiter. cylinder head bundles. 2019 STOCK FORD MUSTANG GT VS. We have Circle D Converter options for the 8L90 trans listed on the website. If you have some miles on your engine, there is also an option to purchase a full set of (16) LS7 lifters. Secondary port injection fuel LT1 LT4 Camaro Corvette C7 Z06 CTS-V for all superchargers including eaton 1.7 magnuson 2300 2650 edelbrock e force 2.3 2.65 procharger d1 d1x f1 f1a 94 f1r f1x fuel lines rails injectors low side harness pump complete kit by WEAPON-X Motorsports (verified owner) – September 4, 2020, Philip Newlon Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review. 1. We look forward to working with you. Rick Seitz is the owner and founder of GMEFI Magazine, and has a true love and passion for all vehicles. The CHE is a full floating bushing design, and DOES NOT require any special tools. Best. Affirm sometimes requires additional information to consider a credit application. save. I have been 10.16 @134 in the 1/4mile so far. (If you are local to us or want to make the trip to see us): In the "Cam" dropdown option - select which cam model you wish to purchase. We offer the GM Performance Racing Lifter which is built with tighter tolerances than the LS7 lifter, has lighter internal mass and has been tested by GM to be reliable up to 8,000rpm. Hey Sam. If you have specific questions - feel free to ask! Whipple’s gen 6 Camaro SS and 1LE, our C7 Corvette LT1 and Camaro... Quick View. *Must flycut intake .090″ with stock heads and gaskets. As far as the SS3 LT, I would recommend a 245mm 3F or 4F, so long as it's a NA build. 2) If you mill heads .040" and run a .040" gasket vs. the stock .051" gasket you'd want to run a 7.800" pushrod. gen 3-4 ls. We always recommend checking for proper pushrod length and lifter preload! Hop on a track run 10s and drive home. Whipple’s gen 6 Camaro SS and 1LE, our C7 Corvette LT1 and Camaro... Quick View. The E85 just has a higher starting point (in terms of power). Provide a valid U.S. mobile or VoIP number and agree to receive SMS texts. The Smith Brothers is a press in bushing design, which DOES requires special tools for installation. 1) If you mill your heads .025" - you should drop from 7.850" to a 7.825" pushrod. Now we won’t claim this to be the gospel; as each car is a little bit different form the next, and of course, we know that all dynos produce different variables as well, but there’s no denying the fact that the 2016 Camaro SS has just become the best bang-for-the-buck performance car you can buy today! (verified owner) – May 25, 2020. The ranges of duration numbers that provide optimal performance for the engine are quite narrow. 2. Daniel While the C8 Corvette made its huge debut for 2020. (We always encourage measuring PTV clearance when running aftermarket gaskets with an aggressive camshaft.) Strong to 6700 RPM. 2016-2020 Chevrolet Camaro SS Not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws / regulations. Although these camshafts were designed with naturally aspirated motors in mind – because centrifugal blowers maintain a very similar, linear power curve as NA – these cams work beautifully with centrifugal blowers. Back in December of last year, the 2016 Camaro shook the motoring world when dyno tests showed its SS incarnation could slightly outgun the C7 Corvette in … (Click Here to Learn More about Remote Tuning). For this test, each Corvette Stingray has a 6.2-liter V8. I recommend their products to all of my customers. 1) The LT1 Head Gasket is the factory OEM replacement gasket for your LT1 engine (.052" thickness). Accidently ordered a 4* limiter block but I feel like 99% of people want the 0*. THE WORLD @ DA PAD(6TH GEN SS, G8, C7 VETTE, SRT 392) mgerren88. Fastest car I ever had! 2014-2019 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. Buy with Affirm is not currently available to West Virginia residents. This is a good option up to around 7,000rpm. Our entry-level option would be to just replace the (8) AFM lifters with a set of (8) OEM LS7 lifters. We organize our cam kits with some graphics that show if the part is "Required", "Recommended", or just "Optional". These cams have become the benchmark for 6th Gen Camaro’s / C7 Corvette’s. 4) The Cometic Gen 5 LT .028" Head Gasket is an upgraded quality gasket that is a great choice for a variety of builds (including forced induction/nitrous) that are also wanting an even larger bump in compression. We have 5 different iterations of this very popular cam (and the option to do a custom spec cam) – from mild performance increase with nearly stock manners, to all out N/A race applications. Looking to upgrade the camshaft in your 6th Gen Chevrolet Camaro SS or C7 Corvette, and want all the essential components to complete the install? Put a straighcutgear on both car and you will find 440whp. SS1 / SS2 Camshafts we recommend the 4° Phaser Limiter Kit. When milling heads, decking block, or running thinner than stock .051" head gaskets - you will want to run an equally shorter pushrod. Both are naturally aspirated pushrod V8s with 6.2 liters of displacement . Strong to 7200 rpm. Replacing these trays is cheap insurance. This is a premium quality racing seal and substantially lowers drag while maintaining oil control. Both cars are equipped with a manual transmission and both cars are, naturally, powered by the 455 hp LT1. Our final option is for the individual who is wanting to spin their motor freely without worrying about lifter failure. 1. With unmilled heads, this gasket works great with SS1-SS4 camshafts. The next option is to upgrade to a higher quality lifter. If they prompt you for this information but you are unable to provide it, Affirm will be unable to approve your credit application.See All FAQs. I have provided a link to the tool, on that link at the bottom of the page is really informative video of the process. It produces peak torque earlier—coming on quicker and stronger (but also falling off quicker). (verified owner) – May 4, 2020. We've added the ARP Bolts to the kit as an optional upgrade. This is an identical copy of the original SS splitter found on many Camaro 6th Gen cars from the factory. It pulls like a freight train. Camshaft that maintain variable valve timing (VVT) offer us the unique opportunity to advance timing at lower RPM's (to optimize low-end torque), and retard timing at higher RPM's. Due to the increase fuel lobe on our Gen V LT1 camshafts, high pressure fuel pump lash caps are required. michael t. gen 4 f-body & gto. After 8 months of development, Roto-fab is proud to announce the release of the Roto-fab 6th gen Camaro SS cold air intake system. 25 comments. Affirms tries hard to approve every purchase but sometimes can’t approve the full amount. The "Required" options are all needed. The Chevrolet Performance Head Bolts are adequate for most NA setups, but they are torque to yield (one time use) bolts. The gains our sixth-gen Camaro made are right on par with a C7 Stingray Corvette, which uses the same 6.2-liter LT1 engine.” Less gearbox friction for the Camaro, it’s the reason. This is our most popular street / race cam, and for good reason. If there are any other changes we can make - just shoot us an email at Best. Converter recommended. Innovators West: Crank Balancer [Camaro ZL1 gen 6, CTS V gen 3, LT4] New Sale. VIDEO: Top 5 Easiest Silverado Mods, Courtesy of ... Supercharge Your LS Swap with ProCharger! Affirm sometimes requires additional information to consider a credit application. coil relocation kits. Track tested and developed 10 second cam with heads and supporting mods. Unlike a credit card, Affirm is not a revolving line of credit. SS2: Tailored for the street / strip individual that runs a 3000+ RPM converter. Needs to be a little more specific with what comes in the kit. Tailored for the street / strip individual that runs a 3000+ RPM converter. To make sure we give you an accurate quote with the specific components you are wanting - shoot us an email at Track tested and developed 10 second cam with heads and supporting mods. We recommend upgrading to the Fast Fish Front Timing cover as it incorporates a PTFE (Teflon) low friction lining. Is magnetic ride a must on the 6th gen Camaro SS?? cylinder head services. Feel free to give us a call or email us! If you have an LT1 car and are wanting the OEM LT4 supercharger look and power this is the kit for you. Requires 4* phaser limiter. That’s more of a side thought though, sorry Stingray, we love you to death, but this is about the Camaro SS this time. Is that an option or can I can I replace them with a aftermarket?? (verified owner) – May 8, 2020, rocco baggiossi

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