Take a trip to your health food stores and you will note the plethora of products boasting a high content of protein. (CK) His boast that he is the best pitcher is true. This part of the coast is a popular travel destination, boasting several hotels and resorts. In Spanish, Senora Montoya invited me into her classroom. The bathing suit option is perfect for modest coverage while boasting feminine style. Example sentences with the word boasting. A settlement, Meroe, boasting a shrine of Anait, called by the Greeks the "Persian Artemis," had long been located there, and was ultimately included in the eastern suburbs of the new city; and there seems to have been a village on the spur (Mt. Guitare Tab: Boasting a sleek, user-friendly design, Guitare Tab offers 119 Mraz tabs including Curbside Prophet, You and I Both, and I Melt with You. Boasting enough space to make it an ideal workplace accessory, the bag also features both exterior and interior pockets. Save the Vaal river no frontier was indicated, and " boasting," writes Livingstone in his Missionary Travels, " that the English had given up all the blacks into their power. Beginning with innovative pocket watches boasting features well ahead of their time, the company demonstrates both a passion and professional commitment to watch development and construction. They have long since been touted as medicinal fungi. 3. 16. This was one of the last games released for the system, boasting 32-bit graphics, the likes of which were seldom seen in those days. This is another 12-day cruise tour, boasting rare sights of Rameses II and Nefertari, temples, pyramids, the Sphinx and more. New summery fragrances have hit the shelves at L'Occitane en Provence, A crowd had gathered in front of the barn and before the crowd walked Wesley, prancing up and down. The braggart annoyed everyone around him with his boasting comments. And all along these Romans identified their empire as a res publica or politeia, A COUPLE have turned a retro arcade game hobby into a thriving business, In June 1940, a German prisoner of war was overheard, The visitors arrived at the Reebok Stadium, Currently, South Station is home to one of the country's largest station dominations, Publicly and privately, the Charlestonians were. transitive verb. Everything was made subservient to ostentation, even wounds, which were often subsequently enlarged for the purpose of boasting a broader scar. This year, Sony is seeking to top themselves with the new Playstation 3, which is speculated to be released in November 2006, boasting a new CPU, multi-platform capability and Blu-Ray laser technology. The interior of the Grade II building has been converted into a swish joint, Storage space abounds inside with the new fascia, In one of the American cities she came across a man who was. Unfortunately the cleverest replicas are now boasting both dust bags and authenticity cards, which make things very difficult for consumers. Boasting lens colors in lava stone, soft coral and white sand, these shades are a hit with the jet set crowd, particularly with globetrotter and supermodel Naomi Campbell. 5. Under Elizabeth he was again returned to parliament, but in 1560 he underwent a short imprisonment for boasting about his work in the former reign. A muumuu, which can be fitted and even sexy, as opposed to the voluminous garment that might be expected, is an excellent alternative, as is any dress boasting a Hawaiian print. The aluminium phones will get laser etched (i.e., "tattooed"), boasting original designs like dragons and the like. He says the rumor that he once had a car number plate boasting " Just VAT " is " utter rubbish ". Boasting two studios on Long Island and in Queens, the Yoga Teachers' Training Institute offers two different options for yoga certification classes in Queens, NY. A special feature are the high windows, boasting fine Malaysian wooden architecture. It is more of a honky-tonk than a restaurant but it is, It's not the pretentious air of intellectualism and pre-programme, Next stop was Florence, and our base was the Anglo American, a plush hotel, All four bedrooms are generous in size with all rooms. I do not find rudeness or boasting to be endearing in the slightest bit. This type of necklace is also popular with grandmothers, boasting the birthstones of all the grandchildren. Boasting a quintessentially '80s-esque music video and a playful, sing-along-with-me chorus, Mickey was singer Toni Basil's biggest - and only - hit. Luckily, even most stock systems come with no less than 200 GB hard drives these days with some boasting a full terabyte of real estate. Tambour Large Brown: Boasting a classy neo-retro style, this watch is the picture of elegance. Then there's the Cathedral itself, a towering gothic beauty boasting the tallest spire in France. The experience had clearly chastened Mr Wormwood and he seemed temporarily to have lost his taste for, 3. He's always boasting about his children's success at school. There are nearly 200 knights, lords, and their ladies milling about, conversing, Lounge lizards will welcome this louche downtown bar, Connor brings a feisty sweetness to the stage, coupled with a well-integrated voice, Flowers are blooming weeks earlier than usual with Castle Howard, However, now it is common to find more than two marriages being held at the same venue with most halls, When it wins or finishes second in all people, it's not backward in, Every noodle dish we tried was excellent, the noodles firm and the sauces well prepared and. dine in surroundings boasting over 150 years of parliamentary history. The site promises to be strong on interactivity, 24. It's no wonder so many cosmetics are boasting fruit-based ingredients. 34. Boasting landmark verdicts and distinguished track records, LegalView is backed by a powerful consortium of some of the nation 's best firms. Each one is an absolute standout, boasting functional details as well as eye-catching designs with a feminine slant. Publicly and privately, the Charlestonians were boasting over their late Cadmean victory. In the classics they found the food which was required to nourish the new spirit; and a variety of circumstances, among which must be reckoned the pride of a nation boasting of its descent from the Populus Romanus, rendered them apt to fling aside the obstacles that had impeded the free action of the mind through many centuries. 28. diorite man 's boasting, the Storm-god presumably defeats him. | (sculpting) To shape roughly as a preparation for the finer work to follow; to cut to the general form required. Boasting very reasonable prices, this shop also has the widest color section around, going beyond all the shades of blue to include camo jeans and brightly colored jeans. Boast In A Sentence Definition of Boast (masonry) To dress, as a stone, with a broad chisel. Also boasting a refitted kitchen with built in oven and hob, refitted bathroom with electric shower, and a newly carpeted master bedroom. His works were published under the title of Juvenalis redivivus, and, although boasting but little poetical merit, give us very curious pictures of the times. It was difficult to listen to her boast about her new job when I had just been laid off. The 1950s recordings have been in limbo until recently, The building also incorporates a stained glass ceiling and indoor lake. Boasting an impressive array of products, Yon-Ka's skin care collection is therapeutic and gentle. Boasting a base elevation of 8,045 and a summit of 11,675 feet, Aspen Highlands is a high-alpine paradise for mogul skiers. The Eau de Cade is also an intense, luminous fragrance for men, There's more to supporting our alma maters than showing up for homecoming festivities and sporting a complete collection of paraphernalia, For the last several months the government has been. The Afghans are eternally boasting of their lineage, their independence and their prowess. General Motors is boasting it may release a vehicle like this in 2013. As the high points of last night's blustering and. Sentence Examples Examples from Classical Literature These people boast that their hard-shell wheat is decidedly superior to that of Dakota and Minnesota. I don't want to boast, but I can actually speak six languages. The maqui berry is a rich source of antioxidants, These four young men who cockily posed for photographs. Boasting the first and only patented lens technology regarding eyewear for tennis, Bolle is the leading brand in tennis sunwear. The friuli will occupy but little of our attention, The traveler's hat was of velour, silver gray and, Either the under-sheriff had blabbed, or George had been, But is there any potion which might serve as a test of overboldness and excessive and indiscreet, He sought to make up in swashbuckling and, A bloated toad, studded with dermal excrescences, was, Lau has spent the past eight seasons in Japan, the NEC Green Rockets fetcher, All her pride in her brother was roused, perhaps by Vincent's, This renders us strictly Yankee in our origin, an extraction of which I find all who enjoy it fond of, In England, there was scarcely an amount of order and protection to justify much national, Centuries hence, we Frenchmen and Englishmen might be. 2. When people meet me and call me by my real name, I don’t appreciate it. Speak little of your ill luck and boast not of your good luck. The boast of arrogance soon turns to shame. Having seen their actions in the stormy hours of the Revolution, he despised them and looked upon them as incapable of disinterested conduct, conceited, and obsessed by the notion of equality~ Hence his colossal egoism, his habitual disregard of others, his jealous passion for power, his impatience of all contradiction, his vain untruthful boasting, his unbridled self-sufficiency and lack of moderationpassions which were gradually to cloud his clear faculty of reasoning. Sentences Menu. You're just boasting your brainpower on the outside. boasting clients such as Standard Life, Grolsch and AG Barr. Boasting freshly baked breads and an extensively decadent dessert menu, this fine-dining restaurant is open seven days a week for lunch, dinner and brunch. Boasting a swivel handle, shoulder strap, and even a molded hip pad, this bag is as much fun to carry as a candy cane! Many people recognize leather goods as boasting a material and societal advantage. (CM) Tom boasts of never having been defeated in a horse race. Many alleged gaming sites boasting trial codes are merely there to take down your name and email address. Dictionary Thesaurus Examples Sentences Quotes ... and to have exhibited the so-called mechanical "principles" as simple results of the calculus. The term " boasting " in this connexion cannot be right. A navy diagonal pinstripe over a dusty pink and gray background creates this picture-perfect diagonal striped tie by Gucci. Ultimate Guitar: Ultimate Guitar's name is hardly an exaggeration: It may be the "ultimate" site for guitar players online, boasting news, forums and instruction in addition to a vast repository of tablature. Boasting 198 staterooms, Victoria Jenna easily accommodates 396 passengers. The vacation island offers a snowy alpine setting, a boardwalk boasting beach resort and a forest campground. Packed with the latest features and boasting superior sound, they make a welcome addition to any home. How to use boasting in a sentence. Boasting "colors from nature," the Colorescience lineup is touted as an industry breakthrough. It's lightweight and strong all at once, boasting a handsome style that's more unisex than masculine. The foreclosure-drama is a fascinating study of greed and class warfare, This time the tone changed from hardily fierce to suspicious, Yet, in Florida there has been a documented upsurge in the Ku Klux Klan, with the group now, Do-gooder Ben Stiller is the manager of a store, His cold experience tempers all his heat, And inbred worth doth, It comes in many varieties, including songs for weddings, war, praise and, Ridiculing Rome's ability to protect its friends and, What the Lord lendeth, if thou take, Proud-heartedly and, The Death Of You And Me and Soldier Boys And Jesus Freaks could come from Ray Davies'' Kinks catalogue, the former even, The locavore movement is strong in Portland, with many restaurants.

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